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How to Contact Victim:
A special contact form has been created for anyone who wishes to contact the victim concerning this incident.  Your message will remain private and confidential.  Tammay Louise Sweeden (Tammy) drugged, shot a man in the chest, then stole his life-savings.

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, I will only discuss this situation with those who are serious.  I receive a ton of people who are serious and just want to help.  I appreciate your interest and I always answer my emails. 

This nightmarish incident has caused me much stress and illness.  I’ve had to start my life all over again.  No income, no money and nobody to turn to for help.

I created this website so others could be aware of this woman and people like her.  Any donations will be helpful.  I’m very grateful to those who have already provided their donations.  Thanks!

I appreciate any personal remarks, comments or more evidence concerning my “case” you wish to share.  This is still an OPEN CASE of ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Thanks again for your support.  You will remain anonymous and confidential.

PS:  Send me a personal email anytime. It will remain confidential.

Your help in placing Tammay Louise Sweeden in a cage will be appreciated.   The more predators removed from society, the safer we will all be.  Her aliases are; Tammy Sweeden, Tammy Sweeden Reineri, etc.    She is a woman who will murder for money.

She may be laughing and enjoying her newly found wealth now, but it will all come to a halt someday.

I don’t care if it takes me another year, 5 years or 20 years.  I will do whatever possible to put Tammy Sweeden Reineri in a CAGE so she doesn’t harm others.  She is a menace and a dangerous psychopath.


 “Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good People Do Nothing!”







Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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