Tammy Sweeden Update – Sitting on the Bank of the River

Many Blog Readers are Wanting Updates
About “Me” and Tammy Sweeden.  

There is an old proverb that says;
“If you sit by the river bank long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”  

This means, if you’re patient and calm, your enemy will eventually destroy themself, either by their own hand, by the hand of someone else or simply through the passage of time.

The proverb also suggests that by patient and careful planning over a long period you may be able to overcome an enemy who has grown proud and careless. Either way, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re still here, while the enemy has faded away in defeat.

Usually only the members of this website are privy of more serious happenings of Tammy Sweeden and myself, however, I’m releasing a few tid-bits you may find interesting –

 . . .   but before I do, here is a video/song I listen to in my quiet moments when I feel down.  I hope it will help you too in whatever challenges you may be going through.

My volunteers have done a great job keeping an eye on Tammay Louise Sweeden and Christopher Mower.  These are the two people who worked together for a murder attempt against me and they robbed me of my life-savings.

1. Tammy Sweeden was beaten by her perverted “drug addict” boyfriend, “Christopher Mower”, who also assisted in the crimes against me.

2. Christopher Mower beat Tammy Sweeden
many times, however, late in 2014, Christopher
beat Tammy so bad, that she eventually ended
up with swelling of the brain and she ended up
in the hospital and forced to use a wheelchair.

The state/county declared she was incompatant
and took over as guardian of her financial affairs.
This means the guardian had control over MY MONEY.

3. Tammy tried to hide some of the money
she stole from me by purchasing a small shack or house. She placed the house in Christopher Mower’s name in
order to hide it and additionally they formed an LLC.
This is all documented. Paper work done in Arizona.

4. Police Mug shot of Christopher Mower was recently convicted of a felony.  Domestic violence – 3rd time.
christopher-d-mower-arresed-mug-shotThis ugly drug addict was slapped on the wrists and only spent 60 days in jail.  However, according to court records, as part of his massive punishment for almost killing a human being, he’s forbidden to be in the presence of Tammy Sweeden for one year. 

5. The guardian of Tammy Sweeden’s financial matters,
placed her into a group home, until her court hearing on Aug. 19, 2015. Tammy’s attorney was able to get the guardian released. Now, she has control over MY MONEY again.   Where is Tammy Sweeden to go now?

Where will Tammy Sweeden go from here?  It doesn’t matter, we’ll be watching her.


Wherever Tammay Louise Sweeden goes she
spreads misery to herself and others. Her impulsive
nature and her series of bad choices destroys lives.

What’s happening with me?
Well, as you know, I seldom talk about me or my current life because there’s nothing much to tell.

1. I am still struggling financially, but doing my best at keeping a good attitude. It’s been very difficult to create something with “nothing”, especially in today’s time.  Unless, of course, someone wants to imitate Tammy, then you just steal what you want from others.

In 2012, before I was shot and robbed, I was working 14 hrs a day developing a very promising marketing company. I was using a portion of my life-savings. My savings was to provide a passive long term income and also give Tammy a long term, secure, good paying career.

Naturally, Tammy put an end to that company and her own security.  No money means no promotion, which means no company.  This was also destroyed by Tammy Sweeden by her choice to murder me and rob me of everything I had of value.  

Sometimes I think of all the people who could have benefited from my marketing company. With a little more effort and promotion it would have thrived.

Another portion of my life-savings was to purchase my retirement home that I had been wanting to create for over 20 years. It was to be my final dream come true.  I sacrificed all my life in order to live an independent lifestyle in my later years.

I didn’t ask for much.  I simply wanted to live out the remainder of my life on a peaceful hill in Idaho.  That’s all I wanted.

Tammy Sweeden ripped it all away from me. Plus, there is no telling how many other lives her heinous choices caused others.

2. For the past 38 or so months, I’ve been a man without
a home of his own. I use the donations from this website
for food and gas. Today my SUV has been a life-saver – it is running great with no problems.  It certainly provided me shelter more than once.  I try to keep a positive attitude and always keep my eyes open for opportunity.  I use my laptop in coffee shops.

3. Because I’ve been self-employed all my life, I have
no employment history, hence; no resume. However, at my age, I’m not very employable. I should be retired.

4. Long and short of it -Tammy Sweeden wrecked
my life as I knew it. Now, I go day to day and remain confident my life will turn around.  No, I didn’t deserve what happened to me, but sometimes bad things happen to good people. Maybe it was just my turn.

Many of you have asked what happened to my book I wrote, called “A Devil in Disguise”.

Well, the truth is this; Tammy and her minions did their best to destroy that too. So, I had it pulled and I created a new marketing approach under a new title and new pen name. I’ve also been writing many other e-books on “empowerment”.

Unfortunately, I will not be listing my new pen name or my other books on this website for obvious reasons. My new e-books will be launched soon – I don’t expect to light the world on fire – but I believe they will all improve the lives of whoever reads them.

I’d like to ask Tammy Sweeden a simple question?  Was trying to murder me and stealing my retirement fund
really worth it to you?

Tammy must of thought that murdering me and stealing my life-savings was really going to boost her lively hood a great deal or why risk going to prison?   Has the theft of my retirement fund really benefited Tammy Sweeden that much?  Was it worth the risk of trying to kill me worth it?  Was it really?  

Has Tammy Sweeden enhanced anyone’s life? It appears Christopher Mower benefited quite well.  He got a free house with my money and probably a free car, also free alcohol and drugs.  I would ask Tammy . . . were the hotels, new cars, clothes, jewelry and drugs really worth it?

Now, a protective order keeps the two
“love birds” from being together.
Again, I have to ask . . .was it worth it?

Shame on you Tammy Sweeden – your stupid choice to murder me and steal my life savings was a senseless crime.   All you did was destroy dreams and lives, but this is what you do.  Why should I expect anything else?

No matter what, every day I ask God to send Tammy Sweeden pure light and pure love because I know she doesn’t have any.

It may take me another year, 5 years or 20 years, but Tammy Sweeden will come down.   Thank you volunteers for all your help.

“Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing!”