Robert Reineri Denies Involvement – Here’s Proof.

WARNING:   Robert James Reineri has a problem with the TRUTH.   Yes, Mr. Reineri is a liar and here’s PROOF.

Here’s documented PROOF from reputable online companies that provides addresses.   Anyone can verify this information.

More proof of DUI in Bend, OR.

Arrest Report for Robert James Reineri.

This helps prove that Robert Reineri is trying his best to discredit my blog.  Why?  The proof is right here.  Robert Reineri is lying.

There is only one reason he’s lying.  Answer:  He is attached to TAMMY Sweeden Reineri.  Notice the address: 1124 Sports of Kings Avenue, Henderson, NV  and the current of address in Bend, OR.

Tammy Sweeden “Reineri” often uses
an alias of  Tammy G. Reineri.


There is a reason Robert Reineri is spending so much time and energy to discredit me.    He’s the only possible accomplice who has climbed out from under his “Rock” and trying to discredit me.  What is motivating him?  Fear?  Money?  Emotion?  Possible Prison?

There is obviously an emotional, physical or financial attachment to Tammy Sweeden “Reineri”.   Robert Reineri is not to be trusted and he is convincing me more and more that he is probably another accomplice of Tammy Sweeden “Reineri” and may have committed other schemes together as well.   This brings new light to why Robert Reineri moved from Henderson, NV and the Las Vegas area to a small obscure town in Oregon.    Was the intent to hide?  What was the real reason?

Robert Reineri says I’m giving misinformation about the addresses they share – here’s proof.  Why is Robert Reineri lying?  How about his current address?  Is this reputable company lying about Tammy G. Reineri and Robert Reineri sharing addresses too ?? I doubt it.


Here’s more PROOF of WHY
Can’t Believe a word
Robert James Reineri says.

Unfortunately, he’s a LIAR.   Why would Robert Reineri lie about something that is so easy for anyone to find the real TRUTH?   His criminal record is open to the public.

By the way, I found more proof.   Look under the house that Mr. Reineri and Tammy Sweeden Reineri share as the SAME addresses.

You’ll find proof of Robert Reineri’s actual phone number that was used in conjunction with the two addresses in question.  Mr. Reineri is connected to this same phone number!  However, he denies this number is his!!!  He used this same number for registration purposes.

He’s now backing off of his expert knowledge that the TWO addresses in question was a mailing list error.  🙂  He’s now saying someone planted those addresses on those two company websites!!! This man obviously lives in a drama dream land.  Does he truly expect anyone to believe he knows nothing about this?  Wow!

More Proof that Robert James Reineri is a LIAR. My incident or case is not closed.  Robert Reineri LIED to YOU.

This Case is NOT Closed.
It is an OPEN CASE!

 Attempted Murder Carries
a Felony Conviction with a Long Term Prison Sentence.

Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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