Corrupt Cops!

First of All, We Would Like to Salute and Say “Thank You” to All the HONEST  Men and Women Who Seriously Protect and Serve Our U. S. Communities!

What is Police Corruption? 

The violation of state and federal laws or the violation of ‘individuals’ constitutional rights by police officers. Police corruption is when police commit crimes for personal gain or when police abuse their authority for personal gain. Corruption may involve profit or another type of material benefit gained illegally as a consequence of the officer’s authority. Typical forms of  POLICE corruption include Bribery, Extortion, THEFT, receiving or fencing stolen goods, MURDER, selling drugs or other criminal actions. The term may also refer to patterns of misconduct within a police department or special unit, particularly where offenses are repeated while superiors do NOTHING or appears there is ongoing failure to CORRECT the Police Chief and or his minions.

While I was lying in a hospital bed after Tammy Sweeden shot me in the chest, the Garden City Police Department ransacked my home. index Under the authority of James Bensley, the police enthusiastically removed personal and legal items from my house.

Police said they would return them. They LIED to me several times.  It’s been since May 2012 and Chief James james-bensleyBensley still has not returned my personal items with a value of over $3,000.

Is this called theft?
You decide.  

 Many residents of Garden City call the police and their “Chief” corrupt “Bullies!”   Their small town collects revenue from traffic traps set up around town to take money from unsuspecting residents.   People are saying that Garden City Police department “steal from the very people who feed them“.

One resident says, even if you’re an innocent man or woman, if you have legal firearms at your home in Garden City, Idaho – then you may lose them.  Lock them up or hide them well.

The Garden City Police have removed lawfully owned firearms from residents and you probably will not see them again.

We are living under a Police State – even in Idaho.  It would surely benefit Garden City residents to replace their city officials with honest “honorable” people who still follow  our “Constitution” and remove the scum parasites, said one resident.

The man in the suit is the Garden City mayor, John Evans.  I wrote him a heartfelt letter about the mistreatment of the police department in which he and the city council have control over –  my letter was conveniently ignored.  I have proof it was delivered.

Would You Trust These Guys To . . . Follow the Constitution and. . . . . Protect and Serve?    You Decide.


Would Chief James Bensley of the Garden City Police Department (above) be Called an Honorable Man?  Would You Want Your Son to be Mentored by Him?  

Wouldn’t you want your son to learn what it means to have good character, honor and integrity? 



Here is a small sampling of the people hired as public servants who also take an oath
to “Protect and Serve.”

Nothing worse than Corrupt Cop Scum!

This Cop is a Garden City Police Officer (Idaho) Arrested for DUI – Nov 2014

This was the officer I called from the hospital only (48) hours after I was shot.  ( Lt. Compton)  I told him not to allow Tammy Sweeden back into my home because I feared she would steal my valuables inside.  He said – nothing he could do about it and “giggled”.  Now, we hear he’s nothing but a drunk.  He finally was caught driving “drunk” and arrested for DUI and is forced to resign from the police department in order to keep from showing the “true” colors of the Garden City Police department.  He was arrested for DUI by the Meridian Police.

This man was part of the Garden City Police Department who released Tammy Sweeden Reineri after she shot me and robbed me of my life-savings.  Plus he was one of the police officers who ransacked my home and  took over $3,000 worth of valuables from my home and never released them back to me.   Do you smell CORRUPTION among this unsavory group of men who run the Garden City Police Department in Idaho?

This is Lt. Compton, GCPD
– Busted for DUI.

Lt.Compton - GCPD arrested.

Below is the Former Chief of Police, Garden City Police Charged and Convicted of a DUI.   This is the man who approved of stealing the items from my home by the Garden City Police Department. 

Police Mug Shot
Chief James Bensley
(Former Chief of Police)

Naturally, He Was Fired!

Corrupt Police Chief Admits to RAPING Unconscious Woman!

Psychopathic Police.  Film and Record Criminal Police Whenever You Can!

Assistant Police Chief
Arrested . . . He Raped AT LEAST
“Seven” Women! (Oct 2014)

Corrupt Police Chief Guilty
in Theft Case!

Police Chief Arrested
for Stalking!

Another Cop Busted and Arrested for Child Pornography!

Corrupt Cop Faces 23 years. 
Arrested for Lying and Perjury in 79  Cases!

One Man’s War Against
Police Corruption!

Another Corrupt Cop Steals
“CASH” From A Dying Victim.


Cop Busted For Having Sex with

 Police Chief Arrested
For Child Sex Crimes!

Corrupt Cop Caught Masturbating

on Video While on Duty ??


Corrupt Cop Caught Sexting and
Masturbating While On Duty!!


Another Corrupt Cop (busted)
It’s a female cop this time.

Corrupt Cops Busted.

Listen How These Corrupt Cops
Talk About How They Will FRAME This Innocent Woman for a DUI.

Corrupt Cops Steal $160,000 Cash
from a Family Man.
Corrupt Thieving Cops!

Corrupt Cop Caught on Tape
Planting (Evidence) Drugs in
Small Business . . . Watch this!!!

Sad Story About A Sheriff and 7 Corrupt Cops
Who Beat a Family Man To DEATH in Front of
Witnesses and Are Trying to
Hide the Evidence.



Corruption in America
is Increasing!

Police Chief Busted for
Solicitation of a PROSTITUTE.

Police Chief
Arrested for Theft

Police Chief Arrested
and Jailed for DUI

Pedophile Cop Arrested for
Having Sex with Young Boy.

Drug Dealing Cop Arrested!

Police Corruption.  Police and the
Sheriff Refuse to Follow the Law. 
Here’s Proof that some Police Departments
feel they are ABOVE the law!

Police Chief Forced to Resign.  Unethical Policing for Profit Program.  In other words he steals from the Citizens.

Corrupt Cops Are an
Epidemic in America!



“Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good People Do Nothing!”

Beware of
Tammy Sweeden “Reineri”

Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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