Human Life Means Nothing to Tammy Sweeden “Reineri”


      Tammay Louise Sweeden
Tammy Sweeden

Alias is :   Tamm G. Reineri

She looks like an angel, walks like an angel, talks like an angel
– but it’s time to get wise … She’s “A Devil In Disguise”.

Tammy Sweeden goes by several aliases. 

  • Tammy G. Reineri
  • Tammy Reineri
  • Casey Cane. 
  • She may have legally changed her name also.  She also wears many disguises.  Wigs, sunglasses and she walks pigeon toed.

    Tammy Sweeden “thinks” she’s HIDING.
    If she’s Innocent of Attemped Murder and theft, then why hide?

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Dear Readers
The purpose of my blog and all my postings has always been to WARN others about Tammy Sweeden and others like her by telling my story.  If I can help others from being a victim or dead, then I feel this blog has been worth it.  I’ve done research and I provide many warning signs that will help you avoid predators like Tammy Sweeden.  

Tammy Sweeden is a FRAUD – FAKE.  I always had my suspicions – but I guess I didn’t want to believe it.  When Tammy Sweeden shot and robbed me, then naturally, this was total proof she was and IS a FRAUD.  Naturally, it was too late for me….plus, after I survived her MURDER attempt, she knew I would know the TRUTH. This is why she quickly disappeared and ran out of town. Tammy Sweeden is a FRAUD.

I don’t want to get too “preachy” here – but please read this next part!

The number one thing you should always do before getting involved with a man or woman rather it be romance or business is; do your homework! A banker never loans money without knowing WHO you are and your HISTORY, right?  There is a reason for that!!  It is NOT nor has it ever been wise to trust too easily.  I LET MY GUARD DOWN MANY TIMES.  Every time I did, I either got hurt or financially ripped off.

Protect yourself by not trusting too easily. Watch and listen – write things down if needed.  Sometimes a predator will give themselves away.  The NUMBER ONE way a con-artist or someone who plans to do you harm either physically or financially is to gain your TRUST.  In other words – KNOW YOUR ENEMY.  Their secret weapon is always TRUST.  Many times a predator will tell lies you cannot prove very easily.  They know YOU must TRUST them in order for them to get what they want from you.

Trust is the BLINDFOLD they use so you do not see or notice their path of destruction that is coming your way.

Always ASK questions. Try to get as much of their history as you can in order for you to make a judgment call.  Collect names, dates, places, employment, personal stats, etc.

Depending on the seriousness of the relationship – ether romantic or financial, there should NOT be any murky waters.  Everything should be crystal clear who they are.  No doubts – No grey zones.  If you can afford it – hire a private investigator.  A good PI can usually find out everything you need to know.

A predator will always try to hide his or her history.  Make them prove WHO they are!  A predator may try to SHAME you for asking probing questions or become indignant when you delve into his/her history.  Make him/her BACK-UP their story.  If a person has good intentions, then she/he usually will not mind.  It’s your CALL – you can either take a chance and believe a person you DO NOT know – or do your homework.  Believe me, they’ve already done their homework on YOU!!!

After all, it’s your one LIFE and your assets that could be at risk – If he or she is a predator, then they will usually LIE before telling the truth. They will often mix the truth with lies.

Don’t forget – a “con” will almost always use TRUST as their weapon. Your trust in them is usually required to get what they want from you. Do a back ground check – do everything you can to protect yourself.  You owe this to YOU!  You cannot be too cautious – especially in the social climate we currently live in.


I appreciate you sticking in here with me and I know you want to know what the heck I’ve been doing.  Well, I have some good news.

What’s in this month’s blog:

  • VIDEO –  Women Who Murder.
  • Where’s the Gold stored that Tammy stole.
  • Synopsis of Tammy Sweeden and me.
  • Was it worth it?  It doesn’t’ make sense.
  • Tammy Sweeden being watched.
  • Dismissing the “takers” from my life.
  • Why Tammy Sweeden Usually Can’t Keep a Job.
  • 10 Danger Signs of a Sociopath (Tammy Sweeden)

Phone message from Tammy Sweeden:

“Hi, it’s me. First, I want to say, I’m very sorry for what I did to you.
You were always so good to me. I can’t remove the pain and suffering I caused but I can return everything I stole from you.  Call me.”

I remember waking up with such a pleasant peace of mind.  However, I realized it was only a dream.

