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Christopher Mower Assault Charge

Volunteers Noticed that Christopher Mower is Charged With Assault. He was a Conspirator with Tammy Sweeden – Attempted Murder and Theft

Christopher Mower, Tammy Sweeden’s ugly lover boy, has been arrested AGAIN for domestic violence – November 30, 2017.  This time it was in Sturgis, Kentucky.  Only 60 miles from where Tammy Sweeden attended high school. READ MORE HERE

Types of Psychopaths

This is a Detailed Discussion of Different Types of Psychopaths.

Tammy Sweeden  Will Lure in Her Target Usually with Sympathy.  She Grabs Your Sympathy. Beware!

Psychopaths all lack remorse for their actions. None of them have empathy for others. They are self-centered and are predatorial in nature.  All psychopaths are narcissistic parasites.  They serve no useful purpose. They all cause pain and suffering for self-gain. READ MORE HERE