Human Predator | Tammy Sweeden – Beware

Tammy Sweeden is a Human Predator.

Tammy Sweeden is still slithering around among us.  Beware! A human predator will use deceit and manipulation to achieve their objective.  You must recognize predators before they can harm you.  Obviously, predators can be men or women and they come in all shapes and sizes.

I Do Not Look Away, I Do Not Negotiate,
and I Do Not forget. EXPECT ME!

Tammy is a serial liar and she can only survive by taking advantage of others.  Predators or “Parasites” – have no creativity. They do not contribute anything to society and steal what they can from others.

Frauds and Fakes . . .

Predators are frauds.  A human predator will usually pretend to be a trusting person.  Naturally, the intent is for their victim to lower their defenses allowing the predator to get closer.

Tammy Sweeden, the human predator, is a fraud or a fake person.  She has no personality other than mimicking others.  She has no opinions or creativity and continuously seeks her prey.  If you’ve been a victim of Tammy Sweeden, then this stuff is old news to you.

Tammy Sweeden, the human predator, was last seen slithering around in Warren, Michigan area.  She could be anywhere in Michigan.  Our team of volunteers is always on the look-out.  YOU CAN BE A VOLUNTEER  as well.

Tammy secretly associates with other predators while she creates a fraudulent relationship with others.  She usually lives two lives.  Setting up her victims is a priority.

Stealing from others is how she usually survives.  If she has to get a job, she will lie on her application about past job experiences and her minions will lie for her. She may ask for money by using sympathy as her tool or she will simply steal what you have while blaming someone else for the theft.

Tammy’s Insurance Frauds

If she’s desperate for cash, she’s known to perform what con-artists call “Parking Lot Pay Days“.  She purposely will cause a fender bender in a parking lot making sure it appears to be the other person’s fault. She will usually get a nice check in a week or two.

One of her simple cons is to simply ask innocent people for a “loan”.  Once she befriends someone she will simply ask for a loan, however, she has no intention of ever paying it back.  (I’ve been told this by a few of her victims – plus I have 1st hand knowledge.)

She’s known to so-call borrow (or steal) hundreds and even thousands of dollars from people.  Again, she uses the “sympathy” card.  If they pressure her for payment, then she simply disappears.

Isolating You From Friends, Relatives and Business Associates . . .

You must avoid Tammy Sweeden.  If you have property, investments or an abundance of liquid cash in your bank account, then Tammy will take her time.  First, she will start isolating you from your friends, relatives and business associates.

Just like any human predator, she wants full control of you.  She’s very clever at doing this so you will not find out.  She will steal your passwords to any account she wants to monitor.   Tammy Sweeden will stop at nothing to cheat and steal from you.

human predator

Learn more from this post here.

Tammy Sweeden has banking experience and knows other predators in the banking industry.  Your bank account can be quickly emptied if she can get the right information.  Beware!

Tammy Sweeden wears many disguises.  She also dyes her hair different colors, wears sunglasses and has a massive collection of clothes and shoes.

Tammy Sweeden drugged me, shot me in the chest and stole my life-savings.   Beware – do not allow it to happen to you!

Tammy Sweeden May Utilize an Accomplice

human predator

It could be a man or woman.  Christopher Mower was her secret lover.  He is an obvious SCUM BAG with a felony.  Being part of an attempted murder is no big deal to him. Tammy has no loyalty to anyone.

Thanks to the volunteers who joined our team to put Tammy Sweeden in a cage. It means a lot.

There have been a few EYES on Tammy Sweeden over the years.  She can run but she can’t hide.  My team is great and I thank you very much.  I know much much more about Tammy Sweeden’s current life than I post.

Everyone has their own story as to why and how they became homeless.  I seldom talk about the story you’re about to read.  I was somewhat ashamed, however, it happened and I’m exposing it now.

Revealing Story of My Life Today. . .

I’ve been self-employed all my adult life – even when I was a teenager.  This can be good and not-so-good.  I was fortunate enough to own several profitable small businesses through the years and I’ve employed many people.

Therefore, being self-employed, I do not have a work-history or any particular manual labor skill set.  I’ve always lived a debt-free life and never owed any man a penny.

Are You Guilty of Doing
All The Rights Things Too?

I grew up with great parents and I tried to do all the right things.  I sacrificed to achieve a college degree and over the years,  I worked hard to create several types of small businesses and they employed many people. I treated people with kindness and I helped people when I could.

I have NO criminal record.   I saved money and I invested it wisely plus I’ve never been in debt to banks or any loaning institution.

