Tammay Sweeden | Attempted Murder | Thief | Drug Addict | Con Woman

 You Do Not Matter to Predators.  Tammay Sweeden Does Not Care If You Live or Die. Your life is meaningless.

Tammay Sweeden (Tammy) is a criminal and this website will provide many issues you should think about.  (Allow Tammy Sweeden into your life at your own risk.)

USA is ranked 114th peaceful people or nation. This means there are 113 countries who are MORE peaceful than the USA.  There are literally millions of predators in our country.

Tammay Sweeden (Tammy) is not unique at all.  There are millions of predators just like her.  Many are rotting away inside CAGES – which is exactly where Tammay Sweeden (Tammy) should be.

Read This For a Better Understanding of Certain People Who Cause Misery
and Chaos for Others.

ASPD is a mental health condition chiefly characterized by a lack of concern for the feelings of others. According to the National Library of Medicine, people with the disorder—alternately called psychopaths or sociopaths—can be skilled manipulators who flatter and LIE their way into people’s lives.

As the name of the condition suggests, they have little to no regard for social norms, and tend to cause pain without experiencing remorse or guilt.

In short, they are believed to be capable of heartlessly taking a life—arguably rendering them some of the scariest and most dangerous people on the planet.

Tammay Sweeden’s LIES will
She can Run but She Can’t Hide!

God Is A Giver, Not A Taker … (Luke 12:32) It is the devil who is the thief. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. 

“There are two ways to be fooled.
One is to believe what is NOT true; the
other is to refuse to accept what IS true.”

Most of this stuff is common sense,
but sometimes common sense
is NOT very common.

Again, YOU DO NOT MATTER  to predators. Your needs, wants and your love for life is of NO concern to predators. They are ONLY concerned about their own needs and wants. If you have what they WANT – then they will steal it.  YOU DO NOT MATTER.

Any Person Who Consistently Harms, Cheats, Gouges or Steals from
Other People is a Predator!

Do not be fooled by large companies or governments who masquerade behind a “we want to help you” mask.
Power corrupts!  Just because someone is wearing a uniform or badge and maybe a religious clergy robe does not mean they should automatically be trusted.

Make people earn your TRUST.  Ask questions, then verify before giving away your trust.  Why?  BECAUSE YOU MATTER!  Don’t worry if the “person” is offended. Your safety comes first before his/her feelings.  Most people will understand your concern for personal safety, if they don’t, then their ignorance is not your problem.

Most Predators are Stupid Lazy Cowards.
They hit, steal and run.

Most predators hide in plain sight. Most people do not know they have been a target until AFTER the predator is long gone.  Most cowardly predators DO NOT want a confrontation while they are robbing you. They would rather do it in secret – this way they don’t get injured or killed in the process.  They just STEAL it.
Most thieves are COWARDS.

Depending on the desperation of the predator, they may not have the patience to scheme a plan to rob you. They will simply seek out someone who looks the most vulnerable.

Predators will attack elderly people, a woman or a disabled person with intimidation or violence.  Most amateur criminal predators are NOT very creative.  They survive from the money and efforts of other people. 

Almost All Predators Will Create the “Illusion” of Being Trustworthy.

This is their “mask”.  Predators can only harm you if you allow them to get close enough.  Predators may you use words, gifts or their trustworthy personable and gracious personality.  This is all a con in order to get close to you, either physically or find what you have to steal.

A predator may walk up to you to ask for a cigarette – again, do not allow him/her to get too close.  A predator may target you because of the car you drive, your nice clothes or the jewelry you wear.

Gold diggers will use the long-range plan and simply lure you into their web with their personality, their physical appearance, and sex.   A predator gold digger only has one thing on her mind and that is your assets.
Your money and assets is all they care about and most gold diggers will go to great lengths to get it.

Predators who Create Trust
Before they Attack.

These predators also hide in plain sight.   When you first meet Tammy you may immediately notice her quirky personality.  It’s almost too good to be true.  This is her MASK. Tammay Sweeden hid her intentions and her agenda to eventually murder me and steal my retirement fund.  She hid in plain sight – all the time trying to build TRUST.

Once she discovered the location of my small hidden safe, then she knew my time was limited because she planned to murder me.   She drugged me – then shot me in the chest – 1″ from my heart.  Most females, who kill for money, usually poison their victims.  Tammy tried this once in the past, but I did not die.  Again, hindsight is 20/20.

