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New Update: Tammy Sweeden (Tammay) Shot Me. Complete Story!

Update:  Discover How Tammy Sweeden Fooled John, the Police and Everyone Who Listened to Her . . . How do you know when you’re living with the ENEMY?

I add to this blog all the time with updates and thoughts – so check back often and discover more facts and truths about Tammy Sweeden.

Crime Facts and Truths of Tammy Sweeden That May Be Hidden From You. 

No Worries – Karma will Punish Tammy Sweeden!

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden

“If you lay down with a dirty dog – you’ll wake up with fleas.”  This could NOT be a more truthful statement.  Even if the dog wore a disguise – you’ll still get fleas.  You can put lipstick on a PIG – but it’s still a PIG!

This post will reveal several of her LIES and manipulation tactics. She tried to murder me twice. (that I know about) Tammy Sweedenis now hiding behind a criminal attorney paid for with the money she stole. READ MORE HERE

Gentlemen – Be Careful. Have You Seen This Woman?

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden

  • This haneous incident happened – May 14, 2012.
  • Tammy Sweeden drugged me, then without warning,
    shot me in the chest with a .25 caliber gun.
  • Forensics say – No Finger Prints. Gun was wiped clean.
  • Police say – Attempted Murder.
  • She stole my investment of gold/silver bullion. This was my life savings and retirement funds.
  • The crime was pre-meditated and well planned.
  • I spent all total – 11 days in hospital.
  • Tammy Sweeden rushed out of town.
  • She had the Opportunity, Motive and the Weapon.

Here’s the news link. http://www.kboi2.com/news/local/Boise-shooting-idaho-news-151435295.html READ MORE HERE

Do You Know this Woman? Tammy Sweeden Stole My Retirement Funds.

Tammay Louise Sweeden Attemptedto Murder Me and
Stole My Entire Life-Savings/Retirement Funds.

Tammay Louise Sweeden.  Aliases:
Tammy Sweeden, Tammy G. Reineri,
Tam Sweeden, Case Cane or may be
using other aliases.

  • Tammy Sweeden stole my retirement funds after
    she drugged me and shot me in the chest.
  • I was helping Tammy Sweeden with a place to live
    and paid her bills until she could find a job.
  • Tammy Sweeden used a .25 caliber gun – it was
    hidden in her bedroom.
  • Tammy Sweeden rush out of town after I was taken and admitted to hospital.
  • I spent all total about 11 days in the hospital.
  • Forensics say, No Finger Prints On the Gun.
  • Police told me it was considered – Attempted Murder.

If you have knowledge of Tammy Sweeden or her crimes, please contact me immediately. READ MORE HERE

According to Bible, Tammy Sweeden is a Swine or Pig.

Tammy Sweeden is a PIG or swine according to the Bible!

Tammay Louise Sweeden =Tammy Sweeden

Here’s what the Bible says about Tammy Sweeden.  I’m not particularly religious, but this provides food for thought for everyone.  I gave and gave to Tammy Sweeden and the bible plainly says that I was giving to a PIG or a swine.  In other words, I gave to a person who never appreciated it. Matter of fact, in the bible it says a pig will tear you to pieces after they get what they want. READ MORE HERE

Tammy Sweeden had Opportunity – Motive and Weapon!

Tammy Sweeden had Opportunity, Motive and the Weapon!

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden

What does a thief and killer look like?

I was living with the ENEMY. Tammy Sweeden secretly wanted all my life-savings for herself.  Tammy Sweeden loves MONEY more than human life. READ MORE HERE