Tammy Sweeden | Thief of Joy

I want to wish all my Volunteers and readers of this blog happy holidays and a joyful New Year.

Since Tammy Sweeden shot me and left me to die and stole my life savings, I’ve had to endure many hardships, but I survived by surrounding myself with good trusting people.   Tammy Sweeden is corrupt and a degenerate person who thrives on chaos and making life miserable for others around her.  She is truly demonic.  She is a pretender.  She’s a devil in disguise.

Biblically speaking, it says to never give pearls to SWINE.  A swine is a filthy pig.  Do not give to swine because they will take it, then bite you.  Tammy Sweeden is a swine – a PIG.  She takes, takes and takes, then she will bite you and trample on you when you have nothing more to give.

Tammy was a CANCER in my life that always took.  If you study sociopaths and psychopaths, this is who they are.  They have no creativity.  They do not give without an agenda and never have empathy for others. They are simply parasites who feed off of others.  They will steal your time, money, energy and YES sometimes your life.  They mimic other people’s emotions – this is why they may come across as fake or too charming.  They are acting a part.  Some are good actors and some are not.  Learn to spot their traits.

Thank you for reading my blogs this year and I hope by sharing my tragedy with you,  it has brought you some insight and more awareness.   You deserve a joyful, prosperous and peaceful life.  Beware of Tammy Sweeden and people like her.

God Bless.

It may take a few more months, 1 year,
5 years or 20 years.  Tammy Sweeden will come down for her crimes.

tammy sweeden

“Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing!”

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