We all have human character flaws – some have personality or psychological flaws that can and will endanger others.  I do not know what is true about Tammy Sweeden’s past and what isn’t true, but I talked with one psychologist and she said, Tammy Sweeden most likely suffers from “borderline-personality” disorder caused by being emotionally abandoned by her mother and father.  The slightest negative remark can place her into a quiet RAGE.  People who have abandonment issues are very insecure.  If this happened, it’s obvious, Tammy Sweeden became a very flawed person.

Just because Tammy Sweeden has psychological issues doesn’t mean it’s perfectly fine for her to go around stealing and murdering people for self gain. I’m certainly NOT making excuses for her – after all, I was one of her VICTIMS!!

There are several stories about
women who KILL for money.

WARNING – Tammy Sweeden uses the ULTIMATE betrayal that one human being can do to another. She calls you her best friend – creates an Illusion of TRUST.  She snoops and finds out what you own and how much. . . then Tammy Sweeden plots and schemes a plan to steal what you own – even if it means MURDER.  Tammy Sweeden stole from me for seven years, then she ultimately stole my life-savings and tried to MURDER me.  

The ILLUSION of TRUST is the blindfold.  This was Tammy Sweeden’s secret WEAPON.

Unfortunately, the woman I knew and loved NEVER existed.  I loved Tammy as a close trusted friend. Tammy Sweeden pretends to be a soft, sweet, charming, gracious woman with a southern accent.  She seldom disagrees, smiles, laughs and has a sense of humor. She’s a great cook and serves your beverage of choice non-stop. She even enjoys clipping your toe nails.  Isn’t she sweet?

Tammy Sweeden can pretend to be any type of person she wants to be.  I NEVER knew the REAL Tammy Sweeden.  Tammy is a chameleon.  She will be anyone she chooses in order to befriend another person.  It’s all a disguise.  Tammy Sweeden is a CRIMINAL.

Right Now, I’d like to dismiss the idea and LIE that I tried to commit suicide. Tammy has been and is still spewing LIES in order to cover up her obvious actions of Attempted Murder. The thought of “me” killing myself over Tammy Sweeden is ridiculous.  First of all, I was NOT passionately involved with Tammy Sweeden.  I’ve dismissed Tammy Sweeden several times during the course of the time I knew her….and I never once thought about killing myself because she was gone.  Her lies are insulting and quite absurd.  Tammy and her co-conspirators created these LIES.

Tammy also had a secret lover which she hid.  Why she hid Christopher Mower from me is unknown.  Tammy and I had a plantonic relationship.  She used to say “I Love You” a lot to me – but other than that, there was very little emotion.  She went to great pains to fabricate her story and other things to make it appear like a suicide.  FIRST –  According to “Forensics” –  FINGER PRINTS WERE NOT FOUND ON THE GUN.  Suicide victims do not normally wipe off their finger prints AFTER they shoot themselves…do they?  I guess, Tammy forgot to put my finger prints on the gun.

It wasn’t until after this last episode, that I discovered Tammy Sweeden’s friendship was an obvious “ILLUSION”.  Until then, I never once had any thought about abandoning Tammy.  Never!  Silly me, I always thought we would be together forever – in one form or another.  I actually thought our “bond” was strong enough to withstand any type of problems.  I must admit, there were a few instances throughout the years where I did question Tammy Sweeden’s loyalty and her presence in my life.  She gave me a few reasons to be suspicious.

My biggest mistake was inviting Tammy Sweeden to live in my Idaho home in order to help her.

If she would have remained in Vegas, then I could have avoided being SHOT, all the pain and suffering, lots of mental and emotional turmoil and the loss of my entire retirement fund. 

Wow –  I wish I could turn the clock back.  oh well . . . moral to the story is; be careful “who” you HELP.

I fell prey to the Illusion that Tammy Sweeden created. She purposely created an illusion of a Trusted friend and companion.  For seven years, she secretly stole from me.  Tammy Sweedeneventually used her Trusted friend and companion status to set me up for the biggest fall of my life.  She knew I was isolated from everyone I knew. She drugged me – made sure I was defenseless against her attack – then she pounced, like a true predator.  She tried to MURDER me –

She tried to MURDER me – made it look like a suicide attempt and then stole my entire life-savings (retirement fund).  After she got what she had been trying to get “all-along”, she disappeared.  Like a thief in the night.

