Tammy Sweeden Spreads Lies About My Attempted Murder. Tammy Sweeden Shot Me.

cropped-Tammy.jpgNaturally, Tammy Sweeden LIES about her criminal ACT.  What else do you expect?   Tammy would be arrested and sent to prison if she told the truth.

Tammy Sweeden did not EXPECT me to LIVE to tell the TRUTH.

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden
Alias Tammy G. Reineri, Tammy L. Sweeden, Tammay L. Sweeden

Tammy Sweeden is spreading many lies about me and our relationship.  She also lied to the police.  We had not been intimate since 2009.  I refused to be intimate with her due to trust issues, even though she expressed interest many times.  I kept our relationship strictly platonic.  I did not completely TRUST Tammy.

This is NOT a smear campaign about Tammy Sweeden.  If I wanted to smear Tammy Sweeden, there are many things I could do to bring other things to light.  (She knows what I’m talking about.) My main concern for my blog and all the blog postings is to make sure people know and understand the dangers in associating with Tammy Sweeden.  If you’re close to her, then your life could be in danger.  If you have valuables then hide them well – do not tell her anything about your finances or valuables.  She does not need to know.  Avoid her or stop associating with her.

Attempted  murder is always a felony offense, and states typically impose a prison sentence equal to about half the sentence associated with a murder  conviction.

If you’re associating with Tammy Sweeden for any reason, remember, she’s NOT your friend.  She will without a doubt use her sugary sweet southern charm to draw you in, but she’s a thief and has the ability to kill for money or other assets you might have.  I did not do anything to Tammy Sweeden but help her in a time of need as I did for 7 long years.  You don’t have to do anything either for her to want your valuable or want you dead either.  She’s a sick and broken woman.

I’m NOT only speaking about myself, but Tammy Sweeden has left a trail of victims.  She’s well versed in bank account “Hacking”, email hacking, poison and slipping certain types of tasteless drugs into your coffee, tea or any type of drink.  Read my posts to learn how she can set you up for a fall and disappear.  She’s a master at having authorities and others BLAME everyone but HER.

Tammy Loves Money – NOT People!  She’s a sick and broken woman and is a hazard to hard working people.  Tammy Sweeden lives off of others.  She also seeks out men with money.

Tammy Sweeden planned and schemed a pre-meditated murder attempt.  Tammy cowardly drugged me, so I could not defend myself, then she shot me in the chest in order to kill me.  However, she missed my heart and I survived. Why?  Because she wanted to steal my life-savings and did not want me alive to tell the truth. 

Tammy Sweeden made this choice, now I have to live with it for the rest of my life.  My injuries will be a constant reminder forever.  There is nothing I can do about my injuries or my financial loss – however, I can and will warn others about society’s monsters and Tammy Sweeden.  She is a predator.

Tammy Sweeden destroyed my life with the price of a single bullet along with her choice to steal my lifesavings.  My retirement fund was NOT millions of dollars, but it was simply enough money to provide peace of mind for a few years.  I kept my investment funds in the event me, my closest friends or my siblings might need it for survival reasons.  Tammy Sweeden stole all of these funds for herself.  A truly selfish and corrupt woman.

“Karma” will come knocking on Tammy Sweeden’s door.  I do not need to seek revenge.  Tammy Sweeden has never been lucky in life.  She has always struggled because of bad Karma.  “Karma” will bring FIVE times the pain and suffering Tammy Sweeden caused.  This saddens me, but Tammy chose her fate. I believe “karma” protected me and I survived Tammy Sweeden’s attempted murder.  I’m not a perfect man, but I do my best to help and be fair to people.

This blog is meant as a warning.  If ONE bank account, ONE diamond ring or one LIFE is SAVED because of this blog, then I’ve done my job.  As of yet, the law has not done their job … I hope this blog will.

I did NOT move to Idaho with Tammy Sweeden.  I moved to Idaho by myself and began another marketing company.  I lived alone in a large townhome. It had three large bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and a double car garage.

