Tammy Sweeden Hides Behind Attorney

Why Does Tammy Sweeden Hide Behind Her Attorney?

If Tammy Sweeden is Innocent – Then Why Hasn’t She Contacted Me To Take Down this Website?  Why doesn’t she proclaim her innocence to me?

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden

If Tammy Sweeden is INNOCENT of the Crime …Why Doesn’t She Contact Me to Clear her Name?  This website could quickly disappear.  This is what innocent people do.  Innocent people DO NOT hide behind their attorney – ONLY guilty people do.  Am I wrong?  (Her legal name is Tammay Louise Sweeden – married name was Reineri – originally from Tennessee/Kentucky area.)

As a reader of this BLOG, IF you were acused of a crime perpetrated on your best friend and you were innocent . . . wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to convince your best friend of your innocence? Wouldn’t you want this website taken down as quickly as possible?  or at least try???

Thousands of people read my Blog and want to know why Tammy has not contacted me if she’s innocent.  My blog readers are curious.  Tammy Sweeden told police I tried to commit suicide and Tammy says I’m her best friend.  If this is true, then my blog readers want to know why Tammy Sweeden is hiding and ignoring me?  Seriously, why would she be hiding behind an attorney?   READ MORE HERE

Tammy Sweeden says “Police are Stupid!”

Tammy Sweeden Calls the Police STUPID!

Tammy Sweeden’s real name is Tammay Louise Sweeden – she shot me in the chest, left me for dead and robbed me of my life-savings.

Good News.  More eyes are watching Tammy Sweeden. Pro-Bono Private  Investigator is joining the team.  Yes!!

Gold Dealers are notified regularly. The notice clearly states Tammay Louise Sweeden is a thief of gold/silver bullion from a private residency.  The urgent notice also has a picture of Tammy Sweeden and a reward for conviction.  Gold Dealers know it’s illegal to purchase stolen items.  Gold Dealers are also warned she may be using an alias or a disguise. (she might be using co-conspirators as well).  Gold Dealers are on the look-out for anything suspicious. READ MORE HERE

Tammy Sweeden: Devil in Disguise – Co-conspirator Chris Mower.

It Appears that Maybe
Tammy Sweeden Lucked out.
I May Have SAVED her from many years in PRISON!

Tammy Sweeden has an Easy Life Now.  She Doesn’t Need a Job – She Has my Entire Life-Savings to Blow!

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden, Tammy G. Reineri, Case Cane, Tam Sweeden.  She may be going by several other aliases. 

She’s trying to hide my cash and her location – but she can’t.  She can run – but she can’t hide.

Try to put yourself in my shoes if you can. READ MORE HERE

Christopher Mower is Tammy Sweeden’s Lover

Christopher Mower was Tammy Sweeden’s Secret Lover EVEN While She Lived at my Idaho Town Home…

This is More Motive and Proof that Tammy Sweeden Stole my Life-Savings and Tried to Murder Me.

Tammy Sweeden purposely kept Christopher Mower a secret.  Why?  It would be added proof that she had MOTIVE to steal and murder me.  Tammy Sweeden and Christopher Mower planned the murder attempt and the robbery together.  Arrrested. READ MORE HERE