Crooked Hillary: Tammy Sweeden Should Go to Prison Too!

Crooked Hillary and Tammy Sweeden Have Things in Common.  Both Should Go to Prison!

First of all, thanks to all the volunteers and the team that is working on our new documentary.   It is true – Crooked Hillary and Crooked Tammy should be cell mates in prison showing off their new orange jump suites.

As you know, our new documentary has been in the working phase for over a year.  The team are filming and interviewing people all over the nation.  Maybe they will knock on “Tammy’s” door and ask for an interview.  Do you think she will hide behind her door – like she’s been doing for a long time?

The team are planning a crowd of people outside Tammy’s house with signs .. .”Crooked Tammy Needs to be Inside a Cage.”  “Lying Tammy Sweeden”   “Tammy Sweeden the Thief”   “Tammy the Parasite!”

Protesters - Tammy Sweeden -
Making of documentary with crowd chanting “Arrest Tammy Sweeden – Put Her in Prison!”

Volunteers tell us Tammy Sweeden is hiding in a small house or “shack” which was remodeled with stolen money along with new furniture and appliances.  Then her and her crossing dressing convicted FELON lover (Chris Mower) tried to hide the location by listing it as an LLC.  (Name of LLC is also known.)


The full length documentary will cover Tammy Sweeden and other sociopaths like her.  The documentary will help reveal the sleazy tricks and manipulation tactics that sociopaths, like Tammy Sweeden, use to wreck the lives of thousands of good innocent people.  It will illustrate the parasitic nature of these criminals as they slither around in society seeking their prey.

Thanks to some great people who donated funds for the project and those who want JUSTICE to be carried out on Tammy Sweeden.  As you know, her real name is Tammay Louise Sweeden.   It is heavily believed by Tammy’s home town community that her and her crooked mother are also responsible for the murder of her step-father.  Both women are sociopathic golddiggers.  Tammy was taught well.

Lies, secrets, theft, guns, manipulation and murder is nothing new to Tammy Sweeden.   Tammy has been stealing from people (who trust her) most of her life, including stealing from her relatives.  Tammy Sweeden is a criminal.  CROOKED TAMMY!

Crooked Hillary and Crooked Tammy are very similar in their mind-set and how they live their lives.  They are both liars, thieves and could care less about human life.  They LIVE off of the efforts of other people.

Crooked Hillary and Crooked Tammy are both sociopaths / psychopaths.  They have no empathy for people and they will do anything for self-gain.  They both lack remorse and when you look closely . . . you can see pure evil in their eyes.

Without warning or provocation – Tammy drugged me, shot me in the chest (laid the gun barrel directly on my chest and pulled the trigger) then she robbed me of my lifesavings and retirement fund.

How cold blooded is that, I ask?  Tammy Sweeden has motive, opportunity and the weapon.

Tammy is a pretender and a parasite.  She lives off of the energy and efforts of other people.  BEWARE.

It Could Take a few Months, 5 years
or 20 years, . . God will Cut
Tammy Sweeden Down!

If you have more information you’d like to share about crooked Tammy Sweeden – we’re all ears!  Contact us anytime.

Expose the “wrong” that predators do to you and expose their evil actions. Do not sit back and do nothing or keep their evil actions a secret. It’s your spiritual duty to warn and help protect others from these “monsters”.  Bring these predators out of the darkness and into the LIGHT.

“Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good People Do Nothing!

Please donate if you can. I accept donations to help with this website and this cause. Help me bring Tammy Sweeden down. Anything you can give is appreciated. Thanks in advance. I’ll gladly reward you for your much-needed donation.
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