If Tammay Sweeden “Tammy” Told the Truth as to WHY she Shot and Robbed Me … What Would She Say?

What would Tammy Sweeden say If we saw each other and I asked her this question?

Why did you shoot me in the chest, leave me for dead and rob me of my entire life-savingsWhat would Tammy Sweeden say if she told the TRUTH?

Here are the most probably answers: READ MORE HERE

I’m Asking All Elected “Caring” Officials in Idaho to Help Me Bring Tammy Sweeden to Justice . . .

Tammy Sweeden Shot Me in the Chest and Stole My Life-Savings.
Tammy Sweeden’s real name is:  Tammay Louise Sweeden

The Garden City Police Department Allowed Tammy Sweeden to Get Away After She Shot and Robbed Me!  THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE and it is not morally right.

I know the below people will do what is right and what is necessary to bring Tammay Sweeden to Justice.  Certain people are elected to help and protect the public and do not want anyone who attempted to murder a person to have the opportunity to possibly kill someone in the future. READ MORE HERE