Tammy Sweeden Can Run But She Cannot Hide


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Tammy Sweeden Tried to Murder Me by Shooting Me in the Chest.
She left me to DIE in a pool of Blood.
She stole my Life-Savings. Why? Selfishness and Greed.

PLEASE READ.  THIS IS TRUE.  With one second and one bullet – Tammy Sweeden wrecked my life.  For Six Long Months living in my home, Tammy Sweeden planned, schemed, plotted and Intended to MURDER me. She carried out her plan to ROB me of ALL my most valuable assets. She made it ALL happen.  However, she did not intend for me to LIVE!

Tammy Sweeden lives a secret life. She is two people.  One personality is a sweet charming southern woman – the other is a sociopathic Murdering Thief without a conscience. 

“Tammy …We do not need a confession.  We already know you’re guilty.”

Here’s a quote from a female ex-friend of Tammy Sweeden “I refuse to be her friend anymore – she lies too much – she lies even when there is no reason to lie. Every time I loaned her money – she never paid it back.” 

Tammy Sweeden can LIE and RUN… But She Cannot HIDE.


Dear Reader –
Either you’re here at this website because you want to know more about Tammy Sweeden or you heard about the attempted Murder incident.  Do you want more facts and truths?  Good – you came to the right place.  Some of you are regular readers and you’re simply curious how my life is playing out.  Drop by often because I add to the blog over time.

Remember – I obviously CAN NOT tell everything I know right now because we’re still building the case.  Why warn Tammy’s attorney of the facts?  The GCPD are not proficient and others say they could be corrupt – so we must do it ourselves.  Your donations have made it possible to hire a professional Private Investigator.  He’s working hard and is doing a great job.

Update:   Did Tammy Sweeden really get her breasts fixed with a portion of my life-savings she stole from me?

Attempted Murder is a serious crime and has no statue of limitations.  Tammy Sweeden can be convicted and sent to prison any time.  We, the people, should not allow this woman to pursue a life outside of a cage.  She’s too dangerous for society. According to relatives, she has a bi-polar mental disorder – plus she’s addicted to prescription pain killers and also uses illegal drugs.


Happy Birthday to Me!  Today is Sunday and I’m grateful to turn 60 years old.  I won’t be surrounded by any friends or family, but I’m grateful for this day.  I remember my dad’s 60th birthday.  I was living in Florida at the time – I flew in to be with him.  I walked in and he said “My gosh, what are you doing here?”  I said…Dad, I couldn’t let you turn 60 years old without me.  The house was full of friends and family. Tears came to his eyes and I walked over and put my arm around him.  A great memory.  He died over 10 years ago and I miss him dearly.

I learned many things from my dad growing up.  One thing he told me.  Be careful who you “give” to or help.  He said, “If that person does not appreciate your giving nature and IF they have NO intention of reciprocating or giving back, then they will eventually resent you IF you give to much.” This has been one of my big lessons in life.  I’ve helped too many of the WRONG people.  I’m learning to change that.

Through out the years I knew Tammy Sweeden, I believe she simply conned me.  Tammy preyed upon me because she knew I had a small inheritance and I believe she always wanted it to herself.  I helped Tammy many times by paying many of her bills, including IRS payments. When she didn’t want to ask for money, then she would just steal the money from my corporate bank account.

During our time in Idaho while Tammy was living upstairs, I could feel me starting to trust Tammy more and more.  She was PRETENDING to be a trustworthy person…she was working hard at gaining my trust after many disappointing situations in the past.

Her attitude and personality was somewhat consistent.  In the past, she would take strange emotional detours.  I never knew when her personality would change.  However, in the last few months, I have discovered that Tammy Sweeden was diagnosed as BI-POLAR many years ago and she hides her mental disorder.  If you’re someone who is naïve to this disorder, (like I am) then it can be quite confusing.  I believe Tammy was probably taking her medication more regularly in Idaho because there were very few mishaps.  She was being very careful not to upset the apple cart. However, I started noticing a few irregularities and I believe she wasn’t taking her medication – I believe she decided to speed up her plans to MURDER me and rob me before I caught on to her plan.

