Tammy Sweeden Never Lost Sight of the Prize – She Shot Me In The Chest – Stole My Life-Savings.

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Tammy Sweeden Shot Me. Attempted Murder.




Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden

Beware:  Due to this blog – We hear Tammy Sweeden
may have
changed her name – if so, it will be revealed.

“I’ve been told by someone close to Tammy Sweeden  – that she wants to hunt ME down and KILL me because of my warnings about her.”

This blog reveals the secret “darkness” of Tammy Sweeden.

The Truth Always Wins!

I had  a dream.  I was sitting in a chair in Tammy’s living room waiting for her to return home.  I decided it was time her and I had a talk. Tammy walks through the front door and she looks straight at me.  The look on her face was pure shock.  She went into a frenzy searching for something in her purse.  I woke up.

Dear Readers –
Please read this and if you don’t learn anything from my mistakes, then please listen up and write this down.  “Knowing your enemy is half the battle.”  You’ve heard this many times.  However, it’s very true.  If you know WHO your enemy is and WHAT your enemy is capable of doing, then you might be able to win and save your life or assets.

In my situation…”I was living with the ENEMY, but I didn’t know it.”  Tammy Sweeden created the “ILLUSION” of a trusted and loyal friend.   I ignored a few of the warning signs until it was too late.  Don’t make the same mistakes.  

Tammy Sweeden shattered my dreams, my way of life and stomped on my peace of mind. What was so important in Tammy’s life where destroying another man’s life was worth it?   She wrecked my life, my business, left me virtually penny-less and even tried to MURDER me.  Why? I’ve asked that question a million times … Why?  I always get the same answer.  I don’t know.  Anyone can ask the same question and you will not come up with a healthy logical common sense reason.  As you will learn in my blogs – Tammy Sweeden is damaged.  She has a serious “thinking” disorder.  Many people say “Tammy Sweeden is dark and evil to the core.  In other words – she has no soul.

The “givers” of the world innocently walk around with society’s rejects, takers, predators, con-artists, scum-bag thieves and low-life sociopaths. Unfortunately, when you have sacrificed and created through hard-work and finally attained MORE than most, then your life and your assets can be at risk by this SCUM.  Someone who is closest to you may very well be the person you should TRUST THE LEAST.  What a way to live, huh?  Thousands of people have LOST their lives and a portion or all their assets to people they trusted. 

“I thought Tammy and I had an unbreakable bond between us.
This is what saddens and breaks my heart the most.
I thought we had something that NEVER was.” 

A friend of Tammy Sweeden told me.  “I had to stop being friends with her because she lies too much and she doesn’t care if YOU know she’s lying.”

If you know Tammy Sweeden and about the Attempted Murder incident, then read my blogs.  Every word is the truth.  If you believe Tammy’s story – then ask yourself this question:  Why do you believe her?  Read the truth here – then make your decision.

My story is nothing new …. I simply have a need to warn others about Tammy Sweeden.  Hopefully, my story will save someone’s life and keep them from being robbed by Tammy Sweeden.

What’s my New Year’s Resolution?  To survive and prosper. Love more.

What’s in this Blog:
1.  “Dark” traits of Tammy Sweeden exposed.
2.  Why will Tammy Sweeden be living in poverty.
3.  The personality of a Sociopath.
4.  The Dear John letter is still up for grabs. (for relatives to read.)
5.  The big differences between Tammy Sweeden and me.

What were you doing on May 14, 2012?   I’ll tell you what I was doing.  I was lying in a hospital bed with a bullet hole in my chest, a mound of gauze stuffed into the bullet hole, a drainage hose was stuck in my chest, an IV in my arm and an oxygen hose up my nose.  Why and how did this happen?   Well, let me tell you a little story . . .

After I was shot, robbed and hospitalized – I sat back and waited for the “law” and the police to do what was necessary.  I discovered the actions of the law and the police do not always happen as you want or as it should be.  The Police do not always do what is expected.