I’ve NEVER needed or wanted a Credit Card.  That’s right, I’ve never owned a credit card and never will.

My parents passed away several years ago and I was estranged from my siblings.  I was the only caregiver for my mother for three years. (I buried my mother by myself. )  My parents are dearly missed.

My only two long-term trusted friends died a few years earlier.  I was never a person to collect lots of people. I had pretty much been a lone wolf and I maintained a small circle of acquaintances.

I usually had a female companion and one or two people I enjoyed spending time with, however, at the time of the shooting, I had no support system at all. Tammy made sure of it.

People Become Homeless Because of a Variety of Reasons . . .

Most people usually become homeless due to drug addiction, alcohol, and mental issues.  These were not my reasons for becoming homeless.   I don’t smoke or drink alcohol (maybe a glass of wine on occasion) and I have never used drugs.  My issues were purely financial.

Some people can quickly and financially rely on a few of their hard working well-to-do friends, relatives or maybe if they are lucky, a wealthy uncle might appear to help spring them back to life.  However, in my case, none of these existed.

Becoming Homeless Can Happen Very Fast and Usually When You Least Expect it.

In the past, if I needed money in order to earn more, I simply used my cash reserves.  I used my savings to start a new business.  However, this time my small cash reserves quickly diminished to ZERO. Can you relate?

In today’s world, if you do not have the money or intimately know those with an overabundance of money, then your chances of a quick recovery is almost non-existent.

When you’re in survival mode, it can be quite difficult to quickly create a livable cash flow – however, I’ve been working on a long-term plan.

If You Do Not Have Money or a Source to Obtain it, then You Can Be Homeless- FAST.

The world will cast you away if you do not have MONEY.  You do not need to be a drug addict or a lunatic to be homeless!  It can happen to anyone.

I’ve always been self-employed, so I had zero employment history.  Most people who have a long job history can sometimes bounce back faster if they can sell their services to an employer.

I’m a much older man than companies seldom want to hire and I have no job history.  What intelligent person would want to hire or take a chance on me?  I’m not very employable at this age and I have little to offer but my brains. 🙂

My Security was Stolen . . .
This is why the theft of my retirement funds was devastating.  It was the only security I had.  When I realized that Tammy stole my retirement fund I knew my life was about to drastically change, but I had to be strong.

People Who Lack Money or Do Not Live Within FOUR Walls are Often Disrespected.

Most people who have NO money or very little are often looked down upon by average Joe Public.

The worst part is;  the same people who lack money and do not live in a house, condo or apartment are almost instantly disrespected mostly by those people who are only one paycheck away from being homeless themselves.

Drunks and Drug Addicts Give Homeless People a Bad Rep.  Being Homeless is Something I Do Not Wish to Brag to Others About. . .

Why?  One thing, it’s a personal and a private matter. Secondly, because I take a chance of ridicule or judgment.  Unfortunately, the word “homeless” has a negative connotation, so I do not usually use this word when describing my lifestyle.  (this is the 1st time I’ve talked about my lifestyle on this blog)

If the person does not know you or your past, then you will almost always be instantly prejudged. Today, most homeless “street” people give the word homeless a bad reputation.  These are usually the drunks and drug addicts who are only one day away from going to jail or back to jail.

I’m always clean and do not appear to be like most so-called homeless people who live under bridges.  I shower at the gym and I regularly wash my clothes. My SUV is always clean and is in great condition.

No need for too much sympathy, my SUV is usually very comfortable.  (hard to believe, I know)  However, not much I can do about the climate. It’s still freezing cold in the winter and sweltering hot in the summer, but I manage to get through it each year.  My lifestyle is called “urban camping”. (smile)

I work daily on my laptop at various coffee shops with free Wifi.  I have goals and I have much hope for the future.

Helping others . . .
I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been able to provide financial assistance for many people throughout the years in order to keep them off the streets.  I have no regrets in helping the ones that did not belong there.

( I do regret providing assistance for Tammy Sweeden – I assisted  and PAID her to wreck my life.)

Putting it bluntly, in this world, if you do not have cash, then you’re SCREWED and you better learn how to survive without much money.  The world rewards success but looks down upon those who lose it.

The World is Losing Spirituality . . .
Spirituality to me means “Reverence” for other human spirits or beings.  It did not take me long to confirm what I already knew – that our world is almost spiritually dead and it appears to be getting worse daily.

More and more people are becoming atheists and spirituality is falling away as the days go on.  Sad indeed.

Video Illustrates How Strangers Reward Success But Ignore Those In Need.