Tammy tried to murder me in 2009 with a lethal dose of opioids. The doctors were surprised I survived.  I was confused as to why or how I had ingested opioids. Yes, Tammay  Sweeden fooled me.  Tammy, was the last person I thought wanted to harm me.  Boy, was I wrong!  The real Tammy did not care if  I was dead or alive – as I discovered, she preferred me to be dead.

It wasn’t until after I was shot in 2012, that I realized that Tammay (Tammy) had mixed a near lethal dose of opioids in a bowl of soup that she served me back in 2009.  All the pieces to the puzzle finally came together.  Hindsight is 20/20.

Beware!  Tammay Sweeden (Tammy)
will Murder For Money.
She is a bipolar psychopath.

She prefers to poison her victim with over-dose of drugs, but will murder the victim anyway she can, especially, if the murder can be blamed on the victim (self-inflicted) or on someone else.  She will plan her crime.  She will target you if you have assets that she can steal.

tammay sweeden

Tammay Sweeden is a KILLER.  Do not be foolish.  Do not trust anything she says.  She’s a liar and a thief.  Her method of operation will usually depend on gaining your trust to learn where your valuables are located. DO NOT TRUST HER FOR ANY REASON.  Tammay Sweeden will say or do whatever is necessary to get what she wants from you.  She lives off of the money, the efforts and the creativity of others.

Professional Predators.

Beware of professionals who proclaim they simply “want to help you.”  Beware of many corrupt professionals like attorneys, police, IRS, doctors, hospitals, dentists, mechanics, plumbers, and governments. Many of these so-called professionals will take advantage if they can. Be cautious – always get other opinions. These predators will legally ROB you!

Multi-Million Dollar Utility Companies
are Predators.  They Will Let You Die!

Utility companies who will hold your health and your LIFE hostage if you do not pay them.  They know many people require heat to survive during harsh winters, but many will shut off the utilities if not paid – and during the summer time as well.  Utility companies will let you DIE.

If you can, create a way to survive without utility companies – even if you have to move to a more livable climate. Utility companies are predators.  Living off-grid is getting very popular.  Solar panels and deep cell batteries are the way to go!

Drug companies “who want to help you”. Most drug companies are predatorial and never seek a natural or healthy way of healing people. Drugs are about profit.

So, How Do You Protect Yourself
From a World Full of Predators like
Tammay Sweeden (Tammy)?

Nothing is guaranteed, but you can protect yourself most of the time by learning how to AVOID predators and how to listen to all your FIVE senses.

Unfortunately, human beings of all types murder and steal from each other.  Family members have been known to kill others within the family.  Sometimes the closest people to you are capable of betrayal, theft, and murder.  Predators can only harm you when they are close to you, either emotionally or physically.

Tammay uses the “love” word often.  She uses her southern bell personality to lure her victims close.  She’s a fake and a fraud.

The website, “LoveFraud.com” is a great website for learning about sick and fraudulent con-artists like Tammay Louise Sweeden.

Tammay Sweeden - Predator
Tammay Louse Sweeden – Christopher D. Mower – Bullet Hole Proof

I Made a Mistake – But You Don’t Have Too.

I could have avoided being a “Target” of Tammay Louise Sweeden had I listened to my gut or my natural senses. Always listen to your “gut” because it is there to protect you.

I noticed several quirky things about Tammy that did not seem right, but I chose to ignore the warning signs – it was my mistake. I made a mistake by not requesting Tammay to answer questions and then verify the answers.  Why? Because I did not want to offend.   As it turns out – I became her TARGET. Do not let it happen to you!

Here’s a few things she did leading up to the incident and things I learn she did after.

  • Daily whispering on phone behind a closed door.
  • Whispering “I love you” to the person.  Maintaining a secret relationship.
  • Bells on bedroom door knob.
  • Massive prescription bottles of painkillers. (She was an obvious drug addict.)
  • Mysterious monthly trips out of town.
  • Slipping small doses of opioids in my tea leading up to the incident.
  • Stealing all my passwords.
  • Telling lies behind my back to others. Setting me up for isolation.  A popular method used by psychopaths – all about control.
  • Lied about Flying to SLC, instead drove to SLC with a rented car.
  • Lied about the reason for flying to LA – her former stepfather was never in the hospital in LA.
  • Lied to my business associates.
  • Lied to me about the person she talked to on phone. She said it was a woman named Chrissy.  It was really a cross-dressing man named Christopher D. Mower.
  • Stole my new luggage, corp. cell phone, expensive hygiene products, and my laptop air card – along with my life-savings.
  • Many other things too numerous to mention here.
  • Tammy and I had a platonic relationship. She slept upstairs in my house and I lived downstairs.
  • Tammay Sweeden was unemployed living on food stamps. I was helping her get on her feet again.   I thought we were friends.  I have no children – so, I made Tammay Sweeden sole beneficiary of my assets. (Yeah, I know, big Mistake!)
  • Tammy found my hidden small safe in the house. How? Because she noticed how I protected a certain area of my garage before leaving town.  My mistake. We returned the same day, however, 72 hours later, I had a bullet hole in my chest.She drugged me by mixing, in Ice-Tea, an overdose of Xanax (from her own prescription bottles)shot me in the chest, then stole my life-savings.  I laid in a pool of blood for 12 hours and survived.
  • The next day – paramedics and police arrived.  The police entered my house and stole my firearms. They also stole clothes, shoes, blankets, etc.  All total, the Police stole about $3,000 worth of items.  They will not return any of my items.  THIS IS THEFT!
Tammay Sweeden - Lock Her Up
Beware of Tammay Louise Sweeden

