Christopher Mower Assault Charge

Volunteers Noticed that Christopher Mower is Charged With Assault. He was a Conspirator with Tammy Sweeden – Attempted Murder and Theft

Christopher Mower, Tammy Sweeden’s ugly lover boy, has been arrested AGAIN for domestic violence – November 30, 2017.  This time it was in Sturgis, Kentucky.  Only 60 miles from where Tammy Sweeden attended high school.

Here’s the Mugshot of Christopher David Mower.  This pond scum was arrested by the Sturgis Police.

christopher mower arrested for assault-

Christopher Mower is also a known alcoholic and drug addict and already had a FELONY for domestic violence.   He’s an obvious SCUMBAG.

Christopher Mower – Webster County.   He appears to be sporting a stylish orange jumpsuit.  It seems to fit him well.   12-8-17   MUG SHOT.

christopher mower arrested for assault - predator warning

Whistleblowers Wanted.  Do You Know These Two Scumbags?  If so, contact me and my team today – tell us what you know. You will remain anonymous.   Thanks.   Contact Me Here.

Beware: Both of these creatures are not loyal to anyone – they are criminals and will murder for money or drugs.  Tammy Sweeden and Chris Mower are drug addicts.

They are absolute “Parasites” in society. They have no regard for human life and can only survive by stealing from others.  These predators have zero creativity and can only survive by stealing the efforts of other people.

See other blog articles for complete details.  I  knew Tammy Sweeden for 7 years.  She always had financial difficultites.  Later, I realized it was due to her drug and gambling addiction.  She lived in Las Vegas.  I quickly noticed that Tammy lives in a cluttered enviornment – others call her “White Trash”.

In 2011, I moved to Idaho to build my retirement home.   She called crying and said she was broke and needed help.  I had reservations about her living inside my house because she turns any place into a ‘shithole’, however, I invited her to move to Idaho and live in the top part of my home until she could get her life in order.  With her living in the top half of the house I would not have to look at her ‘shithole’ rooms.  I paid for all her survival needs.  I even paid her car insurance and for two storage units plus more. This was in the fall of 2011.  In other words, I fell prey to her plan. Yes, I was a “sucker”.

In May 2012, Tammy Sweeden found my hidden safe full of my retirement funds.  She drugged me, then shot me in the chest (kill shot), then robbed me.  I made a mistake by allowing this predator criminal near me or my assets.

Hindsight sight 20/20:  Nearly the entire time I knew Tammy Sweeden, she was scheming a plan to murder me and rob me of my life savings.   Tammy Sweeden and Christopher Mower planned my murder and robbery scheme together.   I survived and spent 11 days in the hospital.

Tammy Sweeden is not loyal to anyone.  Beware!  She is very clever and appears to be likable and honest.  Don’t buy her fake personality.  It’s simply a veil to hide the demon that hides within.


Sooner or Later God will Cut Down Tammy Sweeden and Christopher Mower For Their Crimes!  Greed & Betrayal is the essence of EVIL.

The Devil comes to
Deceive, Kill, Steal and Destroy!

“Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good People Do Nothing!”

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