Christopher David Mower – Domestic Violence Arrest

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Christopher David Mower – Domestic Violence Arrest Mug Shot.


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Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

This is his 3rd Domestic Violence Arrest.

Christopher David Mower is the sexuall deviant crossdressing guy that Tammay Louise Sweeden prefers to associate with. It appears she prefers “drunks” and drug addicts. Christopher’s alias is:  “Chrissie”.  Tammay Louise Sweeden and Christopher Mower schemed a plan for murder and robbery.   

Christopher Age – 43 years old
Date of Birth Apr 23, 1972
Age at Arrest 43 years old

Christopher Mower sat in Jail for 69 days.  Bail was sat at $25,000.  He pleaded guilty to Domestic Violence Assault charges. This is the 3rd time Mower has been arrested for Domestic Violence.  This is a Felony Conviction.  On July 14, 2015, Mower was convicted the 3rd time. Unfortunately, the judge only spanked his “skunky” ass. Hopefully, he’ll violate probation and go to prison.

We are all Wondering if Christopher “Chrissie” Was Wearing his Dress and Panties When She Performed the 3rd Beating?

Mr. Mower really needs to be dumped inside a prison along with his dress, panties and high heels.  As part of his sentence he must attend an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program.  Obviously, Chris or is it “Chrissie” is a drunk and a drug addict.
Folks, this is what you call REAL 100% SCUM!

hmmmmm. . . .  I wonder who “Chrissie” beat up?
Surely, it’s not the Cougar Woman Who was
Seen Rolling Around in a Wheelchair, 
is it?

Mower and Sweeden purchased a house and placed it in an LLC in order to hide from the person he and Tammy Sweeden tried to murder.  They robbed him of his life-savings.  They obviously used a portion of the money they stole to purchase a shack to call home.

Christopher Mower  (accomplice/co-conspirator) and Tammay Louise Sweeden (Tammy Sweeden) drugged an innocent man, then shot him in the chest and robbed him of his entire retirement fund.  This was all done without any provacatin – just pure criminal GREED.

The above and below recent POLICE mug shot is Christopher David Mower.  Christopher “Chrissie” Mower has a violent past.  He’s a “drunk” and also a drug addict.  


Tammy Sweeden and Christopher “Chrissie” Mower lack the ability, creativity or knowledge to earn a decent living. They depend on theft, insurance fraud and other criminal activities.

Tammy Louise Sweeden has several aliases;  Tammy Sweeden, Tam Sweeden, Tammy G. Reineri, Casey Cane, Tammy Reineri,  Tammy Sweeden Reineri, Tammy L. Reineri, Tammy L. Sweeden,  Tammy Mower, plus others.

This is my personal commentary:

Back in May 2011.  Tammy called me crying, saying she was nearly homeless and unemployed living on food stamps.   I thought Tammy was a trusted friend, so I invited her to stay in my home in Idaho (upstairs) to help get her life in order.  I paid her monthly bills and totally supported her while she schemed a plan to murder me and rob me.   Ask me if I feel foolish?

I was a good friend to Tammy even with all her character flaws.  To say that Tammy Sweeden is a “user” of people is an understatement. Tammy is never loyal to anyone.  

Tammy Sweeden Likes Several (Male Sex Partners) in her Life at Once.  Naturally, she keeps them secret from each other.

Tammay Louise Sweeden is very much like her mother. Tammy calls her mother a “Whore”.  Tammy also uses MEN.  “The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

I’m told by Tammy’s past classmates that Tammy Sweeden has used sex to manipulate men since she was a teenager.  As a teenager, she had a long term sexual affair with her STEP FATHER – in exchange for cars, jewelry and clothes.   Her mother found out about their long term affair and threatened to kill Tammy.

Later – The step father was murdered.  The people in the community think Tammy and her Mother plotted a scheme to either murder the step father or have him killed.  He was SHOT TO DEATH.  People say the plot to murder was  to get his house, business, investments and his bank account.

Tammy and her mother were unsuccessful getting anything and went to work for McDonalds for several years because the step father’s brother stepped in and made sure the two women could not steal the estate.

They are both uneducated women.  Both are greedy and extremely narcissistic. Much of the community plus people who know Tammy and her mother really feel that an innocent man was setup, blamed and convicted of the murder and was sent to prison while Tammy and her mother walked about scott-free!

Tammy needs several men – most of the men she purposely keeps secret from each other.  I knew of many of her secret SEX partners that Tammy had over the years. (I never had a monogamous relationship with Tammy.)

Tammy Sweeden also cheated several times on her husband.  She was actively sexual with many men during their relationship.  Her words – not mine.

During the time I knew her, Tammy didn’t think I knew about a few of her sex partners, but I did.  Why she chose to hide them from me, I don’t know. The fact is; I didn’t care who she had sex with – none of my business. She kept all her male “sex partners” away from each other.  Tammy had or has a secret sex life.

It was not a shock when I learned that she also kept Christopher, the sexual pervert, a secret as well. Why did she keep all her “Male” sex partners secret?  I don’t know.  I assume she used each man for a particular reason.

Anyone who reads this must understand Tammy is a liar, manipulator, user and takes from people – men and women.  This is the characteristic of a sociopath/psychopath.  People like this will keep taking from the person until there is NO more to take, then they disappear and discard the victim like yesterday’s trash. 

I knew this woman, Tammy Sweeden, for seven years.  I NEVER physically abused Tammy and I always helped her financially when I could.  I did not kiss her ass, but I was always there for her as a trusted friend. I helped her with the IRS, car payments, rent, food, storage payments, etc.  The list goes on and on and still she stole from me.

Tammy Sweeden is about SEX, Money and Power. She wants new cars, clothes, jewelry and exotic vacations to impress others.  She likes to act rich, impress others and have power over others. She doesn’t care who has to “hurt” or “die” in order for her to get what she needs and wants.