Many Go Undetected.

  • Tammay  Sweeden Tammy) knew I had survived and probably was not going to die.  While I laid in the hospital with a bullet hole in my chest, Tammy quickly packed up and left town and was never seen again.  We knew each other and spoke nearly every day for seven years. (this is an obvious sure sign of guilt) Don’t forget, she called me her best friend. (smile)
  • Tammay Sweeden schemed a plan to murder me and steal my life savings before she arrived at my Idaho home. (I have circumstantial proof.)
  • Tammay Sweeden (Tammy) created a clever scene to help convince the police it was a suicide attempt. She sprinkled her Xanex pills around my home and made up a story about me being a half-crazed man. Naturally, this was all fake and a lie.
  • She wiped all fingerprints from the gun that she used to shoot me, according to Police.
  • Question?  Do people who commit suicide with a gun actually wipe off their fingerprints after they shoot themselves?   I know, this is a stupid question.
  • I made a mistake by talking to the police because I was an innocent man.  I wanted to help the police. Never talk to the police without an attorney.  No matter what.  Police were incompetent, arrogant,  apathetic and unprofessional.
  • Not too long after Tammy left town with my retirement fund and picked up her lover in Salt Lake City, she purchased a small house, remodeled it, a house full of furniture, appliances, two cars and gambled thousands of dollars – ALL WITH CASH.  This was the same woman who was living on food stamps just a few months prior.  Her drug addict boyfriend was broke living with his family. (he’s 10 years younger than her).

If I could call “ME” five years ago and I ONLY had 30 seconds, what would I say?

The answer is simple.   I would say, ” Whatever you do – do not invite Tammay Sweeden to live in your house no matter how broke she is or how much she cries.  Break all contact with her.  Do not allow her to ever know the location of your home.  Tammy and her accomplice have ONLY one agenda – that is to murder you and rob you.  Do not ever trust her.”

Tammay Sweeden Always Called the
Police Stupid with Low IQs.

I do not think the police are stupid.  In my case, I think the police were lazy, incompetent and misguided plus I do not think they cared.  By all accounts, the GCPD does appear to be CORRUPT.  Many people in the community do not TRUST the GCPD to do the right thing.  The GCPD is also known to have more traffic traps (per capita) than most other towns.  Traffic traps are simply a way to steal money from their citizens.


Protect Yourself From The Police!

First of all – do not talk to the police or to the FBI.  Do not answer any questions without an attorney representing you.  Don’t allow the police to trick you. The police and the FBI can legally LIE to you.  Again, YOU MATTER and so do your rights!  There are hundreds or maybe thousands of innocent people sitting in prison because they talked to law enforcement without an attorney present.

Remember, whatever you say can be used against you.  Unless you know exactly what you can LEGALLY say or not say, then SHUT-UP!

Police:  Police officers are nothing but revenue and “evidence” collectors for the prosecutor.  They are not your friends.  Notice how they use “Protect and Serve”?

Beware of corrupt police officers who will attempt illegal searches and steal money and personal items from unsuspecting innocent people.  These are predators wearing uniforms.  The uniform is a “Mask” of trust.  Avoid the Police anytime you can!  Do not depend on them to protect you either.

Are You  Close to a Narcissistic Predator?

Remember this:   Narcissistic predators are morally bankrupt and NEVER appreciate what others do for them.  (do not pay any attention to their fake words.) Instead, they feel completely entitled to whatever love and devotion that is directed towards them.

Beware of their possible motives and secret agendas.  Once you recognize who and what they are – you should break all contact as quickly as possible.  Do not confront a narcissist – simply start avoiding them.