If you’re new to my blogs – then here’s a brief synopsis of my relationship with Tammy Sweeden.  I met Tammy Sweeden in 2005.  I thought we developed a very close “BOND”.   After a few semi-serious mishaps with Tammy, I decided to keep some distance between us. I moved to Idaho from Las Vegas in the summer of 2011.

I moved to Idaho from Las Vegas in the summer of 2011. Tammy Sweeden remained in Las Vegas.  Tammy became almost homeless, jobless and needed help.  I felt sorry for her and invited her to live upstairs in my Idaho home until she could get on her feet.  She lived upstairs – I lived downstairs.  We had a very amiable “roommate” living situation.  There were no problems between us, whatsoever.  (Read other blogs for specifics)

As you know, Tammy Sweeden schemed and plotted a secret plan to murder me and steal my life-savings. Hindsight is always 20/20 when looking back.  Tammy actually stocked me for seven years – used several manipulation tactics, (mostly used sympathy) in order to borrow and steal money from me.  (Thousands of dollars) Her entire strategy was to separate me from as much of my assets as possible.

She tried to manipulate me many times into “Marrying” her from 2005 – 2009.  Why? Because I made her the only beneficiary in my “WILL”.  She would checked a few times per year to make sure she was still in my “Will”.   I have no family and I never changed my “Will”.   This is how strong the “Bond” was that I mistakenly thought was created.  Even though we were not intimate, I still regarded her as a trusted friend.  Many people have said….if I had married Tammy Sweeden, she would have either murdered me or tried to murder me a long time ago.  It was all about the money. 

I believe in the fall of 2009, she gave up on trying to get me to marry her.  So, she resorted to other methods to separate me from my assets – and into her hands –  Including embezzling funds from my corporate account. (about $12,000 before I discovered it missing or she would have kept stealing more.) Also in the fall of 2009, I was hauled off to the hospital by ambulance for an over-dose of “opioids”.  I never take these type of drugs or any other drugs.  I blamed the restaurant for putting Opioids in my soup.  Naturally, it is obvious now that it was Tammy Sweeden who placed the opioids in my soup.  She tired to murder me.  Hindsight is 20/20.

I moved to Idaho in the summer of 2011.  Tammy designed her plan to move to Idaho to murder me and to steal my life-savings.  It was all pre-meditated.  She even arrived with a loaded gun, which she hid from me.  She arrived with only a few clothes.  She obviously didn’t plan to stay in Idaho long. Hindsight is always 20/20Tammy Sweeden tried to murder me in 2009 by giving me an over dose of Opioids mixed in soup.  Yes, she was still in my “WILL”.  Plus, if I died, she would have easy access to a million dollar TRUST account.  In my opinion, she had high hopes of stealing it.

On May 14, 2012 – Tammy Sweeden’s actions drew a very clear picture of who she is and what she has purposely done to me during the years I knew her. 

She actually had been stealing from me since the FIRST few months I knew her.  However, on May 14, 2012 she chose to DRUG me, then SHOOT me in the chest.  I’m still recovering. I was hospitalized – all total about 11 days.  She disappeared with my retirement fund. I haven’t seen her since.   Tammy was able to work her plan because she created an illusion of a TRUSTED loyal friend and companion.   The only flaw in her plan was; I survived.

The truth is; I was not supposed to live.  Tammy Sweeden attempted to murder me – she stole my entire life-savings.  She wanted me dead because she did not want me to come looking for the $300,000 she stole.  (Gold/Silver bullion) If I had died, she would also end up with an almost new $27,000 SUV plus other valuables.  Tammy Sweeen was still the sole beneficiary in my “WILL”.  However, I survived.

Because I survived her vicious act of attempted MURDER, Tammy Sweeden had to change her plans. She was forced to leave the small Idaho town fairly quickly.  She left to quickly get out of the jurisdiction of the police in the area.  The police interviewed her, however did not arrest her.  She RAN and hid behind an expensive criminal attorney in Las Vegas – naturally attorney was paid with the money she stole from me. I believe the small town Police had enough evidence to convict – but ?????

I had no income – very little money and my retirement funds was stolen. Tammy placed the barrel of the gun directly on my chest, then pulled the trigger after I was incapacitated by the drug she had mixed in a beverage. She missed my heart by only ONE inch.  It is considered a KILL SHOT.  In other words – she fully intended on causing my death.  I passed out and woke up 12 hours later In a pool of blood.

