More PROOF – No Finger Prints Found On Gun

Tammy Sweeden Shot ME – She placed the barrel to my chest and she pulled the trigger!   Police and Forensics say, “No Finger Prints Were Found on the Gun!” Attempted Suicide is ruled out. The entire gun was wiped CLEAN!

This is a case of Attempted Murder!

Tammy Sweeden made police believe I shot myself.  However, the evidence clearly proves this is a total LIE.  How many people shoot themselves or attempt suicide, then wipe off their own finger prints from the gun?

It is obvious to anyone who is familiar with my situation that this case is an attempted MURDER.  The people who usually wipe off fingerprints AFTER they shoot someone are KILLERS.

Why would Tammy Sweeden LIE and say that I shot myself?  Tammy Sweeden lied to police or made them believe I tried to commit suicide, because she is GUILTY.

  • There is only ONE person who is responsible for shooting me and that is TAMMAY SWEEDEN.
  • Tammy Sweeden either used a glove or wiped off her finger prints from the small caliber gun after she shot me.
  • She hid the gun she used to shoot me for over six months until she
    decided to kill me.
  • Tammy Sweeden is a known LIAR.
  • She told me she left the small gun in her storage unit in Las Vegas.
  •  However, it was a total LIE!
  • This is proof to me, that Tammy planned to MURDER me and steal my life-savings during the entire time I was supporting her and allowing her to live in my townhouse for 6 months.

Tammy Sweeden plotted and schemed a plan to kill me and rob me before she moved into my townhouse.  I was helping Tammy due to her unfortunate financial situation.  I was helping Tammy get on her feet and keep her from living in her car.  I allowed her to live upstairs.  She had two bedrooms, full bathroom and a living area plus a washing machine and dryer.  She had it made.  I also paid her monthly bills and expenses.

.Common sense.
*  Nobody else lived in the townhouse but Tammy and me.
*  Nobody else had access to the townhouse but Tammy and me.
*  My townhouse had NO sign of a break-in.
*  Tammy Sweeden had access to drugs.  She flew to Las Vegas every month.
*  Tammy Sweeden hid the gun she used to shoot me for SIX months, she plotted and waited for the right time to kill me.  Tammy Sweeden attempted to murder me.

  • Tammy Sweeden lied to the Garden City Police Department.
  • She created a dramatic story and part of the story was, that I told her I was going to kill myself.  A total LIE.
  • She even created an advasary to back up her story.
  • She shot me and stole over $300,000. It was my retirement.
  • Plus Tammy Sweeden was the only beneficiary in my WILL.
  • Tammy had plenty of motive.  I would be dead, except she missed my heart.  The case is a slam dunk.

Tammy Sweeden had the Opportunity, The Motive and the Weapon!

If the police do not arrest Tammy Sweeden, then someone in the future may lose their life.  Greed drives some people to kill.  If you have information about Tammy Sweeden or her Crimies, then please contact me or the FBI. 

Contact me anytime with YOUR information and evidence.  I promise, YOU will remain confidential.

Tammy Sweeden is Corrupt.


Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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