Needless to say, Tammy has disappointed me many times during our relationship.  Do I feel foolish?  Of course I do.   I do not believe she ever cared for me.  Tammy is narcissistic and incapable of loving another human being. She simply wanted my money.  She usually got it by using sympathy.  I enjoy helping people, especially those I care about.  In the end, Tammy Sweeden decided she wanted my life-savings – even if it meant killing me to get it.  She wanted it all to herself.  Criminals believe they deserve what you own MORE than YOU do.  It’s not rocket science.

“Evil” can hide behind religious people.  “Evil” can hide behind your best friend.
“Evil” can also hide behind sweet charming southern women who say “I love you.”

What was my savings?
I placed my savings in gold/silver bullion because it was an investment.  I knew the economy was not going to recover now or any time soon, so I wanted to SAVE the money for my retirement and to help my closest friends and my siblings if necessary.
It was my peace of mind and my ultimate survival.  Tammy Sweeden stole it all.

Tammy Sweeden always expects her victims to “Forgive and Forget”.  I will forgive because forgiveness is for ME – not for “her”, however, I will NEVER forget.  I’m never a victim to people who treat me unfairly.  I always find a way, no matter how long it takes, to make it right. “Karma” always prevails.

Tammy Sweeden “thinks” she has gotten by with her unthinkable criminal actions. News!!! Tammy Sweeden will NOT get by with attempted MURDER and for wrecking my life.  Life has been tough starting over (with nothing) at 60 years old, but I’ll make it somehow – someway.

I always had and still have compassion for Tammy.  I always ask God to send Tammy Sweeden pure light and pure love because I believe “Criminals” are those without love for themselves or for others. 

Through out the years, I was always there for Tammy when she needed me.  I never let her down.  Maybe that’s why “Karma” has always protected me from people like Tammy Sweeden.  I survived BOTH of her murder attempts. People have always called me “lucky”.  Tammy Sweeden has never been called “lucky”.  She usually makes the worst choice possible.  Tammy is an unhappy person without joy in her life.  Tammy preys on others to serve her wants and needs.  Tammy rarely gives.  If she does give, there is an AGENDA.  She is what others call a Kill-Joy.   Even with her fake persona of the sweet charming southern lady – she eventually will kill the joy around her.  Some people say she’s the “devil” in disguise.

Tammy Sweeden has LIED to the police and to those who know about this incident. Tammy Sweeden is a sociopathic liar.  She will lie without reason. If you want the TRUTH, then keep reading my blogs.  Many of Tammy Sweeden’s ex-friends and relatives already know she’s a liar and a thief….now, they know she is also capable of MURDER.  However, some of them already knew it.

Many people do not know that Tammy Sweeden has had psychiatric treatment for depression, emotional instability and bi-polar mental disorder.  Tammy Sweeden is mentally ill.  Naturally, a person must be mentally “sick” if they choose to KILL another human being unless it is in self-defense.  I never – ever came close to causing Tammy any physical harm. I always wanted her happy and healthy.

What is Tammy Sweeden capable of doing?  Beware:
*  She is an actress.  She can tear up and cry anytime.  She will cry in order to make you believe her LIES or get what she wants.  She uses your sympathy.
*  She will fabricate a LIE to make you believe in her innocence.
*  She is intelligent and will shower you with compliments if it will benefit her.
*  She may try to bully you or intimidate you to get her way.
*  She will buy you gifts or give money if it will benefit her.
*  She will use the phrases, “I love you” or ” You’re My Best Friend.”  if it will benefit her.

