Nightmare Letter From Tammy Sweeden

Tammy Sweeden “Reineri” Won’t Even Say Thank You For The Money She Stole

Here is a nightmare letter from
Tammy Sweeden “Reineri”

Tammay Louise Sweeden
Tammy Sweeden

Alias is:  Tammy G. Reineri READ MORE HERE

Why did Tammy Sweeden Try to MURDER Me?

Why did Tammy Sweeden
 Want me DEAD?

What was Tammy Sweeden’s
Motive to MURDER Me?

Tammay Louise Sweeden is also Tammy Sweeden, Tammy G. Reineri

(A much younger picture- she was born in 1963.)
She’s an older freckled 50s year old woman now.

Tammy Sweeden Used Simple Con-Artist Trick to Fool Police

Tammy Sweeden Used Simple
Con-Artist Trick to Fool Police

  • Tammy Sweeden uses SEX according to Ex-friend.
  • I’ve heard Tammy Sweeden likes to show off her stolen CASH to her friends and strangers. She spends it freely and throws it around like it’s water.


Tammy Sweeden Spends Stolen Money On Travel

Tammy Sweeden Loves to Travel at My Expense

Tammy Sweeden is still in hiding.

Tammay Louise Sweeden  is also Tammy Sweeden.  She enjoys traveling especially when she pays for it with STOLEN money. Here are some of the spots friends say she might be traveling to.  Las Vegas, Nevada –  Seattle, Washington – St Jose, Calif.  Maybe San Diego, CA, Bend, Oregon, Provo area or Salt Lake City, UT.  I doubt if she’ll go back to Tennessee – she’s estranged from most of her relatives because they don’t want to be around her or talk to her. READ MORE HERE