I was nearly killed by helping a friend in need.  The intention for accepting my gracious gifts, place to live and support were to eventually, murder me and steal my life-savings.  The moral to the story – Be careful who you give too.  

Part of a biblical verse says.  “Do not throw pearls before swine.”  It means; do not give gifts to those who do not appreciate it for they will KILL you after they take it.”  A swine is a HOG.  A greedy selfish HOG – God says – this is the worst of the worst.

I want you to know about a woman who is addicted to Deception – Lies and creating an Illusion in order to get what she wants.  This is her way of life.  I’ve heard that several police departments are reading my blogs and are keeping an EYE on Tammy Sweeden.  She’s being monitored. Some people say…. Tammy Sweeden has a M.O. of a serial killer for money. Female predators who have a charming personality can go undetected longer than other people. 

I’ve been told by someone very close to Tammy Sweeden  – that she may hunt ME down and try to kill me because of my warnings about her within my blog postings.

Today is the first day of the New Year – 2014.  It’s been 20 months since Tammy Sweeden shot me in the chest and robbed me of my life-savings.  I receive lots of emails from people….they often ask me how I got messed up with a woman like Tammy Sweeden.  I gave it a lot of thought and the following is how she grabbed my heart and why she remained in my life.  She remained until the day she shot and robbed me, then she disappeared when she got what she always wanted.

Allow me to begin by saying; we’re all flawed human beings – some of us are just more flawed than others.  No human being is better or more valuable than another.  I started this blog – because I want people to know the TRUTH.  The Truth Always Wins.

Another “nightmare” letter from Tammy.  I dreamed she sent me this letter.

Dearest Sonny,
Just to let you know, I’m putting your money to good use.  My new boyfriend and I are having a great time with the money we stole from you.  I’ve been buying lots of cool stuff.  You’re in the same boat I was in when you invited me to Idaho.  Isn’t it funny how life has a way of reversing everything.  hehehe   I bet you’ll think twice about helping out another almost homeless person.   hehehe

It’s going on two years since I left you in a pool of your own blood.  Don’t you think the police would have arrested me by now if they were going to do it?  Come on – you should give up.  The police will not touch me.  Wanna know why?   Because they don’t like you – they like me.  I know you’ve figured out everything by now. You’re the only person who knows who I am.   Got to go now –  “Life is a bitch – then you die”.


You’re welcome to contact me anytime.  http://idahogolddigger.com/contact-me/

A little background of Tammy Sweeden:
As a teenager, Tammy Sweeden had a sexual affair with her step-father.  He showered her with gifts and even a bought her a new car on her 16
birthday.  Her mother became jealous and threatened Tammy’s life. Eventually, Tammy and her mother conspired the murder of Tammy’s step father in order to steal his business, land and house.  However, the WILL was contested by the brother of the step-father.  Tammy and her mother ended up with nothing. 

Tammy and her mother went to work at McDonalds.  They were both intelligent but uneducated women. Tammy also took a gun to school and threatened a few of her classmates.  One woman wrote to me, “As a teenager, I never hung out with Tammy again.”  Tammy had three abortions before she was 21 years old.  This may be the reason Tammy was unable to have children.  (Most of this information was not known to me until after Tammy shot me.)


I moved to Las Vegas from Texas to take care of my mother in the summer of 2003.  My father suddenly died and I wanted to spend time with my mother during her adjustment.  However, while I was there, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and I could not leave nor did I want to leave.  My mother was my first priority. (I promised my dad if some thing happened to him that I would take care of my mother …. and I did.)

August, 2005.   I had just ended a very frustrating miserable five year relationship with a very difficult woman. She was seldom affectionate, seldom smiled and I never felt loved. 

So, maybe I was vulnerable to a woman who would show some kindness.

