Chief James Bensley: Police Chief Arrested in Sting

Chief James Bensley and his minions removed over $3,000 in personal and legal items from my residence and WILL NOT return them.   WHY?

I have provided all REQUESTED notarized documentation and followed all procedures – however, this man refuses to follow the proper ethical and legal procedures and will not return the items he and his minions took from me.  Why?


Chief James Bensley still will not return my personal and legal to own property.  Chief James Bensley took an oath to serve and protect the residents.  Does he?

I was questioned for having a pantry and listening to certain conservative talk shows.  I was also questioned as to WHY I purchased gold.  (as if this was all a crime)

Chief Bensley and his minions even took the clothes off my back when I was hauled to the hospital?? and will not return my clothes and other valuable items.  Chief Bensley also took heirlooms that belonged to my deceased father.  He will not return them.

Does he really have a desire to protect and serve or does he use his office for his own personal gain? If so, this is called police ‘Corruption’ and he can be fired immediately. YOU DECIDE.

There have been many POLICE CHIEFS arrested for misconduct, theft, solicitation of prostitutes and beating their wives.  Will Chief James Bensley be NEXT?

Below is one more Corrupt ScumBag Police Chief.
He’s being added to the  growing collection of


 Check out my page on Police and Police Chief Corruption in America.   You must have a strong stomach – It’s DISGUSTING.

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“Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good People Do Nothing!”