Female Killers

There Are Many Cold Blooded Women Like Tammy Sweeden.  She is not Unique.  Female Killers and Thieves Have Been Caught, Executed and Many are in Prison.

Female Killers, like Tammy Sweeden is illustrated in this video. Beware.

Tammy Sweeden’s day is coming soon. She can run, but she can’t hide.

Tammy Sweeden is still on the prowl.  She uses many different aliases and wears several types of disguises.  She uses wigs, a variety of clothes, shoes and sunglasses.  She also dyes her hair and changes styles.   SHE LIKES TO ACT RICH.

Volunteers wanted.  We need more people to watch her and spread the word about her criminal actions. Tammy Sweeden does not have any respect for human life.  Your pain is her gain.  Let’s lock her up!

Those Who Live In Darkness . . .
People like, Tammy Sweeden, feel weak, insignificant and powerless, therefore they fall into  darkness.  A dark heart is about lies, deceit, manipulation, theft, destruction, and murder.  These people are deceived and fall into darkness because they are weak. They do not have any creativity, no love, no character, no honor or integrity.  Corruption is about tricking the innocent. Tammy Sweeden is a dark, corrupt and evil woman.

Do Not Be Fooled By Her . . .
Tammy Sweeden has a charming personality and innocent appearance.  Do not be fooled by her sweet down home southern accent.  She will surely cut the hand off that helps her.  Do not fall for her fake acts of kindness.  Her tears are fake and used to grab your sympathy.  Beware about drinking anything she gives you.  She drugged me by mixing an overdose of Xanex in ice tea.  I woke up with a bullet hole in my chest 12 hours later.  She was long gone.

bullet hole

Please read my quick story and how I became a victim to Tammy Sweeden.  Click here.    Tammy Sweeden wrecked my life and due to the attempted murder, the gun shot to my chest created a life long lung disorder. Tammy Sweeden destroys lives due to her greed and her lust for MONEY.  Click here for quick story.

Tammy Sweeden hides because she’s guilty of attempted murder and theft.  Tammy Sweeden is a criminal and parasite.  She preys on those who have assets that she can steal.  Do not be fooled.  She is a con-artist, who’s life is full of lies and deceit.






It may take a few months, 1 year, 5 years of 20 years, but Tammy Sweeden will be brought down!

Leave us a quick message if you have any confidential information about Tammy Sweeden.  Your participation will be greatly appreciated. You may remain confidential, if you wish.

“Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good People Do Nothing!”