I met Tammy Sweeden one summer August evening. I liked Tammy Sweeden from the first day I met her.  She was charming, quick to smile and we made each other laugh.  She did and said all the right things.  She was a refreshing experience from what I was used too.  She made me feel liked, accepted and loved.  She voiced her appreciation of me many times.  She was very attentive.  She waited on me hand and foot and she cooked dinners often.  Every day, Tammy Sweeden would hug me, kiss my hand, kiss my cheek and kiss me softly on the lips.  She was very affectionate.

As the weeks went by, I remembered feeling awkward and the attention she gave was almost too much.  It was very unusual and became almost a nuisance.  I remember thinking the attention she consistently poured on me is not natural.   Hindsight is 20/20:  Tammy Sweeden was working her plan.  (She knew a portion of my financial situation.)

I met Tammy when I was going through some rough times. My mother was dying of cancer and Tammy was there with me the last few months of her life.  My mother eventually died a very painful death.  Tammy and I buried my mother together. My dad passed away less than 3 years earlier and the pain of his loss was sometimes unbearable . . . . and now I had to endure the loss of my mother.

Tammy was also with me when I was going through the nightmare of dealing with my siblings during the settlement of the Trust. The confusing and mysterious attitude of my siblings crushed me.  Their abusive attitude was extremely disappointing and unexpected. 

After the death of my parents and the estrangement of my family members, I was pretty much alone.  Tammy had also lost her mother and sister.  She was also estranged from most of her family members.  It was just Tammy and me.  I adored Tammy, she helped take my mind off the pain of losing my family.

It meant a lot to me that Tammy was there with me during those very rough emotional times. I actually thought Tammy and I would be together the rest of our lives.  I felt like we had a terrific BOND.  I believed that Tammy Sweeden was my friend and I always wanted Tammy to be happy and healthy.   I loved Tammy.

I grew up mostly in Oklahoma and Texas where people rewarded each other for friendship. I always helped people in need and never felt cheated because it was always reciprocated in some way or another. 

I discovered quickly during my time in Las Vegas – it is a melting pot of takers and predators.  I’ve heard and knew there were people in the world who would not give a second thought about killing an innocent human being. Most people hear about people like this – but usually never experience it.

I cared a great deal for Tammy.  I took care of her when she was sick, stayed every night with her while she was hospitalized. I helped her when she needed money for bills, the IRS and general living expenses. I also helped her move a few times and I made sure her needs were met – more times than I can count.  I reciprocated my friendship.

Tammy hid her gambling addiction, her mental disorder and her addiction to prescription pain pills.  She took other drugs as well.  She had dozens of med bottles.  Tammy often had a very negative view of herself.  I would tell her, “You’re a $100,000 year woman working for only $40K per year.”   I would feel her blossom when I mentioned this statement.  For some reason, she felt she was a loser. 

Tammy kept me close.  She showed great concern about losing me.  She would get upset if I showed another woman any attention.  I could not understand why she was so jealous. Was it real jealousy?

I was never with another woman and never wanted to be. (Again. Hindsight 20/20: I realize now…it was all about control.  I had something Tammy Sweeden wanted…and she didn’t want another woman to get it.)   What was it?  Answer:  A bank full of CASH.  I had inherited a HALF-A-MILLION-DOLLARS. That’s not a lot of money – but it was a lot to Tammy.

Tammy wanted me to marry her.  She brought it up many times.

Someone said to me, “If You Would Had Married Tammy Sweeden –
Your Life Would Have Been in Danger and Possibly
You Would Have Been Dead Long Ago.”

Tammy Sweeden’s agenda was to steal as much money as possible either while I was a live or after she MURDERED ME.

I noticed Tammy Sweeden consistently making the wrong life decisions or choices.  Tammy Sweeden is a smart and intelligent woman, but she would take detours in life. She would do the opposite of what most “healthy” minded people would do in a particular situation.  It would happen about every three months or so.  Her attitude and personality would be chaotic.  It was confusing and I would give Tammy the room and space to be who she needed to be.  I never controlled her.

