Tammy Sweeden is NO Stranger to Guns and MURDER …

Tammy Sweeden is NOT a stranger to being around guns for intimidation and murder.  Her legal name is “Tammay” Louise Sweeden.


Tammy Sweeden Reineri is a Gold Digger
Who Will Murder For Money!  She’s a
Gambler and a Drug Addict.

According to the community where Tammy Sweeden “Reineri” grew up, she is not a stranger to guns, theft, lies and murder.

There was a book written about …. Tammy Sweeden‘s ‘step-father’ who was murdered standing in his own driveway at home.  He was shot to death.  Members of the community did not think the “real” murderer was arrested and they believe an innocent man was convicted and went to prison for the murder of her step-father.  (Lamar Mitchell) Tammy and her mother tried to get Larmar’s house, his business and the bank account, however, the brother of ‘Lamar Mitchell’ contested the WILL.

Many people in the community believe Tammy Sweeden Reineri and her mother were implicated in the murder of her step-father. 

Tammy Sweeden Reineri also had an affair with her step-father when she was a young teenager.  He bought her gifts, clothes, jewelry and even a new car on her 16th birthday.

So, it seems as though, Tammy Sweeden “Reineri” may be a chip off the old block. She’s just like her mother.  Sometimes acorns do not fall far from the tree.  Tammy seems to have learned about guns, violence, manipulation tricks and how to get money from men and others at an early age.  Tammy often referred to her mother as a “whore”.

Even Tammy Sweeden admits her step-father would spoil her with new cars, new clothes, jewelry and cash when Tammy was only a young teenager. (however, she left out the part about her having sex with her step-father in order to get the lavish gifts) Tammy’s use of other people’s money came easy and early in life.  Most people grow up and learn how to take care of themselves and become somewhat independent.  Tammy Sweeden Reineri became a predator and preys on others for her own survival and expensive tastes.

Tammy Sweeden is known to be very impulsive and goes on large buying sprees with credit cards, cash, etc.  When she has money, she loves to show it off. (This is according to her brother – Any money I’ve seen her have it went for high maintenance items like make-up, hair and nail salons, clothes, drugs and gambling ) She seems to always have an empty spot inside, similar to a bottomless pit.  It never fills up and she is left with always wanting MORE.

Tammy Sweeden tried to murder me.  She shot me in the chest and left me for dead. She stole my life-savings as an attempt to fill up that bottomless pit.  Once the money she stole is gone, she will seek another victim.  Maybe she has already spotted one now.  Beware.

 Tammy Sweeden Reineri is a traitor and the enemy within.

If you’ve discovered for yourself what Tammy is about and wish separate yourself from her, then speak up.  Do not allow her to intimidate or bully you.   I promise, YOU will remain confidential.  Write to me now.

“Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good People Do Nothing!”


Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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