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Tammy Sweeden …. a Creepy Horror Story.

Tammy Sweeden once said to me, “When I put my mind to it, I always get what I want.”  Yeah, I guess she does.

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  • The dear John Letter.  John’s secrets of his past are up for grabs.
  • John helped Tammy to escape with over $950K (my retirement)
  • Karma and Tammy Sweeden
  • My Lucky Life.
  • I Had a Lesson in Denial.
  • Legalized Theft of my Guns
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Tammy Sweeden plotted and schemed a plan to MURDER me and steal my life-savings.  She intended to murder me.  She stole my life-savings. She drugged me, then she shot me in the chest.  Tammy Sweeden quickly rushed out of my house to establish her alibi.  She called me her “Best Friend”.

The dots have been connected – read my common sense blog and discover the facts
and my truths.  Tammy Sweeden is a woman to avoid.  She is mentally damaged.  Mentally damaged she might be, but she’s highly intelligent and very charming. Beware.

Tammay Louse Sweeden is Tammy Sweeden.  She goes
by other aliases too.  Casey Cane, Tammy Reineri,  Tammy G. Sweeden, etc.
She wears many disguises.  She wears lots of wigs and sunglasses.
She’s also seen wearing different hats.  She’s hiding.

DENIAL  –  I learned a lot about denial.  Even though I had a fuzzy memory of Tammy Sweeden standing in front of me (as I sit on the couch) before I was shot in the chest – I still could not believe she actually SHOT me.  I remember when my father died – it was difficult to accept he was dead.  He and I were very close.  It was tough.  The docs and the nurses plus close friends helped to snap me out of my denial about Tammy Sweeden.  They helped convince me she wasn’t who I thought she was.  She was a devious, murdering thief.  After I carefully examined my life with Tammy Sweeden the picture became clear.  

Tammy Sweeden used two different personalities in order to take money from me and steal what she always wanted Tammy Sweeden tried to murder me and she stole my life-savings. She did not intend for me to live to talk about this.  She knew if I lived – I would eventually connect the dots and know her true intentions for remaining in my life.

Looking back in hindsight – When I first met Tammy Sweeden, she was looking for a man with money.  She was looking for any man she could take advantage of.  (She joked about it – but it was true.)  however, silly me, I did not think she looked at me as her “mark” or her next victim.

It is obvious now, she was setting her hooks into me!  She would have a small tantrum anytime she thought she was losing control of me.  Many times I had to dismiss Tammy and let her be alone for a few days or several weeks.  Later, I kept my intimate distance from Tammy.  My mistake was that I did not dismiss her entirely.

Let me ask you this:  What does a killer look like?  What does a thief look like?
In order to protect yourself – you may want to open your mind and realize darkness can lurk inside the mind of anyone.

  • Tammy Sweeden speaks with a heavy southern accent.  From Tennessee.
  • She is 5’2″.  120 lbs to 150 lbs.  She gains weight In her stomach.
  • Tammy Sweeden birthdate is March 16, 1963.
  • She has green/brownish eyes.
  • She is Freckled.
  • Tammy Sweeden is pigeon toed.
  • She dyes her hair often.  It could be any color.
  • She spends a lot of money on clothes/shoes and disguises.
  • Tammy Sweeden likes to look and act rich.
  • Tammy Sweeden lives in a cluttered disorganized mess.
  • She will travel anywhere.  Traveling makes her feel rich.  She usually travels with a fan.  She sleeps with a fan.
  • Tammy Sweeden often has panic attacks.  I believe it’s because she is Bi-Polar and doesn’t take her meds.  Tammy Sweeden is also addicted to her pain medication.  Tammy Sweeden is not physically or mentally healthy.
  • Tammy Sweeden eats unhealthy foods and drinks COKE.  She also smokes cigarettes and drinks beer.  Tammy never exercises and doesn’t like to do it.
  • She has many ailments.  She throws up almost daily.  Tammy Sweeden has a nervous stomach – due to her lifestyle.  She also has shoulder pain. This is how she acquires her monthly prescriptions of pain killing opioid drugs. Tammy also sells these drugs to others.