For several months after this evil incident happened to me – I was destitute – alone, no income, no money and no support system.  I had reoccurring thoughts of living on the streets (as a homeless man) at nearly 60 years old.  I was in pain for many months.  I couldn’t sleepIn the back of mind I kept thinking Tammy will not let me down, she will call and say, “I’m sorry, I made a mistake . I’m sorry I did this to you and I want to return everything back to you.”  

Naturally, I never received such a call.  Silly me, I had wishful thinking.  What was I thinking?  Criminals do not give back what they steal!!!  The days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months – now it’s been nearly two years.  No contact from Tammy Sweeden, as she has everything she wants from me.  I am of no importance or value to her now.

10 Danger Signs of a Sociopath (found this on a therapist’s website) It’s interesting and each and every sign is Tammy Sweeden.  Beware.

1.  Watch Tammy Sweeden. You’ll notice a charming but “fake” personality.  SUPERFICIAL charm. Smooth, engaging and charming, a sociopath will never become tongue-tied or embarrassed.

2. OVER-INFLATED sense of self-worth. Sociopaths believe they are superior human beings.

3. PRONE to boredom. They feel the need to be stimulated constantly.

4. PATHOLOGICAL liars. Sociopaths will be deceptive and dishonest.

5. MANIPULATIVE. They will say and do anything to deceive and cheat others.

6. LACK of remorse. No sense of the suffering of their victims.

7. LIMITED range of feelings. Don’t expect them to express anything other than happiness or sadness.

8. CALLOUS. Cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate and tactless are apt words to describe them.

9. THEY live a parasitic lifestyle. Sociopaths are often financially dependent on others.

10. THEY can’t control their behaviour. When challenged, sociopaths will appear irritable, annoyed and impatient.

Sociopaths will also MIMIC the emotions of others because they do not have empathy for others. The only thing they feel is pain for themselves.

Tammy Sweeden developed a plan to murder me – steal my retirement fund – then disappear forever.  She completed her plan – except I survived the attempted murder.

I experience the extreme sadness, confusion and the loneliness of lying in the hospital day after day with no visitors or anyone close to talk with.  I was confused and trying to make sense of it.  I returned home to an empty house by taxi-cab. Not only did I deal with the pain of being shot in the chest plus lung surgery, but the mental and emotional pain of being alone and wondering what to do with my life.

I was confused, scared and all my dreams were shattered.  The Police were useless.  Matter of fact, while I was in the hospital they ended up removing over $3,000 worth of items from my house and will NOT release them to me.  In other words, they have kept my personally owned “legal” items for themselves.  Some people call that “legalized theft” .  Did the Police recognize a victim who was powerless, without funds and vulnerable? Is the Police corrupt?  You decide.

In other words, they have kept my personally owned “legal” items for themselves.  Some people call that “legalized theft” .  Did the Police recognized a victim who was powerless, without funds and vulnerable? Is the Police corrupt?  You decide.

I ask this question a million times.  Why did she do this to me?  I do not have a logical answer.  People say, Tammy Sweeden is simply a criminal.  She wanted me dead and she wanted what I owned. That is the only possible answer.  Why does a rattle snake bite innocent victims? They bite people who get too close.  Why would a rattle snake bite and spill a toxic poison into an innocent person which will cause death just because the person got to close?  Reason:  Because that’s what rattle snakes do!  It’s as simple as that.

For those normal healthy minded people, Tammy Sweeden is a sick sociopath.  Healthy minded people would never carry out such a heinous act.   People who act like animals usually end up dead or in a CAGE.  Tammy Sweeden is a threat to society.

Tammy Sweeden stole my peace of mind – my retirement.  I had to move from my home for fear of her returning with a gun or hiring someone to kill me.  I was weak – recovering from surgery and defenseless. I sold or gave away most of my personal belongings just so I could move. The Police were no help at all.  I had to move out of my home so I could feel safe.

There are no statute of limitations for ATTEMTED MURDER.  Tammy Sweeden can be convicted and sent to prison anytime.  The Police and “others” will always know the location of Tammy Sweeden  – she can run, but she can’t hide.  She “thinks” she’s hiding.   If I were Tammy Sweeden – I’d be somewhat nervous.   Tammy Sweeden pukes daily because of her chaotic lifestyle – I’m sure this Attempted Murder thing hanging over her head does not help her condition.

