Tammy Sweeden: FREE WILL



Tammy Sweeden:  Who’s the blame?

I’m totally at fault for the incident that turned my life upside down.  Tammy Sweeden drugged me, attempted to murder me by shooting me in the chest, then she robbed me of my life-savings.

Tammy Sweeden – Tammay Louise Sweeden, Tammy G. Reineri, Tam Sweeden, Tammy Reineri.

Why do I say it’s my fault?

I believe everyone chooses a variety of paths in life.  I chose to invite Tammy Sweeden to live in my house in order to help her. I chose this path . . .

Tammy Sweeden also chose a path.  She devised a scheme to get me to offer my home to her with the intentions of finding my “safe” – stealing my life-savings, then murdering me for self gain.  This is the path she chose.

Now, had I known and researched psychopaths before inviting Tammy Sweeden to live at my house, then I may have chosen a different path.

I’ve compared Tammy Sweeden to a Rattle Snake a few times throughout a few blogs. I believe its’a great analogy.

In  hindsight; Tammy Sweeden displayed loud and clear who she was and her intent during the seven years of knowing her.  I just didn’t fully recognize the signals until it was too late.

Put it this way;  I heard the “rattles”, but didn’t notice the “fangs”.  I was fully aware – there was something that was not quite right.

For example:  If a man brings a “rattle-snake” to live in his home, is it the SNAKE’S fault when the man is bitten by the snake?  It’s not really the snake’s fault because that’s what rattlesnakes do, right?

Every year, at least 100,000 people die from a snake bite, and another 250,000 are permanently disabled.

idahogolddigger.comIn reality, I wouldn’t bring home a rattle snake because I know what a rattle snake looks like and I fully understand they are capable of killing.  Plus I just do not like snakes.

Bottom line:  We all choose our path.  I chose my path concerning Tammy Sweeden. She also chose her path.

Most Psychopaths Enjoy Your Pain. 
Crying to a psychopath about your pain and suffering they caused you is like giving candy to a child.  Most psychopaths enjoy the pain they caused you.  They are demonic creatures. They have no empathy for you.

Tammy Sweeden called me crying saying she was broke, unemployed and didn’t have a place to live.  I had empathy for her situation.  I invited her to drive to Idaho and stay in the upstairs portion of my house until we could get her life turned around.  Tammy hung the veil of “empathy and trust” to hide her intentions.

Tammy planted the seed and I chose my path.  If I said “NO!”, then my life would most likely be peaceful, fun, prosperous and full of joy.  Instead, I chose a path that took me directly to turmoil, massive pain and suffering and anxiety.  Others have also suffered because I’m unable to help them because I’m forced to focus on my own survival.

Tammy and I differ in our thinking.  I believe we are all on earth to help and empower each other.  Tammy believes only SHE matters.  She’s very similar to a parasite seeking a “host” to feed upon.

All of us, usually choose our own path based on experience, knowledge and intuition.

Many times, some of us, put too much trust into those around us –  sometimes we even see the “truth” but refuse to believe it.   Tammy even said to me, “You trust people too much.”   Tammy was always giving me innocuous warning signs.

Some of us have a tendency to shrug off the warning signs as being paranoid or being negative.  We are told to think good thoughts about others and accept their negative traits if we wish to live in harmony.  Should we really do this?

Many of us bite our tongue and go along to get along. Manipulators are well aware of this too.  They often manipulate you to make choices that are NOT in your best interest and ALWAYS in their best interest.

Evil people often can manipulate you into believing your choices are of your own volition, this way you feel you’re doing what YOU want to do, when all along it’s exactly what the “Manipulator” wants.

Manipulators Paint a Picture of
Trust, Friendship and Loyalty.

Many people ask . . .”Was I Tammy Sweeden’s trusted friend?”  My answer is YES, I certainly was her trusted friend.  Was she my trusted friend?  Of course not – she never was my friend.

My entire seven year experience with Tammy Sweeden was only an illusion.  She painted a picture of trust, friendship and loyalty.  However, she was none of those things.  Tammy Sweeden is a trojan horse. I truly believe Tammy Sweeden is evil and is the enemy of anyone she meets.  She seeks people to “prey” upon.

Some call her “The Devil in Disguise.”

No matter what, I made the choice.  Right or wrong – I still made the choice to help Tammy.  In your own life, IF you’re being manipulated, it’s because you’re not knowledgeable, possibly naive of certain manipulation techniques or maybe the veil of TRUST is laid on too thick and you’re unable to see the TRUTH.

You may not be able to protect yourself 100% of the time from evil predators, but if you know the tell-tale signs, you’ll certainly be able to stop or avoid many situations that could be harmful.

If you’re aware of manipulators, psychopaths and the crimes they are capable of committing, then you can empower yourself to live a safer and more peaceful life.

Review a few of the videos and character traits listed on this website for your own protection.  This website is not only a WARNING about Tammy Sweeden, but it’s also meant to help protect you from other people like her.

Until you know someone extremely well, it is not wise to release any personal information about your vulnerabilities, weaknesses or what you own or don’t own.  Many people know NOT to do this,  but an evil manipulator (predator) will clevely snoop and gain information from you slowly.  Make sure to hide and secure any documentation about yourself or assets.

Remember, a predator’s greatest weapons against you are “Trust, Likability and Intimacy”.

Being accountable for your own actions is important.  If you do not realize that you are totally accountable for the path you take in life, then you will always be the victim.  Being a victim is no fun.  It’s shameful and it leaves you empty.  Being a victim robs your soul of spiritual nutrients.

However, when you discover that YOU are the captain who chooses the path of your circumstance, then you’re no longer a victim.   If your life becomes peaceful, prosperous and full of joy, then it’s because you are choosing the correct paths.  You were born and empowered to make your own choices.


Whatever happens to Tammy Louise Sweeden is of her own choosing.

Personal empowerment is what I choose to write about as an author of e-Books.  In the last couple of years, I’ve written very powerful empowerment ebooks in order to help myself and others.  Many of my books are given away for free.

My mission is to help others protect themselves and become empowered so they can either stop making the same mistakes or discover how to detect people like Tammy Sweeden and others like her.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of predators lurking and seeking prey on our planet. While we’re here and doing your best to live a peaceful life, then it would naturally be beneficial to detect and avoid these predators that lurk among us almost every day of your life.

Karma is a powerful force. Choose your paths wisely or Karma will do what is necessary.  Someone said that I must have good Karma.  I said “what?”  You’ve got to be kidding. . .I was almost killed and I was robbed of everything!   The person said, “Yes, but you’re ALIVE – her intent was to kill you.”

Once you know the earmarks and warning signs of predators, then life can become easier, safer and more joyful.

No matter what, if a predator strikes – I believe it’s your obligation to warn others.

It may take me another year, 5 years or 20 years, my volunteers and I will bring Tammy Sweeden down. Join my cause today! Help me bring her down.

Every day, I ask God to send Tammy Sweeden pure light and pure love because I know she doesn’t have any.

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