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Who is the REAL Tammy Sweeden?

Tammay Louse Sweeden is her real name.  Tammy Sweeden will pretend to be whoever she needs to be to get what she wants.  This is who and what Tammy Sweeden is and how she lures in her victims.

Tammy Sweeden can wear many faces and will pretend to be anyone.  She’s a fraud – a fake person.   Tammy Sweeden simply imitates others and will provide fake emotions any time.  Tammy Sweeden is not happy unless she’s involved in a scheme of some kind.

I got a few glimpses of her darkness . . .

I got a few glimpses of her darkness in Las Vegas when I first knew her.  Anything that appeared to be a little shady or wrong was exciting to her.  Tammy Sweeden is a dark evil woman.  I’m ashamed that I did not recognize earlier how dangerous she is.

I often thought she had a quirky personality – later I discovered why.  Tammy was playing a part in a scene. The quirkiness is like watching and listening to a not-so-good-B-rated-actress – almost comical. She was trying her best to act her part.  I watched her do this daily.  Silly me, I thought it was just her personality.  No!

Psychopaths do not have a real personality.  They are always acting a part to get what they want.  They learned to do this all their lives.  They are parasites who continuously live off the money and efforts of other people. Tammy and most other psychopaths do not have any creativity.  They simply imitate others.

Tammy thinks she’s hiding right now because she knows she’s guilty of a heinous crime.  There is no telling what she has done to others since her hideous acts against me.

What Does “Judas” and Tammy Sweeden
have in Common?

Little did I know, Tammy was the Judas in my life the entire time I knew her.   She was only after one thing – MONEY. Read about Judas here.  Betrayal is as old as life itself.  Judas betrayed Jesus because Jesus needed Judas’s betrayal in order to put him on the cross; thus the betrayal of Jesus launched the movement called Christianity.

I always send Tammy pure light and pure love because I know she doesn’t have any.  Some people think I’m silly for saying that….but it’s how I make sense of it all.

Tammy, like Judas, betrayed an innocent man.  She wanted me dead and she stole from me.  I always helped Tammy when nobody else could or would. I made sure Tammy was safe.  Judas chose money over the life of Jesus.  Judas threw down the money he received for his betrayal, then he committed suicide.

Unlike Judas, Tammy spent the money she stole. She laughed, drank beer, gambled, danced and walks her dog every day . . . she never gave her actions another thought.  I realize this sickens most people and it should, but this is why Tammy Sweeden is a different animal than most of us.

This website is simply a warning about Tammy Sweeden and other people like her.

How Does Tammy Sweeden Survive?

Rest assured Tammy Sweeden is involved in scamming someone, as we speak.  This is how she survives and this WHO Tammy is.  She’s been known to perform insurance scams and anything that involves taking what does not belong to her, but will usually create a crime where someone else gets blamed.

Everyone should avoid any type of contact with Tammy Sweeden.  You could either be her next victim or be blamed for her crimes.

I helped and assisted Tammy Sweeden during my entire time of knowing her.  Her pay-back was; she drugged me, shot me in the chest (kill shot), then stole my life-saving and retirement funds.  Then what?  She quickly disappeared like a thief in the night.

I was hospitalized for 11 days and now living with a life-long breathing disorder. (Get the facts here)

Once she has what she wants, then your suffering or loss will mean nothing.   Your life does not matter. Your life means absolutely zilch to her.  She has all the traits of a Psychopath.

Thanks to all the people who have contacted us who have been victims of Tammy Sweeden or Christopher D. Mower.  (Landord and others including those who know her past. )

Thanks to the team for watching her.  Thanks again to the volunteers who work closely with us.  You’ve been a great help.  Thanks again for your donations as well.

Tammy Sweeden

“Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing!

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