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Who Can We Trust? Can We Trust the Garden City Police – Idaho?

Where Are ALL The Good Honest Cops When You Need Them?
Do They Exist?

The World is a Dangerous place … not because of those
who do evil …but for those who look on and do nothing.
                                                                 – Albert Einstein

Will Tammy Sweeden Get Away With Attempted Murder?

A Few People are Wondering if Tammy Sweeden “Tammay” Will Get Away
With Attempted Murder and the Theft of my Life-Savings and Retirement Funds?

Tammy Sweeden is on the run . . .

  • I knew Tammy Sweeden for 7 years.
  •  We were companions and building back a trusting relationship.
  • There were no major disruption in our daily living arrangement.
  • I was merely heping Tammy Sweeden finacially get back on her feet.
  •  According to police, there were “NO” fingerprints found on the gun.  Why?  Because most killers wipe off their own fingerprints from the gun they used before leaving the scene, right?
  •  Her actions were not impulsive – her actions were carefully planned.

Tammy Sweeden understands the banking system and computers very well. She researches and understands many aspects of police work and forensics.  In her mind, your money is HER money – all she has to do is decide how to get it! READ MORE HERE