Tammy was very supportive about anything I was doing.  She would mimic my wants and needs.  Seldom did she oppose me.  It didn’t matter if it was my family business, a new business venture or any troubles in life.  Tammy was there.  This was all part of her CON.  She wanted me to become dependent on her….

She never liked me to spend too much time with others.  Eventually, she dominated nearly all my time.  She often would say subtle things to plant a negative seed in my mind about others…including members of my family.  I never understood the attitude of my siblings….even after I begged them to tell me.  They remained silent.  Now, I wonder if it was Tammy working behind the scenes.  Tammy also helped to create separation of other people I knew.

Tammy would snoop on me constantly – I believe it was a control factor.  She hid a lot of her private life from me and I didn’t pry.   However, Tammy wanted to know every detail of MY life.  She snooped and found all my passwords to all my business and personal email accounts.  She monitored my accounts for several weeks until I found out.  I was very disappointed.  I was sick that she had done this.

I also came to realize that Tammy Sweeden was emotionally unstable and many of her actions were unpredictable.  Some days Tammy would be super happy and some days without warning would be very sad, depressed and almost mean.  She often talked about suicide.  Tammy ruined nearly every holiday we had.  She hated all holidays.  Why?  I don’t know.  She often expressed that she didn’t like the holidays and she made sure I didn’t either. 

One Christmas day – I decided to make this Xmas the best ever for Tammy.  I was determined to make it a good, fun and memorable X-mas.  Christmas morning when she woke, I surprised her with lots of presents all wrapped up and they were sprawled all over the large dining room table. Tammy was broke and couldn’t buy presents for me, but that was fine.  I just wanted to see Tammy smile and change her thoughts about Christmas.  However, Tammy ended up ruining that special day for me as well. Holidays were very sad days for me when I was with Tammy.  I guess misery wants company.

We didn’t celebrate Christmas in Idaho.  There was only one Christmas we spent together.  I knew how upsetting the holidays were for her and I didn’t want to be sad that day. Even in Idaho, she talked about how depressed she was and thoughts of suicide often.  It was old news and I had heard it many times.  I would simply console her, hold her tight – let her know everything is Okay.  This seemed to sooth her.

Hindsight 20/20: I did not know until after the shooting incident that Tammy Sweeden has a mental disorder called bi-polar and has been diagnosed bi-polar since her early 20s.  This information came from a relative – after she shot me.  People with bi-polar can be unpredictable, take abnormal risks and their decision making processes are sometimes skewed.

Tammy told me many times the perfect job for her would be to be an assistant to an elderly WEALTHY man or woman.   Now, I realize why she wanted this position with a wealthy person.  It all makes sense now.  Tammy could easily befriend a vulnerable elderly person, create the ILLUSION of trust and loyalty – then when they least expect it – kill and rob them. She could easily prey on the weak and the elderly.  She could murder them and make it look like a suicide or some other cause of death.  She obviously knows how to mix a lethal dose of drugs with beverages. Tammy is a patient woman – she waits until the person is vulnerable and defenseless – then she pounces.  A true predator! 

Bottom line:  For the most part; Tammy Sweeden’s personality is fake.  Much of Tammy’s personality is false and not heart felt.  She has the ability to tear up instantly if it benefits her.  Tammy tries to act like a normal healthy person.  She has no empathy or sympathy for people.  Oh!  She puts on a good act alright.  However, I realized she only ACTS or MIMICS other healthy minded people. 

Therapists would call Tammy Sweeden a Bi-Polar Sociopath.  She was born without the ability to empathize for other people.  She will even pour on the southern bell accent if she thinks it will benefit her.  A few disheartening and disappointing things happened from 2005 to 2009. (I mentioned them in other blogs)

1. She staged a fake burglary (stole $50K)  Hindsight 20/20.
2. Embezzled $12K from my corporate bank account.  She admitted to this action.
3. Hired two banking friends to steal the Trust Account.  Hindsight is 20/20.
4. Tried to murder me in 2009 by giving me an over-dose of opioids.  This is obvious NOW.

