Guilty? Accomplices? You Decide.

The following people are nothing but useful tools  or “friends of Tammy Sweeden “Reineri”.  She likes to call them useful people!

I believe these people may have benefited from the THEFT of my retirement fund.  Time will Tell.


I believe ALL of these people benefited from the robbery and theft of my lifesavings (retirement funds) that was stolen from me by Tammy Sweeden “Reineri”.  These people are possible conspirators with Tammy Sweeden.  Each of the following people need to come clean with any and all information they know concerning Tammy Sweeden.  Tammy Sweeden is a criminal.   Contact me now.

John M. Rogers –   He talked with Tammy Sweeden behind my back when I was supporting Tammy at the townhouse.  He assisted Tammy by allowing her to use him as an alibi after she shot me.  He also helped her move her belongings and my VALUABLES from my house while I was laying in the hospital with a bullet hole in my chest.  John Rogers also helped her steal valuables from my house and load into car.  Do they still communicate? SecretlyJohn Rogers taught Tammy how to load the gun that SHOT me and told her where to get ammunition for it.  John Rogers could be heavily involved in my murder attempt. John Rogers had Motive.   His business is not doing well.  John Rogers had to lie on his financial loan application in order to buy their house.   John now admits that he believes Tammy Sweeden “Reineri” is the person who shot me and also believes she is the person who stole my life-savings.  He says there is no doubt.  John admits she DID send him money shortly after she shot me, robbed me and rushed out of town.

David Turner –   He talks with Tammy often.  David always helps Tammy when she barks.  David Turner needs money and is an ex military man with knowledge of weapons.  He has health concerns and lives in almost poverty.  Tammy shares her P.O. Box with David Turner.  David will forward her mail anywhere Tammy wants.

Christopher Mower
–   Alias “Chrissy”.   Tammy lied about this guy.  She told me “he” was a “she”.   He called the house nearly every day. It appears and in our minds, Christopher Mower knows Chris Mower - arrested for domestic violence - tammy sweedenTammy and her plan to kill me and rob me of my life-savings. They talked on phone all hours of the day.  Late at night – sometimes early in the morning. Christopher is broke and needs money. New Update:  This guy has been arrested for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – FELONY CHARGE.  It appears this guy is very involved in this criminal incident. Tammy is laundering her money – she gave him some of the money she stole to purchase a small house – they transferred property into an LLC to hide it from me.

Rachelle Hernandez –   Rachelle called Tammy often. They would talk 1 to 2 hours each day. There is no doubt that Rachelle knew all about Tammy’s scheme to kill and rob me.  Rachelle struggles financially and depends on Tammy for emotional support.  She’s always depressed and has three children.

Robert Reineri –   He is the ex husband of Tammy Sweeden.  I have no doubt, this man knows Tammy Sweeden very well.   Robert Reineri arrested for DUI - Tammy SweedenTammy is using her married name again or an alias.  TAMMY G. REINERI. There is evidence that Augustus Reineri, Robert Reineri and Tammy G. Reineri all shared the address.   Robert Reineri has had multiple arrests including DUI arrests. Read More Here.

Lynn Navarro – is the manager of a storage facility and can be helping Tammy Sweeden hide stolen valuables. They talk and exchange emails often.

If you’ve discovered for yourself what Tammy is about and wish NOT to be her friend any longer, then speak up.   Do not allow her to intimidate or bully you.  Email her information.  I promise, YOU will remain confidential.


Contact me ASAP concerning information about Tammy Sweeden Reineri.


Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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