Tammy Sweeden: Will Kill for CASH!

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Women Who Kill for CASH.

Tammy Sweeden will MURDER for CASH.  She has already proven this FACT.   Be cautious – but better yet, avoid Tammy Sweeden.

Do not allow Tammy Sweeden’s sweet grandma personality fool you.  She has major psychopathic behavior tendencies.  She’s proven she will murder for money.

Tammy Sweeden
Tries to Hide. Why?

She can run but she can not hide!

Why is Tammy Sweeden (Tammay Louise Sweeden) trying to hide?   More photos of Tammy Sweeden. There is only one reason.  Ms. Sweeden fears a long prison sentence.  She runs like a little rabbit that just stole another carrot from the garden.

Tammy Sweeden attempted to murder an innocent man, then she robbed him of his life-savings and retirement funds.

She naturally fears a Felony Conviction that would lead to a long prison sentence.  Her co-conspirator already has a felony conviction (Christopher D Mower).

She can run but she can’t hide.  Read a brief outline of the story – here.  Ms. Sweeden planned her criminal actions with the intent for him to die from a gun-shot to the chest.  She sneaked a drug into his ice-tea that caused him to pass out, then she ruthlessly shot him in the chest, trying to make it look like a suicide. It was a KILL shot – only missed his heart by ONE inch.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Tammy Sweeden wiped all fingerprints clean.  Therefore; the police say – “This is An Attempted Murder” because suicide victims never wipe their own fingerprints from the gun afterward.  She made a few mistakes during her attempted murder with me.

Tammy Sweeden is a drug addict.  Due to my semi-ignorance about drugs and addiction, she was able to nearly hide her addiction from me.  However, before long it was obvious.  Christopher Mower is a known drug addict and a judge even forced him to drug rehab.  What was the reason for the theft and attempted murder?    It was nothing more than GREED!

Tammy Sweeden Had the Motive, the Weapon, and the Opportunity.

Common Sense says . . .
Tammy Sweeden is Guilty.

tammy sweeden

Thanks again to all the volunteers.  Thanks for your donations and your heartfelt comments about my situation.  My life is getting better, however, I will always have a lifelong lung disorder due being shoot in the chest.

It might take a month, another year, 5 years or 20 years.  This woman will come down for her criminal actions.  She’s a cruel and ruthless woman.

“Good things happen for those who wait”

If you’ve been a victim of Tammy Sweeden or Christopher Mower in the past, then speak up. We’d like to hear from you too.  Both of these people are parasites.  They live off of the money and efforts of other people.  

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“Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing!”