If you know her –  then don’t forget – she is a criminal and she is mentally ill.  I’ve seen her spend many days curled up in bed and afraid to get up.  She hides her bi-polar mental disorder from others.  I’ve provided Tammy Sweeden with thousands of dollars in financial and emotional support though out the years.  If she will try to KILL me and wreck my life – what is she capable of doing to you?  I never – ever physically hurt her nor caused her any hardship.  I’ve always helped her. She called me her best-friend.  Tammy Sweeden is a woman without a soul. I had and still have compassion for Tammy and that is what she lacks for others.

When Tammy Sweeden was living in my house in Idaho, she believed “space aliens” were living in her closet.  She often displayed fear with tears in her eyes.  Naturally, I never saw any evidence of aliens living in my house.  Tammy is NOT a well woman.

The woman who tried to MURDER me uses these names and may have other aliases as well:  Tammay Louise Sweeden.  Tammy L. Sweeden,  Tammay Reineri,  Tammy G. Reineri,  Casy Cane,  Tammy Sweeden Reineri,  Tam Sweeden.   We heard that Tammy Sweeden has talked about changing her name for obvious reasons.

Crime Stoppers are accepting information concerning Tammy Sweeden’s crimes.  You may contact the police, crime stoppers or you may Contact me Here.

Tammy Sweeden is NOT Who She PRETENDS to Be.  Beware!

Tammy Sweeden “Thinks” She’s Gotten By with Attempted Murder
and the Theft of my entire Life-Savings (retirement).
She can LIE and RUN – but SHE cannot HIDE.


I knew Tammy Sweeden since 2005.  I helped her financially every since I met her.  I eventually moved to Idaho to live my dream retirement in August 2011.  One day, Tammy Sweeden called me crying saying, “I’m nearly homeless and do not have any money and I don’t know what to do.”  I invited her to come to Idaho and live upstairs in my townhouse until she could get her life together.  I sent her money.  She moved upstairs in November of 2011.  I took care of all her essential needs and paid all her monthly bills.

There was never any type of violence or major arguments.  Tammy and I never had any type of violent relationship.  It was a “Platonic” companionship. She lived in my house for six months.  She played video games and talked on the phone for HOURS with her friends – and I worked countless hours developing a marketing company. (Tammy helped with the company on occasion – but showed disinterest in my mission.)  What I didn’t know is; Tammy Sweeden was actually upstairs plotting and scheming my murder and the theft of my entire life-savings (retirement funds).

Suddenly my dream life in Idaho came to a screeching halt.

Tammy always served me tea, coffee and health shakes while I worked at the computer.  One night Tammy Sweeden mixed a DRUG in my beverage. Once the drug took affect, she placed the barrel of a gun directly on my chest and pulled the trigger.  She set up the SCENE to look like a suicide.  She left me to die in a pool of blood.  She ran from the scene with my “life-savings”, lockbox of gold/silver bullion. She called me her “best-friend”.  

Would anyone like to be Tammy Sweeden’s next best friend?

What Happened after I was Shot?
The ambulance arrives 12 hours after I was shot. I lost a lot of blood.  I spent 7 very painful days in the hospital.  The nurses and the doctors were very good to me.  I did not have any visitors, except for the police and they treated me very rudely.  I layed in the hospital dazed and confused.  Two questions repeated in my mind;  How could this happen to me?  Why did this happen?  As the drugs in my system wore down, my mind became more clear.  I had a fuzzy memory of Tammy Sweeden standing in front of me as I sat on the couch before I was shot.  I was almost sure my life-savings (gold) had something to do with the incident.  Tammy Sweeden shot me.  I even called her from the hospital and said, “Tammy, you shot me!”  She did not deny it.

After discussing the incident with my trauma doctor, he admitted to me.  He did not feel the incident was attempted suicide. He felt I was shot by someone.  He said, “I hope whoever shot you is brought to justice.”   I said, “I know who shot me.”

The Police allowed, Tammy Sweeden, the most likely suspect to leave town – not only that….but they allowed her to leave with valuables from my home plus my life-savings!  She must of had a good laugh driving out of town.   I wonder if the Police blew her kiss as she left the police station?