In 2009, I decided to separate and end our intimate relationship – I had lost my sexual desire for Tammy.  I was sad for both of us.  (If we were not intimate – could we still be friends?  And would her confusing temper tantrums end?) We didn’t see each other for a few months.  She was leading a private life.  I never intervened. 

Tammy had a need to stay in my life and she would always call to stay in touch.  Why?  Hindsight is 20/20, right?  It was all about MONEY.  I always accepted Tammy’s phone calls and once in a while we would meet for dinner or lunch.  She was always broke and needing money.  I would give her cash nearly every time I met with her.

It seemed at times, I was being used for a cash injection when Tammy wanted money. I remember feeling used at times – but I always thought she would do the same for me if need be.  However, this was NOT the case.  It was just the opposite.  Tammy’s friendship was only an “Illusion.” 

In the summer of 2010.  Tammy Sweeden asked me to borrow a gun.  She asked several times and I kept resisting.  Finally, against my wishes, I loaned her a small caliber gun with a pearl handle.  She said she was dating a man who turned into a dangerous stocker.  She convinced me she could use the gun and would use it if necessary.  (I have no doubt the gun was meant for me all along – she just had not decided how or when to kill me yet.)   I didn’t give it another thought until …

In the summer of 2011, I moved to Idaho.  I was never a fan of Las Vegas and I felt it was time to move on and live in a smaller pace area.  I wanted to retire with lots of green, rivers and lakes around me.  Tammy and I kept in touch.  After living in Idaho a few months, Tammy called me and said she was almost homeless and unemployed.  She was crying. 

This was the beginning of Tammy’s next plan.
She was putting it into motion.  She never took her eyes off the prize.
Her goal was to steal as much money as possible.

I invited Tammy to live in Idaho – to live in the upstairs part of my house.  She would have two bedrooms, a large bathroom and a living area.  I said she could live there until she could get her life in order.  I also started a marketing company and I told her she could work with me on that also.  She accepted and arrived with only a small amount of clothes.  (I thought that was a little strange).  Tammy did not have any money.  I completely supported her and paid all her monthly bills.

When she arrived, I asked her about the small caliber gun I had loaned her.  It was an heirloom and belonged to my dad.  She said, she was sorry, but she left it in her storage unit back in Las Vegas. (750 miles away.)  I was disappointed.

During our time in Idaho, we laughed together, we had dinner together every evening and we watched Netflix movies several times a week.  We would go out on the town and see the sights – take drives up to the Idaho foothills and the mountains.  The scenery was incredible. There was seldom a cross word between us and we hugged each other daily.  Matter of fact, we talked about how consistent “her” attitude was during her time in Idaho because we had very little mishaps or conflicts.

I’ve never been addicted to any type of drug or alcohol and I was naive to most drugs and Tammy knows this ALL to well.  I seldom drank alcohol.  If I did, it was not more than a beer or a glass of wine.  I had lost my taste many years prior.  Tammy would have two or three beers in the evening.

I had high hopes that Idaho would be a brand new start for Tammy.  She could leave all her troubles behind her, she could meet new friends and possibly it would be a new start for both of us.  She expressed interest in us becoming a couple again.  I was cautious, but I was open to it. We were taking it one day at a time.

Tammy Sweeden and I got along very well and life was good in Idaho.  However, after a few months, she admitted that she did not like living in Idaho, as she missed the night life in Las Vegas.  We had a “roommate” living situation and I was working on creating my new marketing company 12 hours a day or more.  I believe Tammy became bored.  She played video games a lot – but she was also planning something else.

This is a good example of how Tammy Sweeden takes detours and her illogical mind works.   I worked 12 hours a day for 8 months developing a marketing company to help support small businesses and those within the community.  Fundraisers and Charities would be working very closely with us.  It was truly a win- win.