Dear Readers –

By all rights, I really should be DEAD.  Tammy Sweeden shot me in the chest just ONE inch from my heart.  No doubt about it … it is considered a “KILL SHOT”.   Tammy Sweeden intended to MURDER me.  I’m blessed to be alive and I do not take that for granted.  I’m glad to be here.  The FACT that I did not die is telling me something very powerful.  Karma, the “Universe or God” is saying – I’m not done yet.  I have many more important things to do that will affect people in a positive way.

The FACT that I did not die is telling me something very powerful.  Karma, the “Universe or God” is saying – I’m not done yet.  I have many more important things to do that will affect people in a positive way.  My mission is not done on earth.  I shall prevail – I will heal – I will succeed and I will help many people.

Tammy Sweeden missed shooting me in the heart by only 1″.  Yes, I’m lucky or is it good “Karma” ?

Tammy Sweeden Shot Me. Attempted Murder.

Many people throughout my years have called me “lucky”.   I’ve never really thought about it, but maybe it is true – combined with many other factors as well.  For example; I’ve won

For example; I’ve won many jack pots in Las Vegas.  I do not remember exactly how many jack-pots because there were so many.  Hundreds and thousands of dollars.  I always shared my jack-pot winnings with Tammy – hundreds- sometimes thousands.

I do not know what type of back ground Tammy Sweeden had.  She kept most of her past a secret. All I know is what she told me.  If it were true, then she had a very sad and miserable past.  During the seven years of knowing

All I know is what she told me.  If it were true, then she had a very sad and miserable past.  During the seven years of knowing Tammy Sweeden, her life was always in constant turmoil and chaos.  She was usually unhappy.  I did many things to bring a smile to Tammy’s face and bring happiness to her life.  Sometimes it was difficult – but it was worth it when I could get a smile.  It gave me

I did many things to bring a smile to Tammy’s face and bring happiness to her life.  Sometimes it was difficult – but it was worth it when I could get a smile.  It gave me joy to see her smile and laugh.  I say all of this knowing full well, I was probably manipulated into doing what was necessary to make her happy.  Live and learn, huh?

You’re welcome to contact me anytime.  http://idahogolddigger.com/contact-me/

Someone said, “Yeah, I bet she sure had a big smile on her face when she found that lock-box full of gold, huh?”   Yeah, I’m sure she did.

I’m not sure how many people reading this can relate to me. I discovered the PAIN it causes to be betrayed by someone you care about and someone you trust.  It is emotionally very painful. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been betrayed before by people, but NOT to this extent.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been betrayed before by people, but NOT to this extent.  Tammy Sweeden was almost my daily companion for seven years.  I cared for her dearly and my actions proved it.  It has been difficult for me to accept that she has always wanted me DEAD … and it was all for money – nothing else. It couldn’t be anything else – I helped Tammy any time I could.  All she wanted was my money.  That’s what is so painful.  I didn’t have much but she wanted EVERTHING.  Why?  I guess she assumed she deserved my life-savings MORE than I do.

Tammy Sweeden usually makes the wrong choices.  It’s obvious from her decision to murder me and steal my life-savings that her decision-making processes are damaged.   According to Karma, Tammy Sweeden’s life will be full of pain and suffering.  That’s unfortunate.

I ask God every day to send Tammy Sweeden pure light and pure love.  Criminals lack compassion and love for themselves and others.

Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.

This is a quote from a report on Sociopaths  — Sociopaths will mimic their victim’s values, image, tone and interests. They lack love, empathy and compassion. They seek only self gratification and see others as a means to an end. They shower the victim with compliments.   Remember this as you go through life  – about 20% of society are sociopaths.  That’s 2 out of every 10 people you meet were not born with the capacity for empathy or sympathy for others.  They only feel their own PAIN.  Often times when they seem to have empathy for another human being it is an ACT – they have learned how to act like normal healthy people.

Many of my blog readers ask me how I am doing.  The fact is;   It’s been 19 months since Tammy shot and robbed me.  After the shooting, I’ve been alone by choice.  I needed time to reflect, heal and get my mind right.  My health is good – however, I still get lung infections now and then.  I try to walk most every day to exercise my left lung.  The left part of my chest is NUMB from the bullet hole wound and will be numb for the rest of my life.  I try to do most anything to keep my mind active and keep myself from thinking “ole poor me”.