The ONLY reason Tammy Sweeden was living in my Idaho home is because she asked for help.  She was living in Las Vegas, unemployed, nearly homeless and using food-stamps.  She called me crying. Because I cared for Tammy, I did not wish for her to be living in her car or go without the necessities.  I invited her to live upstairs in my Idaho house and I would take care of her until she could get on her feet.  I wired her money for gas so she could get herself to Idaho.

I realize now, my need to see Tammy Sweeden happy and smiling nearly got me killed and it financially destroyed me.  It has caused much pain, suffering and mental anguish.  Another lesson learned.

Yes, I know what you’re already thinking.  A minister wrote to me and said, “Jesus warned people NOT to throw pearls before “swine”.”   In other words;  Do not give or help those who do not appreciate it because the “swine” or “pig” (low life) people will not only take your gifts but they will kill you as well.

Tammy Sweeden seemed to be adapting to her life in Idaho, although it was not her favorite place to be.  The small Idaho town offered no party nightlife or gambling. (She loved Las Vegas.)  She found the area very boring.  She spent many hours on the phone with her “friends” (her secret lover, Chris Mower, who was living in Utah.) and playing video games.  I enjoyed the slower pace, the scenery and my life.

It appeared to me, the six months together in Idaho, we were two people choosing to build a trusting relationship.  We went day to day.  I looked at Tammy as my buddy or companion. We lived a peaceful existence. We usually got a long very well.  We had dinner together almost every evening (unless Tammy went out of town to see her secret lover – more about that in other posts.)

Our lives seem to be on cruise control and I was accomplishing things every day.  I enjoyed living in Idaho.  I was glad to be there.  To me, Idaho was a breath of fresh air.  I couldn’t wait to get my retirement place created up in the hills. However, behind my back, Tammy Sweeden was plotting my death.

Tammy is telling people I tried to commit suicide because  I was DEPRESSED because she was going to leave me.  That is ABSURD.  This is a LIE.  Tammy had no money other than my financial support.  I paid all her monthly bills.  There were no discussions of her moving out whatsoever.  She’s lying.  Keep in mind, I was paying all of Tammy Sweeden’s bills. 

Tammy Sweeden had to create a story that the police and others would buy, especially those who do not know me.  People who know me, know I am not a depressed person. I’m a strong determined person and I’m very giving.  I had dismissed Tammy many times in the past due to other disloyal activities. I care about Tammy, but I certainly would not kill myself if she deiced back to LV. That’s her choice. 

Even police forensics proves this was NOT a suicide attempt.  The police say it was an attempted murder. (There were no finger prints found on the gun.  People who try to kill themselves do not wipe off their fingerprints.)

Do not be fooled by her southern charm and sugary “fake” personality. Tammy Sweeden always has an agenda.  Make sure to hide your valuables well.

I said to her many times. “You say I love you a lot.”  She used to say, “Just you and me babe … I love you.”   Too good to be true?   The point is; she never meant any of it.  The sad thing is; I had a feeling there was NO emotion behind her words, and I had my suspicions.  I doubted myself and because I did not act on my own intuition it was almost a fatal mistake.  Tammy Sweeden tells you what she thinks you want to hear.  She’s a grifter.

Bottom line:  If you know Tammy Sweeden and she says “I love you”, it does not mean she will NOT kill you … or rob you of whatever you might have.  Matter of fact, when she becomes “sugary” sweet, you may want to start running because she is most likely planning something you’re NOT going to like.

Tammy Sweeden did her BEST to make it LOOK LIKE we had a big argument and I tried to commit suicide.  I was not suppose to live to talk about this.  The truth is this; Tammy Sweeden planned to kill me and rob me BEFORE she moved to Idaho. When you read all the FACTS and TRUTHS on my blog post, you’ll know what Tammy Sweeden is about.  You know without a doubt, her actions were all pre-meditated and planned.

Common sense says, Tammy Sweeden was scheming a plan way back when I first met her in 2005.  She wanted to steal my inheritance somehow. As it turns out, she did steal a large part of it.  Why do thieves believe your valuables belongs to them?

