What Was Said To Me …

 Tammy Sweeden Quickly Left Town Within 48 Hrs of the Attempted Murder.

Two days after I was released from the hospital after Tammy Sweeden shot me, I drove to a man’s house who might have some information concerning the incident.

  • He told me in the privacy of my SUV a few things that may put some light on the subject of Tammy Sweeden and my attempted murder.
  • He told me that Tammy showed up at his door about a week before the shooting.
  • Tammy asked him where she could get amunition and wanted to know how to load the small .25 caliber gun.
  • He examined the gun.  He explained to her what to do.
  • He never revealed she was at his house until then and naturally Tammy kept it a secret.
  • If I had known this information – I may have not been shot and robbed.

Had I had a some warning about Tammy’s intentions, the attempted murder and the theft could have been prevented.  However, “He” also kept it a secret.

“He” said he helped Tammy Sweeden  quickly move things out of my house as fast as possible.  He said Tammy was worried that I might return home from the hospital.

Tammy never called me or visited me in the hospital.  I wonder why?  Didn’t she tell the Police and others that I tried to commit suicide?  If your “best friend” tried to commit suicide and was in the hospital recovering – wouldn’t you rush to their side?  No, Tammy Sweeden did not do this – she left town ASAP.

I discovered that the Police told others that I “winged” my self for sympathy.  Question.  How many people “wing” themselves for sympathy by shooting themselves in the chest only one inch from their heart?   Either the police are incompetent or they do not care.

  • Tammy told me over the phone the morning I was SHOT that I had told her to leave my house and that is why she was in a motel.  (Well, the truth is; she was never in a motel the morning I was shot – that was another LIE.)
  • The truth is;  I never told her to leave. She obviously made this statement for the benefit of whoever was listening.

Tammy Sweeden is a corrupt woman.





Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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