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Tammy Sweeden Can Run But She Cannot Hide

Tammy Sweeden Tried to Murder Me by Shooting Me in the Chest.
She left me to DIE in a pool of Blood.
She stole my Life-Savings. Why? Selfishness and Greed.

PLEASE READ.  THIS IS TRUE.  With one second and one bullet – Tammy Sweeden wrecked my life.  For Six Long Months living in my home, Tammy Sweeden planned, schemed, plotted and Intended to MURDER me. She carried out her plan to ROB me of ALL my most valuable assets. She made it ALL happen.  However, she did not intend for me to LIVE!

Tammy Sweeden lives a secret life. She is two people.  One personality is a sweet charming southern woman – the other is a sociopathic Murdering Thief without a conscience.  READ MORE HERE

Tammy Sweeden Tried to MURDER Me.

I’m embarrassed to say … “I was Duped!” … but you don’t have to be.  Tammy Sweeden is a functioning drug addict – she’s addicted to pain meds.

These are NAMES she uses:  Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden
Tammy G. Reineri, Tammy Sweeden Reineri, Casey Cane

UPDATE: Tammy Sweeden is on several “social” sites spreading LIES about me and the cruel act she perpetrated on me.  The Truth is Here!   It’s IMPORTANT that YOU read several posts and pages of this Website before making a decision.

If you’ve been scammed, ripped off or conned by Tammy Sweeden,  then do not remain silent.  Contact me or the Police today.

Tammy Sweeden can tell more lies – She can run and run, but she cannot hide.
We, the people, will bring her down.

Thanks to those who have been helping me. Your donations has made it possible to hire a Private Investigator and he’s doing a great job. Facts are building because of you.  Tammy Sweeden remains silent with me because she’s guilty and without remorse.  READ MORE HERE

Where To Hide Valuables from a Thief like Tammy Sweeden

Tammy Sweeden -

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden

Aliases are:  Tammy L Reineri, Tammy G. Reineri, Tam Sweeden.  She goes by many others names as well.  She also wears several disguises – many types of wigs and sunglasses.  She drinks beer and smokes cigarettes.

Yes, my gold/silver disappeared right along with Tammy Sweeden.

Many readers of my blog have asked me –  why did I keep my valuables in my home? I’ll do my best to answer this question. READ MORE HERE

Tammy Sweeden Spreads Lies About My Attempted Murder. Tammy Sweeden Shot Me.

Naturally, Tammy Sweeden LIES about her criminal ACT.  What else do you expect?   Tammy would be arrested and sent to prison if she told the truth.

Tammy Sweeden did not EXPECT me to LIVE to tell the TRUTH.

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden
Alias Tammy G. Reineri, Tammy L. Sweeden, Tammay L. Sweeden

Tammy Sweeden is spreading many lies about me and our relationship.  She also lied to the police.  We had not been intimate since 2009.  I refused to be intimate with her due to trust issues, even though she expressed interest many times.  I kept our relationship strictly platonic.  I did not completely TRUST Tammy. READ MORE HERE

New Update: Tammy Sweeden (Tammay) Shot Me. Complete Story!

Update:  Discover How Tammy Sweeden Fooled John, the Police and Everyone Who Listened to Her . . . How do you know when you’re living with the ENEMY?

I add to this blog all the time with updates and thoughts – so check back often and discover more facts and truths about Tammy Sweeden.

Crime Facts and Truths of Tammy Sweeden That May Be Hidden From You. 

No Worries – Karma will Punish Tammy Sweeden!

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden

“If you lay down with a dirty dog – you’ll wake up with fleas.”  This could NOT be a more truthful statement.  Even if the dog wore a disguise – you’ll still get fleas.  You can put lipstick on a PIG – but it’s still a PIG!

This post will reveal several of her LIES and manipulation tactics. She tried to murder me twice. (that I know about) Tammy Sweedenis now hiding behind a criminal attorney paid for with the money she stole. READ MORE HERE