How or Why Will a PREDATOR Harm Those Who Love Them And Want Nothing But the Best for Them?

The only answer I can provide is this;  These type of predators lack human qualities that other good empathetic people have.  These predators will murder their own parents, their wives, their children and even their BEST FRIEND.

Again, YOU DO NOT MATTER to a predator.  They are “A Devil in Disguise.”.  The predator causes devasting emotional trauma for those who trusted and cared for them.

Most Predators Hide Behind a Veil of Trust.

Strangers: Many people are victims of those people they do not know well. Predators often lure people into their web by a clever and charming personality. They may use sympathy or offer you something that is too good to be true and it usually is.

Beware of Psychopaths (predators) who will scheme or plan a crime against you.  Often, they will paint an ugly picture of you to others behind your back.  This manipulation trick is to isolate their victim.

These predators can be a so-called friend, relative or spouse. They are disloyal traitors on a mission to control and steal from you or possibly murder you.

Beware of your emotions.  Do not allow your emotions to cloud your logic.  Being too trusting usually creates victims more than anything else. Predators know that most people trust too much and they seek vulnerable prey who do not SEE them coming.  A predator’s BEST secret weapon is to HIDE behind a veil of “trust”.

Most of the public are good people with a conscience – they have empathy for others. Predators do not have empathy, however, they know YOU do. This is their weapon against YOU.

How to protect yourself from predators? At home, it’s common sense to lock your doors and windows and have home protection such as a GUN. Learn how to use it.  Make sure you absolutely know WHO is on the other side of the door before opening it.

Do not open the door to any stranger – not even if they say they are the Police.  Talk through the door.  If they persist, ask them to call you if they want to talk.  DO NOT answer police questions.  Tell them you do not answer questions.

Monsanto (GMO) is Poisoning
Our Food Supply Causing a Host of
Illnesses and Disease.

The government agency known as the FDA is nicknamed by many as the FRAUD AND DEATH ADMINISTRATION.  They made it illegal for Americans to know if they are eating GMO (poison).  Beware of food companies like Monsanto who insert poison in foods (and charge you for it) or those who place high fructose corn syrup in many of their foods or governments who insert the poisonous chemical called fluoride in the water supply.

Maintain your health:  Some doctors and hospitals can be helpful, but for the most part, hospitals are not a healthy place to hang out. Over 400,000 people die every year DUE to hospital ERRORS –  Hospitals are guilty of prescribing the wrong drugs or causing infections and diseases people did not have when they arrived.

Eat Healthily: Learn as much about nutrition as you can. It will protect you. The healthier you are, the less you will be a victim by a doctor or a hospital. The #1 thing you should not eat is SUGAR – the less sugar or high-calorie carbs you eat, the better you will be. Eat protein and FATS. Fat will not make you fat – this is a myth.  Keep a healthy weight and stay strong.

Water: Keep your body hydrated. Drink reverse osmosis. Drink clean water without chemicals or fluoride.

Self Protection: Take a self-defense class. Practice. Know the actions you should use against an attacker with several scenarios. Take a gun safety class. Learn how to shoot a gun and target practice at least monthly.

Walking in Public: Walk briskly with your head up. Look people in the eyes. When asked a question by a stranger – keep walking.

Remain as anonymous as possible. Do not give out private or personal information – even if the person appears to be trustworthy. There is no reason anyone needs your private information until they earn your 100% trust and even then most private information is not required by them.

Your personal info should be on a NEED to know basis – not a WANT to know basis. Keep much of your private information hidden or in a safe.  Do not share private information with the police unless you’re detained or arrested – then call your attorney for advice.

The more independent you are the safer you will be. Owe NO man Nothing!  Live debt free.  Do not be a victim to predatorial banks or other loaning institutions. Do not borrow money from people – barter with “items or labor” if necessary.

Circle of Trust . . .

If possible, you should create a small group of trusted people in your life.  Only bring 2 to 5 people into your circle of Trust.  Make sure their words match their actions.  Trust is built upon and it is tested over time. Trust should never be given away freely.  A small trusted support group will be beneficial to all concerned in times of REAL need.

Mother nature: There is nothing much you can do to stop mother nature from happening. Tornados, floods, earthquakes, forest fires, and hurricanes are all part of living in our world. If you live in an area that is vulnerable to one or more of these killers, then you may want to move or prepare your home in order to help you to survive in the event a disaster comes knocking at your door.

Always keep a pantry filled with canned healthy foods – storable foods.  Make sure to have plenty of nutrients. Keep plenty of clean water for emergencies.