“I Was Helping Someone Whom I
Thought Was My Trusted Friend.”

Tammy and Chris (the drug addict) created a plan.  She drove him to Utah in order to mooch off his parents while she drove to Idaho to mooch off of me.  

Neither of them could support themselves.  Tammy lived upstairs at my home in Idaho for six months.  (I was not her sexual partner . . . I was simply a man helping someone who I thought was a trusted friend.) 

As it turns out, she conned me. Tammy conned me for SEVEN years.  Her final con was to stay at my home long enough to search and find my “safe” full of gold/silver (my life-savings), then rob me and murder me.

Tammy had Motive, Opportunity and Weapon.

Why did Tammy bring a hand gun to “IDAHO” that I loaned her two years earlier, but LIED about bringing it?  She told me she had a stalker at the time when I loaned my handgun to her, two years prior.  Once she arrived in Idaho,  I asked about my hand gun. She lied to me and said she had left it in her storage unit 700 miles away.  

As mentioned, she lied.  She secretly hid the small gun in her upstairs bedroom because this was to be her secret murder weapon. (This is the only reason for her to LIE about having it!!!)  I was shot with the same gun.

Christopher, the degenerate cross dresser, called Tammy’s phone daily.  Tammy lied to me and said the caller’s name was  “Chrissie”, a woman.  She purposely deceived me. Obviously, “Chrissie” is not a woman, it’s an ugly perverted man named “Christopher”.  

This ugly perverted man obviously has a criminal past.  I’m also told he’s a drunk and drug addict who WAS “mooching” off his parents in Utah at the time.


“I knew she was LYING about flying out of town once a month to see a doctor – but I
didn’t really care where she went.

Tammy obviously needed to keep “Christopher” a secret because having a BROKE sex partner would only add to the motive for murdering and robbing me.   

Tammy Sweeden secretly left Idaho once a month to rendezvous with Christopher D. Mower.   She lied several times and also rented a car and DROVE to Utah to be with the cross dressing sexual deviant, Christopher, – Alias “Chrissie”.

I Am Told Christopher “Chrissie” Stinks.

Christopher Mower (Chrissie) called my house daily.  Tammy would whisper many conversations with “Chrissie” during the day and late in the evening. Tammy and Christopher, the cross dressing sexual deviant, often used TEXT messaging as a secret way of communicating.

Searched for my Safe for Six Months.  (She was always very curious where the gold was located . . .told me “I really don’t want to know.”
I knew then, she wasn’t to be trusted.


I was on guard (somewhat) about Tammy and I think she knew that I had a feeling something wasn’t right. Tammy speeded up her mission.  I still wasn’t fully aware what she was capable of doing.

Tammy Sweeden searched for my “safe” for SIX months. Once she found it, she drugged me – then shot me in the chest. She obviously meant to murder me.  The bullet only missed my heart by ONE inch.  I was left to die in a pool of blood.

Tammy quickly vanished with my retirement fund and many other valuables from my home.  She left town while I was laying in the hospital with a bullet hole in my chest.

Tammy Sweeden Often Sabotages Her Life and the Life of Others – She’s a Toxic Poison.

Bad, stupid choices is nothing new for Tammy.  During the time of knowing her, she often sabotaged her life and the lives of other people.  She makes her problems everyone else’s problem.  She’s self absorbed, impulsive and has a serious thinking disorder.  

Tammay Louise Sweeden is also a drug addict – usually unreliable, never punctual, lies, steals and she’s a total psychopath – and fully capable of MURDER.

Tammy is attracted to SCUM.  Her ex- husband is an alcoholic and verbally abusive with a thug like personality.  Matter of fact, he was recently arrested AGAIN for DUI at 56 years old.  (Read More Here)

Christopher (sexual pervert) is obviously a drug addict obviously has a criminal past.  Tammy has a history of associating with abusers and scumbag losers.

I never abused Tammy. I seldom drink alcohol and never do drugs.  I’ve always been a small business owner and lived an independent care free life.  Now, I realize Tammy only associated with me for a meal ticket and someone to provide a cash injection when needed. (Tammy uses men for whatever purpose that benefits her.)  

If the truth was known, she resented me and was envious of my easy going and independent lifestyle. She wanted it for herself but she didn’t know how to get it – so she stole it from me and left me to die.

Tammy Sweeden united with “Christopher”, the cross dressing  sexual deviant.  They planned their temporary disappearing act together after the attempted murder and robbery.  (Christopher Mower is a sexual deviant who dresses up like a woman.) 

With my retirement fund, they purchased drugs, expensive hotel rooms at exotic resorts, traveled, purchased new cars, jewelry and a house, which was remodeled and naturally with the MONEY they stole from me.  My (retirement fund).
Christopher David Mower – Tammay Louise Sweeden


These are the two skunks that wrecked my life and stole my retirement. The best thing is; my life is much better without the “cancer” that was lurking in the shadows of my life.  “Karma” will give these degenerate evil pond-scum exactly what they deserve. Tammay and Christopher (Chrissie) are pure 100% SCUM.
Beware, they are both out there lurking in the shadows and seeking out their next victim.

A Few Weeks Ago, Tammy Sweeden
was seen in a Wheelchair.
Could this be her “Karma”?

Thanks again to the volunteers who are helping bring Tammay Louise Sweeden and her accomplices to justice.  If it takes me another year, 5 years or 20 yrs, this woman will be brought down.

Every day,  I ask “God” to send pure light and pure love
to those who have wronged me, as I know they
do not have any.

“One day it will happen –  Tammy and I will have
a personal 
little sit-down chat when she least expects it. “


“Evil Only Prevails When Good People Do Nothing!”