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tammy-popup-imageHow To Spot a Human Parasite

“Avoid Being a Meal for Human Parasites.”

Tammy Sweeden is a good example of a human parasite.  Let me explain.  Parasites of our world are people who blend into the populace the best they can.  Their mission is always to glom on to a host to FEED upon.

Parasites seek others for their own survival.   “If they appear too good to be true, then they probably are.”   A big warning sign.

Parasites usually have an easy going charming personality.  Naturally, this fake personality is simply an act until they get what they want.

It’s vitally important to know the person and watch for the warning signs before ever putting any TRUST into them.  Make sure their words match their actions.  Watch for signs of control.

The parasite seldom has an original opinion of their own. Their mission is to be likable and sometimes even lovable.  However, remember, their personality is only an act.  They mimic other humans.  Parasitical psychopaths are lurking all around you, they are always seeking easy vulnerable “prey”.

Naturally, human parasites can be a woman or a man. Parasites are dream stealers and thieves.  They have very little to no creativity and can only survive by stealing from others who DO have creativity and live an independent lifestyle.

Parasites of our world will usually seek out professions such as politics and parasitical women will usually seek a financially secure man who will support them. Most politicians seek out a cushy political career in order to live off the blood of hard working taxpayers. Most politicians have very little creativity and only do what is needed to get their paycheck.  They help drain the bank accounts of innocent citizens.  Many career criminals would fall into the parasite group as well.

Many career criminals would fall into the human parasite group as well.  Anytime a person consistently steals from another without empathy in order to benefit them would be defined as a human parasite by nature.

Gold digging women have been around for years.  We all know their goal.  Most female parasites are dream stealers and will use people to their benefit and will seldom give without an agenda.

They seek gifts and money and a comfortable lively hood under a false pretense.  A golddigger is a con-artist. They are thieves.  Some people call them very clever “whores” of society.  Again, these women have no creativity.  They are totally dependent on the money and efforts of other people.

Again, these human parasites will use the creativity and the valuable efforts of others.  A parasitical woman simply “acts” to get what she wants; therefore she must tell you what YOU want to hear.

Tammay Louise Sweeden was simply a woman I naively wanted to help.  I could feel a “quirkiness” about her. It was the “bad” acting that I recognized, but I ignored it as just part of her goofy personality. I was always helping her with her finances as she was never able to support herself.   She was living on food stamps.

The ONLY Way to Protect Yourself From a Parasitic Person is; DO NOT PLAY with them! Spot them, then Avoid them.

2014-06-01_1410Most parasites are sociopaths/psychopaths.

These type of human parasites do not have any empathy or a conscience. They will suck the life out of their victims and NOT give it a second thought.  They take and take until there is nothing else to take.

When YOUR bank account is empty is when you see them wave good-bye.  A parasite has the entire population to prey upon.  YOU are only an object with something they need and want.  They usually float from one “host” to another.

Psychopaths or parasites will do whatever they want because they have such an inflated sense of self that they don’t think the normal rules of life apply to them: “They feel they’re immune to any criticism in terms of how they live their lifestyle, including harassing those they have command and control over.”

Psychopaths are masters of three things: manipulation, deflection, and deception, all of which help them keep “number one” — themselves — alive and well.

They will often accept credit for something when it goes right, but when something goes wrong, they look for a scapegoat to deflect it to and take the blame.  Even when they STEAL, they deflect the blame to someone else.

Don’t get fooled by the charming veneer. A practical psychopath can be incredibly short-tempered. The smallest thing can set them off into a rage.

Bottom line:  Avoid and do not play with parasites.

No, I won’t back down. I remain STRONG.  Tammy Sweeden and I will
Meet Again Someday.

Tammy Sweeden is a parasite.  She found her host to feed upon (me).  She drugged me, shot me in the chest (a kill shot) and stole my life savings and retirement fund.  She disappeared. Ms. Sweeden belongs in a cage with all the other animals and parasites that are already in prison.

I hope this post will help you AVOID a parasite who could be looking at you for their next MEAL.

Tammy runs but she cannot HIDE.

Thanks again to all the volunteers and others who keep my team updated on Tammy Sweeden.

“Evil Can Only Prevail When
Good  People Do Nothing!”

Tammy Sweeden

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