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Tammy Sweeden Attempted to Murder Me

Tammy Sweeden Attempted to Murder me and She Robbed me of My Life Savings. 

May is my Anniversary Month of
Being Shot in the Chest and Robbed. 

I’m pretty darn sure my pain and suffering is only a passing thought for Tammay Louise Sweeden.  It’s been FOUR long years since the cowardly predator, TAMMY SWEEDEN, drugged me by lacing my ice-tea with a powerful drug, then she shot me in the chest and robbed me of my life-savings. READ MORE HERE

Christopher Mower is Tammy Sweeden’s Lover

Christopher Mower was Tammy Sweeden’s Secret Lover EVEN While She Lived at my Idaho Town Home…

This is More Motive and Proof that Tammy Sweeden Stole my Life-Savings and Tried to Murder Me.

Tammy Sweeden purposely kept Christopher Mower a secret.  Why?  It would be added proof that she had MOTIVE to steal and murder me.  Tammy Sweeden and Christopher Mower planned the murder attempt and the robbery together.  Arrrested. READ MORE HERE