Why Did I Look Like a Wild Man?

Why was my hair much longer and a full beard when Tammy Sweeden shot me?

In the past, Tammy Sweeden hated long hair and beards. However, Tammy asked me to grow my hair and beard. I always had short hair and seldom had a beard.

After Tammy Sweeden moved to Idaho to live in my townhouse (upstairs) she asked me several times to grow my hair longer and grow a beard.  I thought that was weird, but I thought – what the Heck!  I needed to have a new look.   My hair and beard grew and grew for about 5 or 6 months.  I experimented with a short beard for a short time, but shaved it off.  Tammy asked me to grow my beard back – so, like a fool I did.

(looking back a few years in the past …I remember Tammy saying she hated beards and long hair…but those memories didn’t hit me until recently.)

Now, it’s obvious to me and anyone who really knows me, what happened.

Unfortunately, I had my “Wild Man” appearance when the police first interviewed me in the hospital. I realize the police try to remain as bias as possible, but they are still human.  My hair and beard was there for a reason – Tammy knew it would give me less creditability when I was found dead – and her story would be more believable.

As it turned out, I was interviewed by the Police looking like a Wild Man.

Tammy Sweeden planned to murder and rob me from the very beginning.

Beware of Tammy Sweeden.

Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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