Where to Keep Valuables?

Never keep valuables, such as jewelry, expensive heirlooms, stocks or money at your house. (this was my mistake) I knew my stuff was not safe and I was about to make it safer, but the evil predator, Tammay Sweeden and her co-conspirator beat me to it.


Never use a Bank Safety Deposit Box.  If the bank closes for some reason, you won’t be able to get your valuables. Plus Banks have been known to steal valuables in a “Safety Deposit” boxes.  Notice how they use the word “SAFE”?  Banks are the most corrupt of all commercial institutions.  Do not trust banks.  They spend millions of dollars over the years trying to get you to trust them.  DO NOT DO IT.

I prefer a small inexpensive storage unit with a solid liberty SAFE inside. A safe is simply a way to keep your valuables more secure. It’s fire-proof, storm proof and nearly theft proof.  A large heavy safe would be difficult to steal. Keep your firearms in the safe and only keep one gun at home.

Tammay Sweeden | Large Safe
Use a Large Heavy Safe

Keep guns, shotguns, rifles, ammo, survival devices, private documents, cash, coins, jewelry all in the safe. You can also create an emergency food pantry of storable food inside the unit and possibly a 10-gallon barrel of clean water.

Make sure the safe is large and heavy – about 500 to 1,000 lbs. Keep two storage unit keys – one for you and one hidden in a safe location.

If NOBODY Knows You Have a SAFE,
then There is No Reason for a ScumBag PredatorTo Kill YOU For the Contents!

Keep your assets private from others.  No need for others to know what valuables you have or do not have.  It is none of their business.   Even wealthy people seldom “brag” about their assets.  Be wise!

The location of your storage unit must remain secret. Lock your storage unit with the most durable padlock possible.  When you visit the unit – make sure the safe is covered with a tarp or large blanket, remove it but try not to get famous while inside the unit.

Be sure you were not followed.  It might be a good idea to close the storage unit while you’re inside. Use a flashlight if necessary.   Do your business quickly. (Strangers in the area do not need to know you have a safe inside.)

Only you should know the location of YOUR storage unit. Keep all storage unit receipts or contracts inside the “safe”. If possible, pay the storage unit facility (with CASH) several months or years in advance to help make sure the unit is secure.

You Deserve Peace of Mind . . .

The loss of one or more valuables can be life-changing. By using this simple “inexpensive” strategy, it will provide you with peace of mind that your valuables, documents, firearms, hard-drives, photos, etc and other assets are safe and secure.

Many things could happen – your house could burn down, you could be burglarized and there are thousands of home invasions happening every day. Never keep your valuables inside your home.  

Discover how to “Bullet Proof Your Life”.  Learn survival techniques you need to avoid and protect yourself from many types of predators.  Do not be sitting “prey” for predators anymore.  Your life and the life of your loved ones DO MATTER.  I encourage you to go here.


Make Refreshing Lemonade
from Sour Lemons!

If you’ve been a target (victim) of a scumbag predator, like Tammay Sweeden, then I would like to hear from you.   Maybe I’ll post your story as a warning to others as well.  If you’ve been a victim – do not give up!

I created this informative website to help you and others.   Thanks to my readers, they helped me survive and keep this website up during these very tough years.

I was able to recuperate from the gunshot (about 75%) and I also offer my survival books for those in need. I wrote 99% of my books in coffee shops.   I’m not rich, but life is looking much better.  Thank you to those who kept me in their prayers and your gracious donations.

I have also been fortunate to be asked to speak at several Support Groups – (those who has been victims of predators.)  Speaking for these groups has been a rewarding experience.

Please remember that predators can steal your money, your stuff and if they don’t KILL you, you can reclaim your life again.  Keep a good attitude and discover how to avoid any other attacks.  Here’s a good source on how to save your life.

One good thing is;  these scumbag predators can’t steal your God-given spirit, your talents, willpower or your creativity.   Tammay Sweeden (Tammy) has most likely spent all my life savings and is probably broke and in survival mode seeking another target.  Predators are not creative – they must steal from others to survive.

Thanks to all the volunteers for all your emails and efforts.  Your donations are always appreciated.  I always reward those who donate with a few of my books.  Let’s keep warning others about Tammay Sweeden and other predators like her.  Thank you!

I Discovered this Video.  DON’T GIVE UP!  Miracles  Can Happen!  Please Watch!

God Is A Giver, Not A Taker … (Luke 12:32) It is the devil who is the thief. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. 

“Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good People Do Nothing!”