There was a test done.  A dirty homeless man asked people for money to buy a sandwich, most people refused him.  The next day, the same man dressed as a businessman asked people for money for a sandwich.  Results are provided in the SHOCKING video.

Why Gold?

Gold has been an investment strategy for hundreds of years.  It’s been a valuable commodity for thousands of years. I bought and sold gold since 1995, but in 2010, I invested heavily in gold and silver because it was the best thing to do.

My plan was to hold on to the gold for just a few short years. By doing this, my retirement years would be somewhat comfortable.  Gold at the time was surging in price and thousands of people invested in gold and silver.

I could see my retirement just over the horizon.  I was 58 years old and I was getting closer every day.  I downsized and liquidated many things – getting myself ready for a fun and early retirement.

Moved from Ugly Las Vegas to Beautiful Idaho

I remained in Las Vegas a few years after my parents died.  I moved to Idaho. I wanted to be near big trees, streams, rivers, and lakes.  I like to fish and be around nature.  As a young boy, this is how I grew up.   Over the years, I dreamed of returning back to nature for my retirement years.

Unfortunately, I never had children. One of my biggest regrets.  However, I’ve experienced many close and meaningful relationships.

My Dream Did Not Come true . . . but Maybe Some Day it Will.  I keep my hope alive . . .

My hope was to finally retire in Idaho, build a self-contained house on about 5 to 10 acres, create an aquaponic greenhouse and a couple of goats.  Naturally, I expected to meet an exceptional woman and live a peaceful existence into my twilight years. Even though Tammy created a slight detour for me, I know I will get back to the place I should be someday.

This Female Psychopath Wore Lipstick.

I met Tammy Sweeden in Las Vegas during the years when I was the sole caregiver for my mother. Tammy appeared to be a gentle southern bell who appeared to be honest and giving.  I became her friend.

She was younger than me, but we would meet for dinner, see Vegas shows together and I would assist her with her financial problems from time to time.  Although Tammy, the human predator) disappointed me many times and against my own principles, I still allowed her to be part of my life.  Big mistake.

I became a “Target” for Tammy Sweeden’s scheme. I Loved the Woman she Pretended to be. Sadly, Tammy was NEVER my friend.
Tammy Sweeden is a fraud.

I Do Not Look Away, I Do Not Negotiate,
and I Do Not Forget. EXPECT ME!

After moving to Idaho to start forming my retirement, I received a call from my female “friend”. She was having financial problems again and was jobless.

I invited her to live in the upper portion of my home until she could get her life on track again.  I wired her money for gas so she could drive from Las Vegas to  Idaho and I took care of her bills and all her needs.

Little did I know, she had already schemed a plan for me.   Hindsight is 20/20.  Her plan to rob me started many years earlier.  I realize now, Tammy always wanted me dead.  Tammy knew about my investment in gold/silver but did not know the exact location of my small safe.

Tammy stole money from my corporate bank account once, so I did not totally trust her to know the location of my small safe.  She promised to repay the money she stole but never did.  After six months of living in my house, Tammy Sweeden, the human predator, finally found my small safe.

She knew I was shopping for a large heavy biometric safe – therefore she had to hurry. (Banks are not a good place to place valuables like that – that’s another story.)  Naturally, she kept her discovery a secret.

One evening, while I was at the computer, she came downstairs and served me a cup of hot tea.  Inside the hot tea, she mixed an over-dose of Xanex.

It knocked me out.  To make matters worse, she used a small handgun and shot me in the chest and left me for dead.  (the bullet missed my heart by only 1″)  It was a kill shot.

She used the same EXACT gun that I loaned her two years prior.  She said she had a man who was stalking her.

Naturally, the story about a stalker was a complete lie.  She obviously was scheming a plan back then to murder me with my own gun, however, I’m sure she did not have a plan to get my assets back then or maybe her plan fell through.

When she arrived in Idaho, I asked about my small gun that I had loaned her.  She said she left it back in her storage unit in Vegas.   Actually, she sneaked the gun back to Idaho without telling me.  Why? 

Obviously, she wanted the gun in her possession because she had an agenda.  Her plan was to make me appear to be a half-crazed man and set up the scene to look like a suicide.  However, she made a couple of mistakes.

Tammy Sweeden Lied to the Police

Tammy told the police several lies in order to persuade the police she did not shoot me and to provide a false image of who I was.  Tammy can turn on the tears anytime she wishes.

It took me a couple of years to realize her acting abilities.  She usually gets her way with her tearful quivering voice.  Tammy’s lies do not hide the truth.  Tammy can run but she can’t hide.

