Tammy Sweeden – 7 yrs of Theft

Tammy Sweeden (a younger pic)
She was born in 1963.


“Tammay” Stole from Me for 7 years!

Tammy Sweeden, Unfortunately has no Conscience or Empathy for Others.  I was Fooled by her but YOU don’t have to be.

Let me begin by saying this; I’m not a wealthy man nor have I ever been wealthy.  I’ve always been an average hard working business man. I am conservative and was forced to save money for my retirement (some day) like many people do.

However, because of Tammy Sweeden, my life has been turned upside down and I am forced to start over.  My many years of hard work and saving for my retirement was stolen by Tammy Sweeden.

I was too close to the forest to see the trees.  Yes, I feel foolish. My associates and an estranged relative of Tammy Sweeden all helped to use common sense view points to help open my eyes and warn the public of Tammy Sweeden.  The following is the money she either borrowed or stole from me in the past 7 years.

  • 2005 –  Sept. Tammy Sweeden lost her job and borrowed $2,000 to survive. Promised to repay. She never did.
  • 2006 –  January. Tammy Sweeden borrowed $2,500 for bills.  Promised to repay.  Never did.
  • 2007 –  January.  Tammy Sweeden staged a fake burglary at my home and stole about $40,000.  A few gold coins and parents jewlery. (my parents were deceased.)
  • 2008 – June – Tammy Sweeden received $1,500 to pay bills.  Never paid it back.
  • 2009 –  April –  Tammy Sweeden borrowed $4,000 for IRS bill and rent money.  Never repaid it.. .
  • 2009 –  July – Tammy Sweeden borrowed $2,000 for bills.  Promised to repay. Never did.
  • 2009 –  November –  Tammy Sweeden stole (embezzled) $9,000 from my company bank account.  Had checks written to herself.  Promised to repay it – but never did.  I nearly reported this to the DA – but because of her crying and pleading me not to do it – I backed down and didn’t report her.  I was very hurt and disappointed in her actions.
  • 2010 –  June – Tammy Sweeden Borrowed $1,400 for survival.  Promised to repay.  She never did.
  • 2011 –  Nov thru Dec.  Tammy Sweeden  borrowed $1,500 for bills.  Promised to repay.  Never did.
  • 2012 –  Jan thru May  –  Tammy Sweeden borrowed $3,000 for bills.  Promised to repay. Never did.
  • 2012 –  May 14, 2012 –  Tammy Sweeden stole my enitre life-savings and retirement funds. She disappeared.

Did I loan money or help Tammy Sweeden because of all the good sex she provided?  Guess again.  There was NO sex between us for several years!  Yes, she wanted to have sex, but I had no desire.  I was her friend.

Dental, medicines and doctor appointments.  Anytime Tammy was sick and didn’t have insurance which was OFTEN –  she knew who to call.  I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Tammy’s doctor, dental visits and medications.  Tammy Sweeden is a very sickly – unhealthy woman.  Why did I do this?  I was her friend.  Yes, she took advantage.

This money does not include all the money she took from others.

Tammy Sweeden is no longer part of my life because she has NO need for me.  I have NOTHING more to give – she took everything I have.  She has moved on to another “sucker” most likely.  Here’s the worst part:  According to Tammy Sweeden, my life is only worth about $300,000 (about the same as ONE good year’s salary) and if the truth was to be known, my life to Tammy Sweeden is probably worth a lot less.

Was I a good friend to Tammy Sweeden.  Yeah, I think I was.  She was in the hospital once for 5 nights.  I spent every night with her. I slept next to her in a chair.  I brought what ever she needed to the hospital.

She was destitute, without a job and needed a place to live.  I provided a safe place for her at my house (in Vegas) until she could get back on her feet.  I made sure she had plenty to eat and a convenient bathroom and shower.  Was I a good friend?  I think I was.  I was always there to pick up the pieces and put her back together again. Any time she needed cash for a pressig bill – there I was. She could always count on me.

I moved to Idaho in summer of 2011.  In fall of 2011.  Tammy called me in tears saying she had no place to live, no job and no money.  So, I invited her to Idaho to stay in my upstairs townhouse until she could get a job or create an income.  I supported her and paid all her bills plus provided her with spending money.  Was I a good friend?  You decide.

If it was anyone else, I may have not been so foolish.  However, I guess “love” is blind when you want to help someone.  She knows this too well.  She used my gracious and compassionate nature.

I had no idea that Tammy Sweeden had a long history of taking and stealing money from relatives and her friends.  I learned this just recently. She has burned many bridges over the years.

In 2008, she called her own father (who does not do well financially) and asked him for $5,000. He was just an average hard working man, he withdrew $5,000 from his retirment savings and sent it to Tammy.  She promised to repay him.  She never did.  (Note to

Tammy:  Do you really wonder why he ignores you? How many times did you con him out of money over the years … I remember you calling him with your fake tears…then laughing after you did it?)  You made me think he was an evil man and he owed you. Now, I know you’re just a con-woman.

About two weeks before she attempted to murder me, she asked me for $200 to get her hair fixed and nails done.  She used a very expensive salon in Las Vegas.  (she visited Las Vegas about once a month to get more prescription pain killers from her “Doc” and visit her party friends….and most likely spent time with her  secret “lover”.

About a week or so before she attempted to Kill me, she asked me for money to purchase a new car battery, she also filled up car with gas. Obviously, she wanted her car in good running order for a quick get-away after her dirty deed.

After she shot me, 13 hours later I was rushed to the hospital. She returned to my house while I was in the hospital and stole all my expesensive hygiene inventory, my company cell phone, an air card and she drove to my storage unit and stole all my new suit cases. She even stole my new frying pan. I guess she thought I would die and I wouldn’t need them anymore…who knows what she was thinking….I guess she’s just a thief.  Naturally, she escaped with my life-savings as well.  Over $300,000.  She stole everything of real value.

Silly me, I wanted to help Tammy one more time.  I wanted to give her positive support in hopes she would changer her ways.  This was dangerous thinking on my behalf.  However, what I did not know was this; Her life wasn’t going to change nor did she have any desire to change.  This is what she does.  She steals and takes money from people as a way of life.  She finds people who have a heart, she uses their sympathy, then steals or takes what they have.  This is what Tammy Sweeden is about.  A leopard cannot change his/her spots.

What does a Con-Artist look like?  What does a person without a conscience look like? What does a person without empathy for others look like?   Tammy Sweeden with her quick smile and sweet personality will grab your heart, then steal whatever you have of value.  She will lie and you’ll probably believe her.  BEWARE!

A Coral Snake is very colorful and small.  It looks harmless. However, if you pick it up or get to close, it will bite you and your life will end in about 5 minutes.

It was difficult for me to understand or accept these facts about Tammy.  However, a relative of hers and past friends of Tammy Sweeden helped me to accept who she is.  They helped me to see the trees in the forest.

Tammy Sweeden is what experts call a  “Sociopath”.  A person who was born without empathy for others.  Tammy Sweeden has a mental disorder.   click this link – learn about Sociopath:  http://idahogolddigger.com/tammy-sweeden-is-obviously-a-sociopath-according-to-several-people/

If you have any information concerning Tammy Sweeden, then please contact me.

Tammy Sweeden shot me in the chest, left me for dead and robbed me of my life-savings.  I’m confident, Tammay Louise Sweeden “Tammy” has killed and robbed people in the past.  If she is not stopped – she will surely do it again.  If you have more knowledge of Tammy Sweeden, then let me know.  Any information you provide about Tammy Sweeden will remain private and confidentialings on May 14, 2012.

Beware of Tammy Sweeden.






Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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