Tammy would have a position with the company as Vice President of Sales and it could have earned her a very large Salary plus bonuses – plus be doing something very beneficial for all towns and cities.  INSTEAD – she decides to ROB me and try to KILL me!!!!   Where is the LOGIC?  She stole the money I would use for my survival, plus the money that I would invest into the marketing company – now that company has gone away.  She destroyed me, the company and the vision I worked so hard to obtain.  Who knows how many jobs and people she effected.  One stupid silly action – ended it all.

The money Tammy Sweeden stole is only ONE years salary for millions of people. It was all I had.  I was being very cautious on how I was investing (my retirement).  I was actually living way below my means and I was trying to conserve. Tammy also ruined a chance for her to finally obtain a position with a company that would provide her long term benefits and security.  This is how Tammy Sweeden rolls.

Tammy Sweeden would leave Idaho on mysterious trips.  She had shoulder and back pain and she had a doctor in Las Vegas who accepted workman’s comp insurance.  Her story is…she had to fly back to Vegas every month in order to get trigger point injections from her doctor – she said there was not a doctor in Idaho who would accept her workman’s comp insurance.  Plus she said workman’s comp paid for her flight back and forth and even rented her a car!!!  This was very weird to me and I questioned it.  She got upset because I doubted her story. 

The truth is; she met a man in Las Vegas who became her “lover” and she was keeping him a secret. (Why, did she keep him a secret? I don’t know because Tammy knows I’m not a jealous man.)  Hindsight is 20/20.  I believe she kept him secret because it would add to the motive of wanting me DEAD.

She lied to me and said his name was Chrissy – a woman she knew living in Salt Lake City, UT.  However, SHE was actually a HE and his name is Christopher Mower.  He called the house nearly every day, however, I was given excuses as to why I couldn’t talk with “Chrissy”.  Now I know the reason.  They would rendezvous every month.  

I believe Tammy and Christopher were unable to earn a living in Las Vegas.  I believe it was Christopher whom Tammy drove to Salt Lake City during her move to Idaho.  I believe he went to live with his parents and she moved to Idaho for support (from me) and for a more sinister reason; to murder me and rob me of my life-savings (retirement).

Tammy served me coffee, tea and health drinks while I worked at the computer.  Six month after Tammy Sweeden arrived in Idaho, (May 14, 2012) she drugged me by mixing a “drug” in my beverage, then once the drug took effect she SHOT me in the chest (only one inch from my heart.)

I woke up about 12 hours later in a pool of blood.  Being shot in the chest, close to the heart, especially if it is a metal to flesh wound, is considered a “KILL SHOT”.  In other words, it was NO accident and her intention was to cause death.  

After Tammy Sweeden shot me, she left the house with my life-savings. (A lock-box full of gold/silver bullion.) She established beforehand an alibi. (Who is the alibi…it’s covered in out blog postings.)  She also stole about $3,000 worth of small items she could easily transport in a box and place in her car.  She also stole FIVE new suit cases in order to carry her clothes and other things from my house. 

Because of past dealings with Tammy, I never told her where my lockbox was hidden.  She knew I had it, but she didn’t know the exact location.  I found evidence that Tammy Sweeden had been searching for the lock-box for many months.  She even went to my storage unit to search for it.   She rummaged through dozens of plastic tubs.  She finally found the map that provided the detailed location in my bedroom.  Tammy Sweeden found my life-savings – after that, I’m sure I was living on borrowed time.

Tammy Sweeden came to Idaho with a loaded gun with the purpose to MURDER me and steal my life-savings. This is the TRUTH.  Her actions were pre-meditated.  She planned and schemed the entire incident.  She spent many hours upstairs in her bedroom talking on the phone.  I’m sure she was talking with her co-conspirators. 