My LIFE has changed drastically.  I’m not a man with a peace of mind of retirement anymore.  Tammy Sweeden stole it.  All my material assets are gone – they were sold or given away for survival reasons months ago.  I won’t lie – times are tough, but I will recover and I will create a successful life again.

Tammy Sweeden severely damaged my financial wellbeing, my peace of mind and my emotional state.  I have not lost my hope to make a living someday – it’s tough starting with zero especially in this economy.  Thanks Tammy and OBAMA!!  I will not beg from the state.  Tammy knew her actions would absolutely devastate me – her purpose was to wreck my life.  Why?  I have no answer ….  Why do sociopaths do what they do?  They are obviously mentally damaged. They are not like you and me.  There is no spiritual common sense reason.  Tammy Sweeden is simply soulless.

Karma will do what is necessary with Tammy Sweeden.

All I can do is – just keep loving myself and others. I will not change that part of me.  I will allow the private investigator do his job and bring more evidence to the case.  I am a good, loving, peaceful and gracious man – I like who I am.   I have always defended my rights and do my best NOT to allow others to victimize me.  If they do, then I do everything possible to help them to make it right – even when the abuser cannot see his/her wrongs.


Legalized Theft of Guns!
(Think again … if you really “think” the police are here to protect you or your property.)

While I was in the hospital, the GCPD ransacked my home and removed some clothes, shoes, pillows, blankets, sheets and ALL my firearms.  (Shotguns, rifles and two hand-guns.)  My long guns were wrapped in blankets and wrapped with masking tape.  They were in the back of my garage in a closet.  The police removed my guns from the property.  I passed all background checks with flying colors.  The GCPD will not release my firearms and has not even mentioned returning other items as well.  This practice of Legalize Theft of Guns is spreading. Bottom line:  I wasn’t only the victim of a sociopath wannabee killer and thief – but I was the victim of the police department.  What is wrong with this picture? By the way, the police allowed Tammy Sweeden to leave town with my assets after she shot me.  I’m not sure if the police blew her a kiss or not.

Read this article:  http://www.ammoland.com/2013/11/legalized-theft-of-guns/#axzz2mHG1esk8

Especially in my situation – someone said to me. “This is like the cops who watch a girl being gang raped.  After she is badly hurt, laying in a fetal position and sobbing, the POLICE walk over, hold her down and ALSO gang rape the girl – one after another … then after they have done their evil deed, the police walk off laughing – high fiving each other!”

What’s the difference in cold blood criminals and police who help create a tyrannical society?


Many people ask;  why was I so blind to the actions and intentions of Tammy Sweeden?  That’s a great question and I’ve thought about it many times.  All I can say is this;  There is an old saying.  “It is difficult to recognize the DEVIL when he has his arms around you.”  Shall I say more?

Hindsight is always 20/20 –However, this is also what I learned about Tammy Sweeden and what really happened on May 14, 2012.

  • The Truth is;  Tammy Sweeden never really cared for me.  It was an act.  I was always her private bank account when it was needed.  She was always after what money I had since I met her in 2005.
  • I’ve come to terms that Tammy Sweeden has two personalities.  One is a soft charming woman  – the other is a murdering – evil – thief.
  • In 2007, she staged a fake burglary and stole about $50,000 in gold coins and my deceases parents jewlery.
  • In 2009, she embezzled $12,000 from my corporate bank account.  In order for me not to turn her into authorities she returned three of the checks (made out to her).  She cried and said she would pay back the rest – naturally, she never did.
  • In Nov of 2009 – she hired two women (banking friends) to hack my Trust bank account – with nearly one million dollars – they were not successful.
  • In summer of 2010 – she asked to borrow a small gun.  Tammy Sweeden said she was dating a man and he turned into a dangerous stalker.  Obviously, my gun was actually meant for me.  She later used the same gun to try to murder me in Idaho in 2014.  She kept the gun a secret upstairs in her bedroom.  She lied to me and said it was in her storage unit – 750 miles away.
  • She had tried to murder me once before in 2009 by overdosing me with Opioids.  I blamed a restaurant for putting opioids in my soup.  Tammy was the only beneficiary in my WILL.  She did not want me to buy a house/property. Why? because I would be paying cash.  She wanted that CASH.
  • Tammy Sweeden moved to Idaho for the sole purpose of murdering me and stealing my life-savings.  This was her secret goal.
  • I was living with the Enemy.  She had me convinced she was my friend, companion and someone to be trusted. I believe she knew I recognized a few red flags things that were NOT quite right.  So, she speeded up her plans to murder me and steal my life-savings.

