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this is me.
This is me. I try to keep a positive attitude – but it’s difficult.

About me  . . . who am I?

I grew up in a middle class family.  My father  was a hard working honest man  and my mother was 100% mother.   My father taught me about character, integrity and honor.   I never knew anyone who did not like my father.

I fulfilled a College education, but seldom used it.  I’ve been self-employed all my adult life.  When you’re self-employed it is essential to save or invest for your retirement and that’s what I did.

I do not do drugs of any kind – and seldom take an aspirin.  I seldom drink alcohol – anyone who knows me will testify to that fact.  I’ve never been convicted of a crime, never saw the inside of a prison and I haven’t had a speeding ticket in over 30 years.

There is one thing I’m guilty of; I’m a confessed work-a-holic.  Sometimes, I’m extremely obsessed with certain projects.

I’ve had my share of long-term loving relationships, however never was fortunate enough to meet my LIFE-PARTNER.  I never had children and sometimes I have regret.  I have no immediate family and other family members have either died or there is no contact.

Most of my life has been filled with working my business projects and my significant other.  The older I became, I learned to keep social circles to a minimum.  I’m not much of a “joiner”.

I believe in freedom, liberty and the Constitution.

I’m NO different that others.  We meet certain people and as we unwrap the onion peel (get to know them) the more undesirable the person becomes.   Undesirable people who have an agenda more often than not – wear a MASK.  Sometimes you’re able to lift the mask (and see them for who they really are) and then sometimes the deception is too strong and it’s too late.  They are long gone and have done the harm they intended to do when you first met them.

The undesirable people DID NOT change their mind about being a good business associate or a good honest loyal friend…they just NEVER WERE!  They were your enemy the entire time – YOU were simply DECIEVED.

This website is a warning device used to warn the public about a dangerous psychopath named Tammy Sweeden.

I believe in God and I believe in doing the right thing.
“Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing.”

In 2003, I was semi-retired and I moved from Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada to take care of my mother after my dad died – I stayed with her until she died in 2006.   I remained in Vegas for a few years.   I met Tammy Sweeden in the summer of 2005.

I knew there was something a little “quirkie” about Tammy Sweeden, but never could put my finger it.   I know now what it was (hindsight is 20/20)… she uses a fake personality.  She’s a fraud.

Her legal name is:  Tammay Louise Sweeden – however, she usually goes by Tammy Sweeden.  Her married name was Tammay Reineri.  However, since she shot and robbed me and because of my blog postings, there is a chance she has changed her name.  She also uses many aliases.   She’s been seen in several states.

My  trust in  Tammy Sweeden diminished considerably in 2009 – when I caught her embezzling money from my corporate account.
Once a week or so, she would drop by my house and pay all by bills with a system called QuickBooks.  She said she was glad to help out because all that I had done for her.  However, secretly, she was having checks written to her self every week for months.  She was not an employee. She said, she wanted to help me because of everything I had done for her.  Yeah, she sure helped me alright.

She stole about $12,000 … maybe more.

Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed in her and hurt – but I forgave her – this was an act I should have taken more seriously – but I let it go.  Why? Because her excuse at the time was;  she started gambling and losing and thought she could replace the money before I knew it was gone.  I bought the story.  My lesson is:  When someone shows their ugly colors – do NOT ignore it.  

 Because of that action our relationship turned “platonic.  I still cared for her but my trust in her had diminished.  She had a charming personality and I enjoyed her company from time to time.  (that was my down-fall – I should have dismissed her then.)

Also in 2009, I landed in an emergency room with an Opioid over-dose.   The opioids were mixed in soup I had eaten.   Tammy brought me soup from a restaurant.   Silly me – I blamed the restaurant.  Hindsight is 20/20…right?  What restaurant puts opioids in their soup?   Obviously, it was Tammy Sweeden trying to murder me.  Why?  Because she was the only beneficiary in my WILL !!!! (The doctor said –  had I not arrived at hospital as fast as I did – I would have died.)

Looking back over 7 years of knowing Tammy Sweeden – she actually stalked me and stole from me the entire time – read the blogs postings to see how she did it.