She placed bells on her bedroom door to make sure she could hear anyone opening her door.  Obviously, she was concerned with keeping her conversations secret.  I’m not the type of person to spy on anyone…but once I heard Tammy through one of the bedroom walls….she was talking from her large walk-in-closet!!!  I asked her a few times about all of her private conversations –  however, I always got a goofy answer.  I think everyone should have some privacy….however, the last thing I thought she was doing …was planning my MURDER behind closed doors.  But it was TRUE.

She told me the gun she borrowed from me in 2010 was in her storage unit in Las Vegas, however, I was shot with the same gun.   Tammy Sweeden brought that gun with her with the sole purpose to murder me.  She set up the scenario to look like a “drugged” drunk crazy man who shot himself.  She even sprinkled her pills throughout the house to look like I was a crazed druggie who was taking HER pills! Yes, she LIED to the police and said I tried to attempt suicide. 

One thing wrong with her story….. Forensics says – NO FINGER PRINTS WERE FOUND ON THE GUN.  People who commit suicide do not wipe off their fingerprints after they shoot themselves.  This is a clear cut case of Attempted Murder, even the Police admitted it.  The POLICE agree that it was not an attempted suicide.

Why wasn’t Tammy Sweeden arrested and tried and convicted for Attempted Murder?  Well, it’s not over yet.  The other reason could be;  Tammy Sweeden hired an expensive criminal attorney (with the money she stole from me.)  when she fled back to Las Vegas.  She continues to hide behind her attorney.  Tammy Sweeden can still be arrested any time – there are no statue of limitations on Attempted Murder.

It is possible the small town police department is:  either incompetent, apathetic, corrupt or can not afford to prosecute.  Many small time criminals around the country are being let lose by the judicial system for reasons unknown to the public.

Tammy Sweeden never lost sight of her goal.
She finally got her prize – it’s exactly what she had
been wanting for several YEARS.

Where’s my life-savings?  Tammy Sweeden likes to act rich, and she enjoys the high life.  So, I’m sure most are all of my retirement is gone.  Tammy wears many disguises – wigs, hats and sunglasses in order to hide.

I NEVER knew the real Tammy Sweeden, however, one thing for sure, Tammy Sweeden has a broken spirit – she is not any different than millions of other criminals in our world.  She has one thing most criminals do not use and that’s patience.  Tammy has patience when it comes to what she wants. 

Where is Tammy Sweeden? Tammy hides behind her attorney.  (Paid for with the money she stole from me.)  She moves around.  She can run but she can’t hide.  One thing for sure, she’s not in prison YET. The police let her go – others say the small town police are incompetent or simply corrupt.  Many of the people within the community say there has been many suspicions of corruption within this police department.  The overall feelings of many people in the area is total DISTRUST for the local police.

While I was in the hospital (all total 11 days), the police ransacked my house and removed several personal items from my house plus ALL my firearms.  Guess what?  They have NOT returned them and refuse to even talk to me.   What is wrong with this picture?   Attorneys want to charge me MORE than what my things are worth – the police know this.  They purposely removed my personal items and firearms knowing this may happen.  Does legalized theft of guns come to mind?

It’s been 20 months now. 

People ask me all the time – how am I able to handle such a devastating and horrible incident in life?

Well, the worst part is; the betrayal of someone I cared for and trusted.  That was really tough for me.  I believe I went through all the stages of grief.
1. I was in denial.
2. I felt great sadness.
3. I felt anger
4. I became very depressed.
5. I went through fear – wondering what would happen to me now.
I even went through a phase where I missed my daily companion – the woman Tammy was pretending to be.  As the months went by I became emotionally numb … and now I’m working on peace.   I must focus on moving on, taking care of my health and earning a living at 60 years old. I have no family and it will be difficult for me to trust another person again – but I’m working on it.  I have much healing to do in that area.

The bullet went through my body – but it cracked a couple of ribs on the way out.  It was very painful for many months to breathe or lay in bed.  I also had to endure lung surgery to scrape the dried fluid off my lung. The surgeon had to cut a large opening in my back to enter my lung – spreading my ribs apart to insert his scraping tools.  I have three large ugly scars on my back that reminds me daily.  The pain from the surgery was horrible.

