A Devil in Disguise

 Tammy Sweeden is
“A Devil in Disguise!”

A Devil in Disguise is any person who masquerades as your trusted companion, spouse, police, business associate or even someone who calls you their “best friend”.  

These are all people whom you should be able to trust – however, A Devil in Disguise knows this too well and uses lies, deception and your TRUST as a veil to hide their true agendas.  Your well being is never at the top of their priority list.    

Tammay Louise Sweeden is “A Devil in Disguise“.  She’s a fruad, a fake and a true predator in every since of the world.

Many people call her a “Psychopath”.  She has no remorse for her actions and no empathy for those she injures, kills or the lives she “destroys”.

She is not the woman she pretends to be.  She’s a con-artist and is capable of secretly snooping on your privacy and stocking you until she gets what she wants.

She’s a thief and is fully capable of MURDER.  Tammy Sweeden is a parasite.  She lives off the efforts of other people.  She may use conspirators such as Christopher Mower.  He has a felony conviction and known drug addict.

By the way, we have evidence she may have changed her name.  She wears many disguises and changes her hair and disguises often.  Her married name is “Reineri”.   Tammy Sweeden lives two lives.  She’s secretly a career criminal, however, she applies her fraudulent ‘innocent’ personality to all her victims.

5,787 Copies Sold!  

This book is not available right now.  A new and improved book will be published soon with updated crime report of my attempted murder and theft of my life savings.  Please leave your email address if you would like to be informed when the new book is available.






Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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