I’m Forced to Live in an Undisclosed Location

Due to my Attempted Murder by Tammy Sweeden, I am Forced to Live in an Undisclosed location.

The morning Tammy Sweeden shot me and left me for dead, I was rushed to the emergency room by ambulance. I was in the hospital for a complete week.  My townhouse was considered a crime scene.

  • The police received a search warrant and they seized all my firearms from my home.
  • When I returned from the hospital after a premeditated murder attempt, I walked “alone” into an empty house, blood stains every where, house had been gone through by police and I discovered I had also been ROBBED of my entire life-savings.
  • I was alone and trying to recover from my gun shot wound and feeling extremely vulnerable to another murder attempt.
  • My daily fear and anxiety was sometimes overwhelming. I had no weapon for protection.
  • No matter how much I explained my situation, the police would not release any of my weapons to me.  I knew I had barely escaped death and had fear Tammy Sweeden or someone may decide to finish the job.  Tammy Sweeden knew I was alive.

I wanted to move, however, the doctor recommended I have lung surgery.  I agreed to the painful surgery, then I had to recover again and make sure the surgery was a success.  I was in the hospital for another 5 days.

  • I had to risk being in my home alone again for couple of weeks.
  • The daily fear was taking a toll on me.
  • I noticed strange cars parked with someone sitting inside and a few knocks on the door by unknown persons.
  • The police now had my weapons for over a month and still would not release them – they would not give me back even ONE weapon.
  • I had no protection.

My fear was mounting – it was time to go.  I sent a letter to the lead detective and explained how I felt.  I quickly sold all my furniture and gave much of my unneeded things away, just so I could leave the town house where I was shot..

If you have information about Tammy Sweeden or her crimes please contact me or the FBI.   Email: Idahogolddigger@gmail.com   I promise, YOU will remain confidential.

No need to contact the GCPD about Tammy Sweeden – they won’t do anything.

Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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