The left part of my chest and stomach area will be NUMB for the rest of my life.  Naturally, I have the entrance bullet hole wound on my chest and the exit hole in my back.  It was a very painful recovery.  I still take it one day at a time.  Life certainly has twists and turns.

I guess I never really knew Tammy Sweeden.  Inside Tammy Sweeden was an entirely different person.  One of Tammy Sweeden’s characters is a cold blooded killer and a monster who will do anything for money – the other personality is a sweet charming woman.  Tammy Sweeden is the devil in disguise.  She’s a damaged person who is sole-less.  Karma will dictate what happens to Tammy Sweeden

I can understand and accept killing someone in self-defense or to protect a loved one – however, to murder someone or try to murder them just for money is a Godless act.

God says …  “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

I was living with the ENEMY and I didn’t know it.
Some people say I danced with the DEVIL and lived to talk about it.

I’m not a religious man, but I’m very spiritual.  I know criminals lack love for themselves and others.  Every day I ask God to send Tammy Sweeden pure light and pure love.   I wish no harm to Tammy Sweeden – maybe someday she will do the right thing.  Maybe Tammy will want to serve the “light” and refuse to serve the “dark” any more.  You think?  It’s never too late.  Maybe?  Time will tell.

 There are lots of Character differences between Tammy Sweeden and me, but here’s a big one?
I would get concerned if Tammy was 15 minutes late getting back from the grocery store – I was concerned for her safety.  However, SHE schemes and plots a plan and she tries her best to KILL ME. What’s wrong with that picture

A woman disguised as a sweet charming southern lady HIDES a cold blooded, angry, hateful woman.  A woman who plotted the death of a gracious giving man who only wanted her to be safe, healthy and happy.  My life meant nothing to Tammy Sweeden.

Tammy Sweeden wrecked my life.  She caused me much emotional and physical pain.  She stole my peace of mind and she stole my retirement. I have forgiven Tammy for what she has done to me because I do not want that toxic feeling inside me.   

Do I believe Tammay Louise Sweeden should roam the streets of any town or city in search of her next prey and possibly hurt or murder another innocent person?  Absolutely Not.   Tammay Sweeden is a mentally ill person. In my opinion, she knows she has done wrong.  This is why she hides behind her attorney and uses disguises.  She tries to hide.  She has already threatened a few people NOT to talk or tell.  Tammy Sweeden can run – but she cannot hide.

Yes, Tammy Sweeden wrecked my life as I knew it – however, I’m capable of earning 100 times more than she stole.  I’m still alive and my health is good.  I’m mentally strong and I have a great spirit.

Tammy does not know how to earn a better than average income, plus Tammy Sweeden is mentally and emotionally unbalanced and her health is bad.  Tammy is too old to get a decent job and she doesn’t have a professional skill-set.  Once all the stolen money is gone, then she will live in near poverty or she will have to find another older man with money and try to steal it.  I doubt if her loser boyfriend knows how to earn a living either.  So, I’m sure they may resort to total criminal lifestyle.  Me, on the other hand – I KNOW how to earn money and I will be up and running again someday.   Unfortunately, Tammy has chosen her path in life.

I’m accepting donations from my readers.  Your donation will help with my doc bills, attorney, private investigator and FOOD.  Life is tough right now.  I’m starting all over at 60 years old -something I never expected to have to do.

Special thanks to those who have provided information about Tammy Sweeden. Your names will always remain confidential.

PS:  If any of Christian “John’s” relatives (you know who you are) want the letter he says you’ve read…then just ask.  I’ll email it to you.  I don’t think you’ve read the secrets of John’s past. (smile)  As you know, John also helped Tammy before, during and after she shot and robbed me.  He’s not an innocent man.

You’re welcome to contact me anytime.  http://idahogolddigger.com/contact-me/

“Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing.”

Beware of Tammy Sweeden.