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Psychopath | Tammy Sweeden | Beware

Tammy Sweeden
SICK Sociopath & Psychopath

My Experience with a Real Life Sick Sociopath!

Sick sociopath like Tammy Sweeden are exposed every day – but they hide among inside every town, every city and in every neighborhood.  READ MORE HERE

Tammy Sweeden Attempted to Murder Me

Tammy Sweeden Attempted to Murder me and She Robbed me of My Life Savings. 

May is my Anniversary Month of
Being Shot in the Chest and Robbed. 

I’m pretty darn sure my pain and suffering is only a passing thought for Tammay Louise Sweeden.  It’s been FOUR long years since the cowardly predator, TAMMY SWEEDEN, drugged me by lacing my ice-tea with a powerful drug, then she shot me in the chest and robbed me of my life-savings. READ MORE HERE

New Update: Tammy Sweeden (Tammay) Shot Me. Complete Story!

Update:  Discover How Tammy Sweeden Fooled John, the Police and Everyone Who Listened to Her . . . How do you know when you’re living with the ENEMY?

I add to this blog all the time with updates and thoughts – so check back often and discover more facts and truths about Tammy Sweeden.

Crime Facts and Truths of Tammy Sweeden That May Be Hidden From You. 

No Worries – Karma will Punish Tammy Sweeden!

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden

“If you lay down with a dirty dog – you’ll wake up with fleas.”  This could NOT be a more truthful statement.  Even if the dog wore a disguise – you’ll still get fleas.  You can put lipstick on a PIG – but it’s still a PIG!

This post will reveal several of her LIES and manipulation tactics. She tried to murder me twice. (that I know about) Tammy Sweedenis now hiding behind a criminal attorney paid for with the money she stole. READ MORE HERE

Gentlemen – Be Careful. Have You Seen This Woman?

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden

  • This haneous incident happened – May 14, 2012.
  • Tammy Sweeden drugged me, then without warning,
    shot me in the chest with a .25 caliber gun.
  • Forensics say – No Finger Prints. Gun was wiped clean.
  • Police say – Attempted Murder.
  • She stole my investment of gold/silver bullion. This was my life savings and retirement funds.
  • The crime was pre-meditated and well planned.
  • I spent all total – 11 days in hospital.
  • Tammy Sweeden rushed out of town.
  • She had the Opportunity, Motive and the Weapon.

Here’s the news link. http://www.kboi2.com/news/local/Boise-shooting-idaho-news-151435295.html READ MORE HERE

Do You Know this Woman? Tammy Sweeden Stole My Retirement Funds.

Tammay Louise Sweeden Attemptedto Murder Me and
Stole My Entire Life-Savings/Retirement Funds.

Tammay Louise Sweeden.  Aliases:
Tammy Sweeden, Tammy G. Reineri,
Tam Sweeden, Case Cane or may be
using other aliases.

  • Tammy Sweeden stole my retirement funds after
    she drugged me and shot me in the chest.
  • I was helping Tammy Sweeden with a place to live
    and paid her bills until she could find a job.
  • Tammy Sweeden used a .25 caliber gun – it was
    hidden in her bedroom.
  • Tammy Sweeden rush out of town after I was taken and admitted to hospital.
  • I spent all total about 11 days in the hospital.
  • Forensics say, No Finger Prints On the Gun.
  • Police told me it was considered – Attempted Murder.

If you have knowledge of Tammy Sweeden or her crimes, please contact me immediately. READ MORE HERE