Summer of 2010 – Tammy Sweeden asked to borrow a small gun from me.  I resisted, but she persisted, saying she had a stalker.  She said she was dating a dangerous alcoholic and she feared for her life.  I loaned the small gun to her.  (Obviously, my own gun was meant to be used as a murder weapon against ME.)

After my parents died, I was left with a small inheritance and with my life-savings – I had enough to retire with the necessities – not as a rich man, but without being a burden to others.  I decided to live out the rest of my years in Idaho.  Tammy Sweeden remained in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the fall of 2011, Tammy Sweeden called me crying.  She was almost homeless about to live in her car, unemployed and living on food stamps.  I invited her to live in the upstairs portion of my house in Idaho until she could get her life together.

It was a comfortable house – she had two bedrooms, a living area, large bath upstairs and I lived in a master bedroom downstairs.  We had a friendly platonic relationship (roommate thing).  There was no arguments and no violence of any kind.  Tammy would make me coffee, tea and health shakes and serve them to me while I worked at the computer.

Tammy lived at my house for 6 months.  A few days before the attempted murder, Tammy Sweeden  asked me several questions concerning the price of gold, my WILL and the law.   I was getting suspicious and I believe she knew it.  I had a gut feeling, something was not right.  (She knew I invested in gold.)

On May 14, 2012 – my life dramatically changed as I knew it.  Tammy Sweeden drugged me by mixing an over-dose of Xanex in my tea about midnight.  After the drug took effect, she shot me in the chest, left me for dead and stole my entire retirement fund – then left the house to create her alibi.

Because I survived, Tammy Sweeden quickly disappeared and left town – naturally she left with my retirement funds and other valuables in my house.   I was in the hospital with tubes running in and out of me for 11 days and I was  unable to stop her.  The local small town Police were no help.  (By the way, I was shot with the same small gun I loaned her – however, she said  she left it in Las Vegas in her storage unit.)

I even called the Police from the hospital and told them to please keep Tammy Sweeden out of my house – I told them that I know she has intentions of stealing my retirement funds. (gold/silver) They denied my request.

Naturally, when I arrived from the hospital to an empty house, my “hidden” small safe was gone.  Tammy had found it. Many years of savings, my investment / retirement funds had vanished.  I was not surprised by this discovery, however, my heart sunk and I became concerned for my future at my age and surviving in a sinking economy.   I’m 60.

Bottom line is this:  Tammy Sweeden had plans to murder me and rob me before she moved to Idaho.  She had a secret lover and they planned it together.  She spent hours on the phone with him upstairs.   He is a younger man and was supported by his parents and Tammy was being supported by me.  They were both broke and I was to be their meal ticket.

This website was created to explain WHO, WHEN, WHERE and HOW I was shot and left for dead in the safety of my own home.  Plus provide warning signs so you can avoid predators in your ‘world’.

Since my unexpected tragedy I decided to use my situation to help others.  I’m accepting donations to help pay some of my hospital expenses, private investigator and survival needs.  I’ve also created an “Awareness” organization to help other people BEFORE they become victims of predators or sociopaths/psychopaths.

I’m accumulating volunteers to help keep watch on Tammy Sweeden.  Unfortunately, the small town arrogant Police department are either corrupt, incompetent or apathetic.  Either way, they’ve been no help at all.  They messed up the case by not following through on several details.  They could probably be sued – so they keep a low profile and ignore me.  While I was in the hospital the Police stole…sorry, no I mean removed over $2,000 worth of personal (legal) items from my home and will not return them.   Who can we trust anymore?

Please JOIN our CAUSE today. Tammy Sweeden had the OPPORTUNITY, THE MOTIVE AND THE WEAPON!
Here are a few pictures of Tammy Sweeden at different ages.
Check out pictures of Tammy Sweeden.

ATTENTION Pawn Shops and Gold Buyers!  You should not purchase gold and silver from this woman, Tammay Sweeden.  It is illegal to purchase stolen items of any kind.  Do the right thing and contact the authorities.

If you have any information about Tammy Sweeden or her crimies, please contact me or the FBI.  Do not allow her to intimidate or bully you. You may also leave any comments or information on the CONTACT page.

I promise, YOU will remain confidential.

“Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good People Do Nothing!”

Tammy Sweeden is a corrupt woman – keep an eye out for her in your neighborhood or work place.  I am told she carries a gun – do not confront her.  Just call the police.

Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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