I was a fool, but you don’t have to be. 

Tammy Sweeden by definition is a total sociopath.  Need evidence or proof?  Read this article describing all the symptoms and characteristics of a SOCIOPATH.  She matches every trait of a walking-talking SOCIOPATH – without doubt. http://www.decision-making-confidence.com/sociopath-symptoms.html

Tammy Sweeden is telling people that THIS BLOG or website is about revenge.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Once you read this blog, you’ll know exactly why this blog is here and why so much time and effort was put into it.

This blog is meant as a warning.  If ONE bank account, ONE diamond ring or one LIFE is saved due to this blog, then I’ve done my job.  If I saved anyone from the cruelty and the mental anguish of associating with Tammy Sweeden, then my job is done. As of yet, the law has not done their job … I hope this blog will.

If you know Tammy Sweeden or you’re a relative, then you may already know her predatorial attributes.  If you don’t, then you’re being fully warned.

On My 14, 2012, in the security of my home, I woke up with a bullet hole in my chest. Blood was everywhere.  As I laid in the hospital bed hour after hour – day after day.  I asked myself lots of questions, but the same questions kept creeping into my mind.  Why did this happen?  What did I do to deserve this?  Why did SHE do this to me?  I receieved no answers. I simply had to face the fact it happened and gone on.  I’ve had to go on without any real answers other than Tammy Sweeden is a very sick and broken woman.

The incident left me speechless, sad and very emotional.  I admit, it was mentally painful that Tammy Sweeden tried to murder me.  All I could think about was everything I had done for her and I could not make sense of it all.  When I discovered for sure that she also stole my life-savings, then it was double painful and it crushed me.

She left me to die in a pool of blood and she stole my entire life-savings.  It was devastating to me.  I was nearly 60 years old and too old to live on the streets.  All I could feel was FEAR. I have no family and I was new to the area.  Any real friends – lived in other states.

People say that I’ve aged at least 10 years since I was shot.  I read where trauma and major stress to the body will age a person.  I think they are right.  I look like an old man.

Someone said, “Tammy Sweeden serves evil.”   I’m not sure what that really means, but I’m sure this person knows Tammy Sweeden better than me.

All I know is; Tammy Sweeden has a history of consuming large amounts of prescription and illegal drugs.  I know she’s a known liar, a thief, has a problem with past employers and unable to keep a job. I actually know very little about Tammy Sweeden, as she keeps much of her private life a secret while she spies and snoops on others.

Once, I discovered all my corporate and personal bank passwords plus all my email account passwords were hidden in the back pages of a small notebook.  She left it wide open one day. This was very disappointing. She had been reviewing my personal and corporate bank balances and reading all my business and private emails for months.  I thought that was very creepy.  I confronted her about it.  She said, “No worries, your emails are very boring.”

In the past, she was almost bragging when she showed me the passwords to accounts of some of her closest friends.  She says, “I look over their shoulder and memorize their password when they plug it in.”  She would snoop on them.  Yes, I thought that was very creepy – and I told her it was.  However, had no idea she was doing the same thing to me.   THIS IS WHO SHE IS!

Anyone who kills someone or attempts to murder anyone just because they want their “MONEY” has to be mentally damaged. I do not wish Tammy Sweeden any harm.  I always send Tammy pure light and pure love.  I want her safe and healthy.  I realize this may confuse many people, but I would rather live in the light than in the dark.

Tammy Sweeden tried to kill me without any provocation or warning. This violent act came from nowhere.  Once I had a chance to think logically about the incident and my history with Tammy Sweeden, then it all makes sense.

Gun Shot Wound

One thing . . .“Criminals usually do not give you notice before they strike – their act usually depends on careful planning and the element of surprise.”

If you know Tammy Sweeden and know of her criminal activities, then do not be afraid of her.  She can be quite intimidating.  Simply contact me or the Police.  Tammy Sweeden is a dangerous woman.

After you read my blog posts and you still believe Tammy Sweeden, then it is your choice – but at least you’ll have the truth and the facts.

Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing”

Beware of Tammy Sweeden