Would anyone want to be in Tammy Sweeden’s shoes right now?   I can’t think of a single person who wants to trade places.  Was the money she stole worth it?    Why would Tammy Sweeden risk her life and MURDER me?  The question most logical minded people ask is this; Why would an intelligent person choose to MURDER or wreck a man’s life for so little in return?  It doesn’t make sense.

Different police agencies are monitoring herI saw Tammy Sweeden standing in front of me and felt the gun against my chest.   Plus it’s commons sense that Tammy Sweeden is guilty.  Most honest cops who care about people do not want Tammy Sweeden to endanger other innocent people.  The cops have read the police report.

According to Detective Winters, forensics says there tThere were no finger-prints found on the gun.  (Plus there are lots of other clues – not to be revealed yet.) Suicide victims never wipe-off their own fingerprints after they shoot themselves.  Tammy told the police and others that I tried to commit suicide.  Naturally, it was a LIE.

Tammy Sweeden is guilty of Attempt Murder and the theft of my life-savings.  Period – End of Story.  Karma will knock on Tammy Sweeden’s door one day.

I’m not going to do anything about Tammy Sweeden accept keep warning innocent men and women of Tammy Sweeden.  Some people call her the “Devil in Disguise”.   I don’t waste my time on her. I have other things in my life that have much higher priority than Tammy Sweeden.

Life, the Universe or “GOD” has fortunately brought me several good people.  People who are spiritual “givers”.  It’s nice to meet people like this – I feel safe.  In the past, I met so many “Takers” and “Predators” that I almost gave up on man-kind.  (You know who you are!) I was beginning to think there were no “good” people left in the world.

When the POLICE also stole from me – that was the final straw.  I was surrounded by nothing but liars, thieves and predators for way too long.  The only acquaintance who knows me, never offered any assistance. All they wanted was my last bit of money I had left. (You know who you are, right?)

Thieves and predators wrecked my life as I knew it.  Good news – I believe everything happens for a reason.  I believe “God” has a plan for me and it took a while, but it’s all coming together – much better than I had hoped.  I’m grateful.

My current days are usually filled with my new passion.  I’m learning a new career path.  It’s something I’ve avoided because of my ignorance of it.  However, after lots of hard work and being persistent, it has created a new path for me.  For the first time in months, I’m excited about the future.  Times have been very rough – but I believe things will begin to change for me.

I’ve dismissed ALL takers from my life. (YOU know who you are.)  As far as Tammy Sweeden is concerned – I seldom think about her until I write a new blog.  The private investigator reveals new information often – but I just file it away until the time is right.

Nothing Tammy does surprises me anymore.   I DON’T care what she buys or where she travels to with the money she stole from me.  When the money is all gone – Tammy will visit poverty.  Karma will give Tammy Sweeden exactly what she deserves.  “Karma” says Tammy Sweeden will feel pain FIVE times more than what she caused.  Would I want to be Tammy Sweeden?   NEVER!

Tammy Sweeden will spend the money she stole from me – most of it could be already gone. Some reports say some of the gold or cash may be stored in Oregon or Washington.

After the stolen money is gone…Tammy Sweeden will be too old and sickly to get a decent job.  She does not have any real job skills other than normal computer stuff. The reports says she may have a job – if it’s true, then it won’t last long – it never does. Tammy Sweeden does not like to get up early or work for a living.

Tammy Sweeden has a personality problem with most people she works with – she’s not well liked when they get to know her.  I think it’s because the women can usually recognize a FAKE personality.  Tammy hates to work.  (Tammy Sweeden is most likely scouting for her next victim – probably an elderly older man who spent his life accumulating his life-savings.)

If Tammy does not find an elderly man with money, then she will not be able to buy her friends anymore – and her friends will not want to support her or her lifestyle.  Most of her friends do not have the means anyway.  Tammy Sweeden may end up living in poverty sooner than she thinks or in prison.

I’m very grateful to the people who have assisted me with knowledge and donations. I have financially helped so many people over the years (literally thousands of dollars) – but NONE of them have offered to help me.  It’s funny, none of the “taker” acquaintances in my life have offered a penny – neither have those who use RELIGION as a disguise. (YOU know who you are too.)  It has mostly been strangers and people who are spiritually good and understand why it’s important to do the RIGHT thing.  Thank you.  I’m forever grateful.  You will certainly receive your rewards in life.