Tammy Sweeden was the last person I could ever imagine wanting me dead.  She was usually kind to me and often called me her “best friend”.  Ask me if I feel foolish?

I woke up 12 hours later, confused
with a bullet hole in my chest.

Tammy Sweeden

Blood was everywhere.  The ambulance arrived and I spent 11 days in the hospital.  When I returned to my home, my retirement funds were gone, she was gone and my retirement life I had dreamed about was disappearing right before my eyes.

I rested for a couple of days to regain some strength, I had a bullet hole in my chest that was stuffed with gauze and tape. I began selling more of my stuff.

Although I was sad and distraught, I knew I had to move on. I had no money to spend on utilities or on my home.  I was not able to drive a big U-haul truck, so I sold or gave away all of my larger items and about 50 containers full of stuff.  I only kept my emergency survival needs.  I sold enough to provide travel money.

It Almost Appeared That My Situation was a Nuisance to the Small Town Police.

The small town police acted like the incident was a nuisance and they provided no help for me at all.  However, I’m sure this is police 101 and they were doing the best they could. I decided that maybe living here was another mistake.

The gunshot caused me to have lung surgery a month after the incident.  Two weeks after my lung surgery, I decided to move on.  I did not feel safe.

On July 6, 2012, I became homeless.  I left my house with my SUV, clothes, and essentials.

I may run into my female friend again during my journey in life . . . I have a few unsettled issues and a couple of questions for her . . .  🙂

It may take me another year, another 5 years or 20 years, I will do whatever it takes to bring Tammy Sweeden down – not as revenge, but rather to protect others.  If you’ve been a victim, then contact me and I will do whatever I can to help you put her in a cage.

I Adopted a New and Simple Life . . .

I’ve been homeless ever since I left Idaho, but I’m a different person today. I have adopted the “Simple Life”.  I started a small publishing business and I write books in coffee houses with free Wifi. I try to sell them from a small website and on other platforms – sometimes I give away more books than I sell. 🙂

Naturally, writers seldom get rich, but I’m able to maintain the expenses of my SUV, storage fees and I can usually eat something every day.- maybe not as healthy as I used to eat, but I’m grateful.

Many people ask about my health . . .

I believe, for the most part, my health is fine for now.  I have a lung disorder and easily get winded due to the gunshot to my lung.  I also have cataracts in my eyes.  I’m blind in my right eye – however, fortunately, I have good enough vision in my left eye to read and type on my laptop.  I drive slowly.

I used to be big on keeping my teeth in good condition.  I used to be able to take care of my teeth, but not so much now.  The pain in one tooth was so great it had to be pulled. The dentist also said I must get one more tooth extracted because the cavity is so large.  It makes me sick to lose what were perfectly good teeth.  It makes me sad to think about it.

Starting Over At Retirement Age Can Be a Bit Challenging  . . .

If you’re struggling, then please know that you’re not alone. The fear of being homeless and forced to start life over at retirement age can be scary thoughts for many people.

Yes, it can be a bit challenging and a little scary – but making good choices matter. If your life is upside down, make sure to keep your chin up – be good to others and be good to yourself.

I Do Not Blame GOD For My Situation

Many people get angry at God for their so-called bad situation.  I believe God gives us FREE WILL or freedom of choice.

Even though I did not choose my situation –  I CHOSE the wrong person and I allowed her to get too close to me.  I allowed Tammy (the devil) to waltz into my life and wreck it.  I made the choice.

God had nothing to do with my bad choices.  God even provided several warnings or red flags about her character and I chose NOT to dismiss her.  How could I ever be angry at God?

Every day, I ask God to help me make better choices.  I ask God to give me the discernment to recognize and avoid human predators. I believe life is all about the choices we make.

At the end of each day of my life I always ask God to send Tammy Sweeden pure light and pure love – turn her heart from stone to flesh.   I ask God to please send pure light and love to all of those who have harmed me. I also send pure light and pure love to those I have hurt as well.  I’m grateful for the kindness I’ve received from all the volunteers, donors and readers of my blog – thank you.

I Hope This Post Was Beneficial  . . .
My mission is to warn others about Tammy Sweeden (human predator) and other monsters like her.

Thanks again to all volunteers who provide info and are helping me put this “devil” in a cage.   Please become part of our team today. 

Please share the  link on all your social media sites.  THANKS.

Help Me To Expose Human Predators!

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Beware:  “The devil comes to
kill, to steal and to destroy!”

Tammy Sweeden is a “Devil in Disguise”.

I Do Not Look Away, I Do Not Negotiate,
and I Do Not Forget. EXPECT ME!

“Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good People Do Nothing!”

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