I called the Police from my hospital bed and asked them to please keep Tammy Sweeden from being in my house and I gave them the reason.  I said, I have my life-savings in my home and I do not want Tammy Sweeden to steal it.  They said, she had already removed her things from my home and left town.

A few days later, I was released from the hospital.  I did not know anyone, so, a cab picked me up at the hospital to take me home. I walked into an empty house.  The first thing I did was check to see if my lockbox was still there.  My worst nightmare came true.  It was gone.  Tammy Sweeden had stolen my life-savings.

Tammy Sweeden tried to kill me for my lock-box full of gold-bullion Why kill me?  Why not just steal it?  The reason is simple.  “Dead people don’t talk”.  Anyway, I had to focus on recovery from the gun shot wound.  My lung had collapsed and there was still a danger of infection. My left lung had to heal. Every day and night I lived with the threat of Tammy Sweeden or a hired gun-man finishing the job.  After a month of living like this, my doctor said I needed lung surgery because I could not breath very well.  Back in the hospital I go.  I’m in the hospital for another very painful week.  The pain was horrible.

One more time, a cabbie brings me home to an empty house, however, this time I’m in much more pain that ever.  The nurses and doctors asked me if I had anyone to help me once I got home.  I had to say “unfortunately, I don’t have anyone.”  They expressed their sympathy. I had much recovery to do.  I was weak and in a lot of pain.

The police removed all my firearms while I was in the hospital the first time ….  and would not EVEN provide ONE of my firearms for protection.  The Police simply did not care. I was still skiddish that Tammy or a hired gun-man may return.  I did not TRUST the police to help me. I sold what household items  I could – gave away my storage unit full of stuff and moved to a safe house.  Each day I walk to a coffee shop to use my computer with free WiFI, while Tammy Sweeden burns through my life-savings.

Life is quite difficult, however, I count my blessings I’m still alive and I still have a good mind and spirit.

Many people ask me – How Could I Be So Blind?
That’s a great question.  The only thing I can say is;  I loved the woman Tammy Sweeden was PRETENDING to be and she knew it.  She used that emotion to get what she wanted.  She disappointed me many times during the years I knew her, however, I forgave her actions each time.  Probably the same way you would forgive your child after he/she makes a mistake.  Over the years, I developed a mature love for the woman that Tammy Sweeden was pretending to be and that’s all I can say.  I was blinded and did not fully see the true DARKNESS of the REAL Tammy Sweeden.

If you’re a Man or a Woman.  There are two phrases Tammy Sweeden will use to manipulate you is;  “I Love You”  and “You’re my best friend”.   She told me she loved me less than an hour before she shot me in the chest.  Warning:  She obviously doesn’t mean what she says.  Do not buy into her sweet southern charm….it’s an ACT.

There is evidence that Tammy Sweeden had been seeking the location of my lock box since she arrived in Idaho.  Tammy Sweeden planned to murder me and steal my life-savings before moving to Idaho. She lied about having a “hidden” gun in her room – the same gun that shot me.  It was all pre-meditated.

Later, it was discovered Tammy Sweeden had or has a secret lover named Christopher Mower , he is a cross-dresser – meaning he dresses up in women’s clothes. It is said, he is also involved in the crime as well.  He lived near Salt Lake City, UT.  Tammy used to drive down and see him – telling me she was going to a doctors appointment.

I was living with the ENEMY.  As most people do, I believe in keeping myself and those I love safe and as healthy as possible.  I made sure doors were locked and signs were posted.  I kept up on the daily news.  I did everything possible to keep Tammy and I safe.  I spent hundred of dollars on vitamins and health supplements for Tammy and I.  I made special effort to purchase Reverse Osmosis water and I purchased an expensive air filter for the house.   I did all of this so Tammy and I could live healthier lives.  While I was doing all of this, Tammy Sweeden was planning a scheme to murder me by mixing a drug in a beverage, then putting a bullet in my chest and stealing my life-savings.

