Tammy Sweeden Shot Me – Timeline…

Tammy Sweeden manipulated me and others; she escaped with attempted murder and my life savings of over $300,000.

This is how Tammy Sweeden was able to almost murder me and run away.

This is the Timeline:

1.  I asked Tammy about a small gun I loaned her two year prior – she said it was in a storage unit in Las Vegas, NV.
2.  Tammy persuades me to write letter to John Rogers … she says it is to protect us, however, the real reason was to create the perfect person(s) to collaberate her story.
3.  Tammy manipulates behind the scenes and keeps John Rogers and wife as her advocates.  Although in reality, Tammy despises John Rogers, his wife, daughter and ex-wife.  These people become useful tools for Tammy.
4.  I was drugged several times.  I had loss of time.  I thought I was dying.  Sometimes I was very disoriented and confused.  I kept it private.
5.  I create a coded letter for Tammy.  It was a map on where to find valuables.  I had it in a drawer (easy to find) just in case something happened to me.
6.   Tammy takes small gun she had been hiding to John Rogers house.  She asks him to explain how to use it, how to load it and where to buy ammunition.  Tammy secretly hid small gun from me for 6 months.  John is to be Tammy’s Patsy.
7.   On Sunday May 13, 2012,  She serves me “Tea”. Goes upstairs to bed.
8.   I’m working at computer.  I work for awhile.  I feel sleepy and woozy.  I stand up and sit down on loveseat (couch).  I fall asleep.
9.  Morning of May 14, 2012. I feel a nudge on my leg.  I have a fuzzy memory of Tammy standing in front of me and the feeling of something hard pressing against my chest.  I hear loud noise. I was shot.
10.  Tammy steals gold/silver and other valuables.  Drives to John’s house to establish alibi while I lay in a pool of blood.  She leaves me for dead.  She leaves email to confirm her alibi. Later, I wake up on couch, I go into bedroom.
11.  I took Glock hand gun and lay down on bed.  I fall asleep.
12. I wake up in bed with blood on my chest and on sheets.
13.  I got up and looking for Tammy.  I walked upstairs and into her bedroom.  Tammy was not to be found.  I sat down at computer and notice an email from her.  I answered the email.  (I didn’t realize I had been shot yet)
14.   I walked into bathroom and noticed the bullet hole and all the blood. I was confused.  I called Tammy.  She answered.  I said, I’ve been shot.
15.   Paramedics show up at Townhome about 1:30 pm.  They asked me to walk outside.  I walkk out with cell phone.  Several officers were pointing weapons at me.  One officer yelled at me to drop the cell phone.  I dropped the cell phone and held my hands up.
16.  Paramedics rushed over.  Placed me on stretcher and rolled me into ambulance.  Paramedics stuff my wound with gauze and said, “Yep, he’s been shot.”   That’s all I remember until I woke up in hospital.
17.  Police interview me in hospital for about 20 minutes.  We discuss the shooting and how it happened.  They told me I was shot with a small caliber gun and mentioned they found gold receipts.  I told them I hadn’t seen that particular gun in about 2 years and that I buy and sell gold/silver.  Even though I had a fuzzy memory of Tammy standing in front of me with the gun – I remained silent.  I wanted the evidence to prove it before saying anything.  (As it turns out – I should have told the police.)
18.  After police left hospital room.  I caledl Tammy, she answered.  I asked her why she didn’t tell me about the small caliber gun – why keep it a secret?  I got upset and said, “Tammy, you shot me!”  and I hung up phone.
19.   Tammy leaves town the next day.  I never heard from her again.

If you have informatio about Tammy Sweeden or her crimes please contact me or the FBI.  You name will remain anonymous.

Tammy Sweeden is Corrupt.

Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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