Are you wondering if you should associate with Tammy Sweeden?  This is a short list of some of the “true” things I know about her.  Read other blog postings or pages to learn more.

  • Tammy Sweeden is addicted to pain pills, opioids and sleeping pills.  She also uses illegal drugs.
  • She is addicted to sugar – COKE.  She drinks volumes of coke.
  • Tammy Sweeden is 51 years old.  1963 is her birth year.  She’s lost most of her “looks”.
  • She has crooked teeth and freckles all over her body.
  • She walks pigeon toed.
  • She wears wigs and sunglasses – usually as disguises.
  • She may use religion as a disguise.  She may tell you she goes to church.
  • Tammy Sweeden speaks with a southern Tennessee accent.  She will pour it on even thicker if she thinks you like it or think it’s cute.
  • Tammy Sweeden had three abortions before she was 21 years old.  Some people say this is the reason she was unable to ever have children.
  • Tammy Sweeden associates with drug dealers. (for obvious reasons)
  • She keeps her car a disorganized mess.  Her bedroom and bathroom will also be a disgusting pig sty.  She seldom organizes and life is in chaos.
  • She’s had a hysterectomy, so her hormones are usually out of balance and it creates mood swings.
  • Tammy Sweeden has a mental disorder called bi-polar.  Her personality will
    change often and she is dangerous.
  • She gains weight in her stomach due to poor eating habits.  Feces accumulates in her colon that causes her stomach to expand and hang towards the floor.
  • She’s always constipated due to the daily use of opioids and pain meds in her system.
  • I believe she’s had breast surgery with the money she stole.  If not, then they are still hanging down like two large bananas.
  • She is a shopaholic.  She will spend every penny she has on unnecessary things.  Last time I counted…she had over 300 pairs of shoes.
  • She is Bipolar:  Her moods and personality can change quickly.  One day, she’ll be very happy, the next day she could be severely depressed and threatens to commit suicide.
  •  Tammy Sweeden is a consistent liar.  She may lie in a manner it’s difficult to find the truth. Always make her prove what she says is correct. One girlfriend said, “I had to stop being her friend. She lies too much.  She lies and doesn’t care if you know she’s lying.”19.   She is extremely insecure.  She will snoop on every detail your life.  It’s ALL about control.
  • Tammy Sweeden snores extremely loud.  Usually, nobody can sleep in the same room.
  • Tammy has constant pain and ailments.  She throws up nearly every day.
  •  If she has medical insurance, she takes total advantage and visits the doctors often.  Mostly to get pain pills.
  • She smokes cigarettes and drinks beer.
  • She will snoop on your life, but keep many aspects of her personal life secret.
  • Tammy Sweeden has a fake personality.  She will “act” like your best-friend and even call you her best friend. She mimics your likes and interests, but only to gain your trust.  She will create an illusion of a trusted companion.
  • Tammy Sweeden is a thief with a killer instinct.
  • She is a manipulator and will try to control most aspects of your life, while making it seem like it’s your idea.  Tammy Sweeden is known to carry a loaded gun.
  • Tammy Sweeden is not loyal to anyone.  She talks behind your back and will turn others against you, so she can control you without the influence of others.
  • She likes to act RICH.  She will travel anywhere.  She carries a small chrome loud fan.  She cannot sleep without a loud fan.
  • Tammy Sweeden is one of those who says “I love you” to everyone, but doesn’t mean a word of it.  About one hour before she shot me and left me in a pool of blood, she said, “I love you.”

Good Luck with her if you decide to pursue any type of relationship.  I talked and saw her nearly every day for seven years.  Beware – she is not who she pretends to be.  She is a lethal predator. I was a fool.  You do not need to be.  This is why I created this BLOG – for your protection.

If you would like to “share” information about Tammy Sweeden or would like to send me your comments, then I’d like to hear from you.  Your donations are always gratefully accepted.  Thank you very much.

If you know Tammy Sweeden or just met her…and in order to avoid being Tammy Sweeden’ next victim, then make sure you read my other blog posts concerning her methods of operation and other tell-tale signs. 

Beware of Tammy Sweeden.
Alias:  Tammy G. Reineri

“Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing!”