Yes, I was living with the Enemy, a person who wanted me dead as soon as possible. I was living with the most cold blooded person I could ever imagine. Tammy was snooping around in my townhouse, talking with her friends upstairs.  She was upstairs scheming her plan to murder me and disappear with my life-savings.  Very creepy!  After reality set in, I realize this is not the first time she tried to murder me.  She tried once before that I know about.  I discuss another murder attempt in another posting…just scroll down.

The Police declared the action, an Attempted Murder because the finger prints on the gun were wiped clean.  People who attempt suicide do not wipe off their own finger prints after they shoot themselves.  Tammy Sweeden shot me and meant to KILL me.  The only reason I survived is because Tammy missed shooting my heart by 1 inch.

Tammy Sweeden Shot Me. Attempted Murder.

Attempted Murder is a serious crime and has no statue of limitations.  Tammy Sweeden can be convicted and sent to prison any time.   We, the people, should not allow this woman to pursue a life outside of a cage.  She’s too dangerous for society.  According to relatives, she has a bi-polar mental disorder – plus she’s addicted to prescription pain killers and also uses illegal drugs.

To set the record straight.  I do not use illegal drugs.  I do not use pain meds.  I seldom drink alcohol and I have no criminal record.  I’ve never been to jail or prison.  I haven’t had a speeding ticket in nearly 30 years.

I will not apologize for being a very sensitive, caring and generous man. Tammy Sweeden took advantage of my giving nature.  She blind-sided me and created the element of surprise.  Isn’t this what most criminals do?

Tammy Sweeden is an actress (con-artist) with preditorial behavior patterns.  She is obsessed with having “things” and will do anything for MONEY.  She has a sweet southern charm – but watch your back. Human life means nothing to this woman.  She’s a killer and a thief.  She has all the characteristics of a sick predator sociopath.  Tammy Sweeden has NO empathy for other people.  She only feels her own pain.

Tammy Sweeden is known to dye her hair.  It could be ANY color.
She is from Tennessee/Kentucky – moved to Las Vegas in 2003.
She’s 5’2″  (125 lbs to 150 lbs)  She has crooked teeth and is freckled.
She usually speaks in a very thick and noticeable Tennessee southern accent.
She walks pigeon toed and tries to dress to impress.  She likes to act and look rich.
A noticeable crease between her chin and her bottom lip.  She loves to shop and buy things. Tammy Sweeden Smokes Cigarettes, Drinks Beer (usually with lime) and buys illegal drugs for herself and friends.  She associates with drug dealers.

I’m sure she spent a portion of my life-savings to fix her sagging breasts.  She’s a 50ish year old woman and always complained about her sagging breasts.  They looked like two large freckled bananas.

Tammy Sweeden focus is always on herself and that is why she always had FEAR, but if she would had focused on helping and giving to others it would have given her  the opportunity to get insight and grow as a person.  Instead, she chose a selfish act of murder and theft.  She thinks this action will solve all her money problems and thinks others will love her more.  However, Tammy’s life is built on sand – she has no integrity, no honor and no loyalty and most of all, she has no compassion.  Tammy Sweeden is a sad woman with a very broken spirit.

I use this affirmation:  I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them. A river of compassion washes away my anger and replaces it with love. I am guided in my every step by Spirit who leads me towards what I must know and do.  Even though Tammy Sweeden wants me dead and even though she stole my life-savings and left me with nothing – I still feel blessed to be alive, reasonably healthy with a good mind and spirit.  I do not wish Tammy Sweeden any harm.  I ask God to send her pure light and love every day.

Thank you to all who have provided on-going information about Tammy Sweeden.  Patience and we will bring this woman and her criminal associates DOWN.
Any donations you can provide will go to pay for medical, private Investigator and food.

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“Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing!”

Learn more about Tammy Sweeden – just scroll down and read other blog posts.

Beware of Tammy Sweeden.