These Videos Are True Real Life Stories of Women Who Murder for Money.

Tammy Sweeden attempted to murder me for MONEY.  She STOLE my life-savings and retirement funds. She left me for dead, lying in a pool of blood.  I survived … however, her next victim may not.

Tammy Sweeden has demonstrated her ability to kill for money. Can you spell “Gold Digger?”

Has Tammy Sweeden killed for money in the past?  I don’t know.  Will she kill someone in the future for money?  I think she will unless she is stopped.

MONEY is the most common reason or motive women will MURDER.  Certain women will kill their Husband, Best Friend, Companion, Lover and Others for MONEY.  GREED is the primary reason.  Bottom line; they value MONEY more than they value human life!  It is said that WOMEN are more likely to get away with murder because they are usually not suspected.

According to much research, most women who murder for money will plan and calculate their mission.  They are usually very intelligent and manipulative.

The 1st video is how to SPOT dangerous women, so others can spot the warnings signs and hopefully NOT be a victim.   View the gun-shot-wound Tammy left me with.





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Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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