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Tammy Sweeden Runs and Tries to Hide Because Attempted Murder Carries a Strict and LONG Prison Sentence.


Attempted Murder Charges and Penalties

Attempted murder is the incomplete, unsuccessful act of killing someone. It is a serious criminal offense that, in all but a few cases of mitigating circumstances, can result in substantial prison time.

Attempted Murder and the LawElements of Attempted Murder

In most jurisdictions, attempted murder charges consist of two elements:  The offender took some action towards killing another person. The offender’s act was intended to kill a person.


Most jurisdictions have degrees of attempted murder charges. A first-degree attempted murder charge requires premeditation or a willful act; a second-degree attempted murder charge is any other act that is not planned or deliberate.

First-degree attempted murder carries greater penalties and often means a life sentence with the possibility of parole.

Without provocation, Tammy Sweeden schemed a premeditated plan to murder an innocent man so she could steal his life-savings and disappear.

Tammy Sweeden put the barrel of the gun directly on his chest and pulled the trigger. Flesh to Metal. (the bullet missed his heart by 1″ – this shooting is considered a KILL -SHOT.)

She left the man to die in a pool of blood. She also stole his small safe filled with his life-savings. Tammy Sweden often called the man her best friend because he was always available to help her in times of need.   This innocent man survived and endured 11 days in the hospital, including lung surgery which also left him with a life-long lung disorder.

Tammy Sweeden often said, “Dead Men Don’t Talk.”  Her favorite TV shows are “Forensics” and “Dexter”.

We believe Tammy Sweeden has had a history of murder and robbery and may repeat her crimes many times before she’s apprehended.

Her method of operation is to use poison or drug over dose mixed with coffee, tea, etc.  She will try to pass the blame of the incident on to someone else or make it appear to be a suicide.  In this case, she used a drug over-dose mixed in tea to incapacitate her victim, then shot him in the chest.  She tried to get another person’s fingerprints on the gun, but that didn’t work, so, she left the gun on the floor after she shot the man.  (She wiped the gun clean of fingerprints.)

Tammy Sweeden clearly intended to kill her victim.  However, the victim survived her vicious attack.  While her victim laid in the hospital (12 hrs later), Tammy Sweeden quickly left town with all his valuables.  She obviously had an exit strategy in place with a conspirator to help her escape and to hide.

Tammy Sweeden is a covert “narcissistic psychopath” that will murder for money.  Tammy Sweeden “Reineri” – real name is;  Tammay Louise Sweeden.

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Tammy Sweeden Can Run But She Can’t Hide.  

Expose the “wrong” that predators do to you and expose their evil actions. Do not sit back and do nothing or keep their evil actions a secret. It’s your spiritual duty to warn and help protect others from these “monsters”.  Bring these predators out of the darkness and into the LIGHT.

Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing!

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