I Thought I Was Dying …

Tammy Sweeden attempted to murder me for money.

For several months I thought I was dying, however, I was being drugged even before Tammy Sweeden attempted to murder me.

  • I was sleeping more than usual and I was experiencing loss of “time”.
  • Some days I was disoriented and confused when I woke up and it took time to feel normal.  Some times I would fall asleep at my computer chair.
  • I didn’t know what was happening with me.
  •  I thought maybe I had cancer, a brain tumor or possibly a stroke.  I made up excuses to Tammy as not to worry her.

I’ve always been a health nut and tried to take the proper nutrients of vitamins and minerals.  It is just a part of life to me.  The only doctors I normally see are either alternative doctors or a doc who can prescribe antibiotics and non-narcartic called Flomax.

My days of feeling disoriented and confused abruptly ended after Tammy Sweeden disappeared.  After a few days in the hospital my mind became more clear. I was putting pieces of the puzzle together.  The puzzle was finally becoming crystal clear.

Tammy obviously had been drugging me on a regular basis while she was living in my Idaho townhouse for 7 months.  Tammy Sweeden also drugged me in the late evening before she went to bed, prior to being shot.  I woke up disoriented and confused when I woke. There were drugs (unknown to me) discovered in my blood the day I was rushed to the hospical. Xanax (alprazolam) is a benzodiazepine.  It causes a great deal of confusion, sleepyness and takes many hours for it to leave your blood. (I did my research)

Tammy Sweeden had been mixing benzodiazepin (drug) in my health drinks each day and in cofee and Tea.  How do I know?  I know by how I felt.  I’m never a nap person.  However, somtimes I would be working at the computer in the middle of the afternoon and after Tammy would give me something to drink…a half hour later I had to go lay down. I would sleep for 3, 4 and 5 hours!  This is NOT like me.  I’m never a nap person.  She was testing each time to see how long I would suddenly go to sleep and how I would react.  She would ask me questions to see what I remembered.  I thought something was seriously wrong with me…however, I kept it to myself.  I was hoping it was just a Melatonin reaction Silly me.

Tammy Sweeden told police and others that I voluntarily take her prescription Xanex and I was addicted. This is a LIE.  I don’t do drugs.  I seldom even drink alcohol.  I may have one or two glasses of wine or a beer.

Tammy Sweeden asked me questions about my gold/silver investments and my “WILL” a few days before she shot me. She was trying to learn the gold market of which before she never cared.  All of a sudden she wanted to know gold prices, etc.  She once said, “What would I do if anything happened to you?”  I realize she tried to kill me once before and failed.  This is all crystal clear now.

Beware of Tammy Sweeden.  She has learned how to mix drugs in tea, coffee, juice, health shakes,,etc and it can be tasteless.  There are drugs that can make you totally incompacitated.  Tammy is capable of drugging you in order to have the upper hand while she either kills you and or robs you of your valuables.

Let’s set the record straight.  I do not hate Tammy Sweeden.  I know this will confuse most people. I do not wish her any physical harm. 

Contact “me” concerning Tammy Sweeden

Tammy Sweeden attempted to murder me and stole my life-savings.



Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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