You’re welcome to contact me anytime.  http://idahogolddigger.com/contact-me/

Let’s pretend …shall we?

What if you lived in a small town, lived a peaceful life and you were retired?
What if you invited someone you half-way trusted to come live at your house because
they were financially crippled? What if they lived in your house, ate your food, smiled and laughed with you and called you their best friend?

What if the person who called you their best friend was planning to murder you and steal your valuables when the time was right – behind your back?

What if one day – you woke up and there was a bullet hole in your chest – ambulance came and rushed you to the hospital?

What if you found out you had been drugged and after the drugs had worn down – you had a fuzzy memory or the person who calls you their best friend standing in front of you – before you were shot?

What if there was the same drug found in your blood that causes a person to become drowsy and incapacitated?

What if the nurses and the docs helped you to make logical sense of something that didn’t make sense to you?

What if you finally had to come to terms – the person whom you’ve known for SEVEN years and was supporting month after month – the person who says “I love you” – the person who calls you their best friend was the same person that tried to murder you by placing a barrel of a gun on your chest and pulls the trigger?  What if they did this so you would not TALK –  what if this person wanted you dead so they could enjoy your retirement funds or life-savings ALL to themselves?

Do people like this really exist?  I’m a walking talking testimonial – yes, they DO exist.  Pure evil walks around our neighborhoods, our restaurants, our parks, our prisons and even in our HOMES!!!

I was getting re-acquainted with an old college friend in Idaho.  We didn’t’ have much in common any more, however, we were both trying to make it work.  As it turns out, our different opinions of life and other things caused some resentment on both parts.  Tammy wanted me to put an end to my daily talks with “John”.   She said I should write a letter – mention the secrets I know of his past and ask him not to cause my life any misery or the letter would be sent to his relatives.

What I know now is this;  Tammy Sweeden had been talking behind my back to John and his family – even though she told me she didn’t like any of them.  She was playing All of us to her benefit.  We were all part of her SCHEME.  Tammy was using me and anyone else she could find to make her scheme work to her benefit.  Tammy’s purpose was to further isolate me so I had no support system in Idaho.  Tammy always wanted me all to herself.  (Does Control mean anything here?)

Anyway, after I was shot and came out of the hospital – John told me that the police read that “lengthy” letter that told all about John’s past SECRETS.  Stuff I’m sure his current wife and ex-wife would like to know about.  Naturally, I knew the police had already read the letter (he sure didn’t volunteer it to them).   Plus I do not believe he showed the letter to his ex-wife and his current wife.  Those who know John – know that he will LIE to save his butt. I believe he has told me many LIES.  I also believe he probably lied to the police.

Anyway, I never sent the letter to any of John’s relatives (ex-wife or current wife)  I had other things on my mind…things like recovering from a gun-shot wound to the chest and my own survival.

John helped Tammy Sweeden – How involved was he?  We discovered a few things.  He’s not innocent.

It’s been many months since the shooting incident.  I haven’t heard from JOHN … and I’m sure he thinks he’s gotten by with his part in my Attempted murder and the theft of my life savings.  As you know, John helped Tammy in many ways during and after my attempted murder.

If any of John’s relatives read this, I will be glad to email that letter to you – the one he said you have already read. (smile)   Just send me an email and I’ll rush it to you.  Please remember, the secrets of his past might be a bit shocking or at the least very surprising.  I know JOHN does not want these secrets out.  I have nothing to lose now and never have.

I believe you all should know this stuff about John.  If he’s the religious Christian man – that he claims to be, then he should not mind coming clean, should he? This is why John was being questioned and watched by the police.  There are things about John’s past you might want to know.  It’s up to you.  (Naturally, I  could have emailed each of you the letter – however, I decided to allow you to ask for it.  Maybe you would rather NOT know John’s most guarded secrets, again it’s up to you.)

You’re welcome to contact me anytime.  http://idahogolddigger.com/contact-me/

Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing!

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Beware of Tammy Sweeden