The Complete Story –

  • New Update:  “John” was played like a fiddle by Tammy Sweeden.  He just thought he was a know-it-all.  John indirectly was responsible for my attempted murder.

  • Tammy Sweeden – as a teenager, took a gun to school and threatens her class mates.

  • Tammy Sweeden loved my money –  Not me.  That became obvious.

I add to this blog all the time with updates and thoughts – so check back often and discover more facts and truths about Tammy Sweeden.

Crime Facts of Tammy Sweeden and Private Information That May Be Hidden From You.  Facts and Truths.

No Worries – Karma will Punish Tammy Sweeden!

Tammay Louise Sweeden = Tammy Sweeden

“If you lay down with a dog – you’ll wake up with fleas.”  This could not be a more truer statement.  Even if the dog was in disguise – you’ll still get fleas.”  You can put lipstick on a PIG – but it’s still a PIG.

This is not entirely a story about ole Poor Me. This blog posting is a full explanation of the incident I experienced and how you could possibly avoid a similar situation. Maybe this information will help to protect you from a similar individual or maybe this will be a WARNING about a woman named Tammy Sweeden.

I always value my privacy – and those who know me well, will tell you that I tell the TRUTH as I see it.  What you’re about to read concerns a woman who DECEIVED me for seven long years.  Yes, I will admit, I deeply cared for this woman, however, she secretly wanted me DEAD.  All Tammy Sweeden wanted was FREE money.  She did not have the skills, the creativity or the ambition to earn her own money to live the life she wanted.  Tammy Sweeen is a simple thief. I must admit, this incident emotionally crushed me, but I know I’ll eventually be much stronger because of it.

Tammy Sweeden is guilty of stalking me for 7 years in order to acquire, con, swindle and steal money from me.  Tammy Sweeden’s entire motivation for being in my life was all about MONEY and GREED.  This post will reveal several of her LIES and manipulation tactics. She tried to murder me twice. (that I know about) Tammy Sweeden is now hiding behind a criminal attorney paid for with the money she stole.

Some people ask or think that something must have happened or lead up to this haneous act. The TRUTH is; nothing happened.  Tammy Sweeden and I did not have a violent or highly stressed relationship.  Tammy and I never touched each other in anger nor did we ever threaten each other.  Tammy Sweeden simply created and implemented her plan to murder me, then rob me . . . and disappear forever. This was her plan and she carried it out.  Her actions were not an impulse decision – it was carefully planned. It was pre-meditated.

Please read this: A warning to all. This paragaph is from a mental health professional.  Psychopaths/Sociopaths have only a shallow range of emotions and lack guilt or a conscience, says Hare. They often see themselves as victims, and lack remorse or the ability to empathize with others. “Psychopaths/Sociopaths play on the fact that most of us are trusting and forgiving people,” adds Seto. The warning signs are always there; it’s just difficult to see them because once we trust someone, the friendship becomes a BLINDER.

I Discovered something first hand – that most people never do. We all hear the stories of a loved one who comitts haneous crimes on people close to them. However, very few of us acutally experience it. I EXPERIENCED IT. It was difficult for me to believe that anyone I care about or anyone I “thought” cared for me secretly WANTED me dead. The same old reason most people comitt crime – GREED. This was the toughest thing for me to accept.

Tammy Sweeden robbed me of my life-savings, my retirement funds and my peace of mind.  Why steal?  Answer: GREED.  Plus she attempted to murder me.  Why Murder?  It’s simple.  She simply had NO further need for me plus I KNOW THE TRUTH.  I know how Tammy Sweeden thinks.  This is how she solves her problems – she has talked about killing people in the past.

“Sociopaths typically understand their actions and know they are wrong or socially unacceptable but simply don’t care.”

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On May 14, 2012. About midnight; Tammy Sweeden was 49 yrs. old at the time of this incident.  Tammy Sweeden drugged me. My fuzzy memory saw Tammy Sweeden standing in front of me. I felt the hard mettle against my chest. Tammy Sweeden chose to SHOOT me in the chest (mettle to flesh) and robbed me of my life-savings. She left ME lying in a pool of blood to die. My history with Tammy Sweeden and common sense confirms to me that Tammy Sweeden is absolutely GUILTY. My life was turned upside down in one second. Tammy Sweeden has no remorse or empathy. Tammy Sweeden is a monster. Beware.

Little did I know, I was Living With The Enemy. The outside world was probably not near as dangerous to my life as Tammy Sweeden, the woman whom I allowed to live upstairs in my house.  The woman I supported.  The woman I loved, protected and made sure all her needs were met and monthly bills were paid.

Tammy Sweeden once said to me.  “If I had that much gold and silver, then nobody would know I have it.”   So, from this statement, I doubt if she will tell anyone she has it.  She knows how dangerous it is for people to know.  I taught Tammy Sweeden how to sell gold when needed.  She may tell people she gambles and wins jackpots. She may even get a regular job as a cover-up to hide the fact of what she stole. Tammy Sweeden knows she is being WATCHEDWe’ll all be watching what she purchases now and in the future. 

Let me make this clear.  I was never a wealthy man.  I am just an average man who worked hard all his life and saved for his retirement.  Tammy Sweeden stole my life-savings and disappeared – but not until after she drugged me and put a bullet in my chest.

Should you always put your trust in emotional WORDS? When you deeply care about someone and they say the words “I love you” daily, then you would naturally “think” that person would be the last person to want you dead, right? I learned that is NOT always true.  Words from other people are just words.  How do you know if there is any deep healthy emotions behind them?  Answer:  You don’t.  Many of us take a chance and hope they mean what they say.

People usually think too emotionally and not logically enough for self preservation. They are taught to trust and forgive.  (There is NO logic in emotion.) I had to learn to think logically about the ATTEMPTED MURDER on my life.  It wasn’t easy and this is mostly the reason Tammy Sweeden is FREE today and not in prison. However, Karma will punish Tammy Sweeden when she least expects it.

Below are the facts and my story. (Hindsight is always 20/20).  Many people ask, why couldn’t I see the warning signs.  Well, the explanation is all on this page.

Brief History: From what I’m told, Tammy Sweeden came from a highly dysfunctional family.  Her mother was a drunk and “Tammy” called her a whore.  As a teenager, Tammy Sweeden had an affair with her step-father.  He gave her lots of nice clothes, jewelry and a new car on her 16th birthday.  According to the small town community, Tammy and her mother took part in the murder of the step-father while a “patsy” was blamed for it and went to prison.  Tammy Sweeden is no stranger to murder and guns.

Tammy Sweeden had THREE abortions before she was 21 years old.  She was highly promiscuous and learned at an early age how to use SEX to get whatever she wants from men.  Sex was not the only reason I was with Tammy Sweeden.  I loved Tammy Sweeden and I liked her.  However, my emotions blinded me to WHO she really is.  Tammy Sweeden was and IS a predator.

According to classmates.  Tammy Sweeden took a gun to high school and threatened the lives of several of her classmates.  Several of the kids refused to associate with Tammy Sweeden ever again.  Tammy Sweeden is no stranger to guns.

Those who know Tammy Sweeden will admit, she is very likable.  Why? The reason for this is because she seldom will argue your opinion.  She will usually agree with whatever you have to say. It’s almost as if she has no opinion about anything.  Usually, the only time she will argue a point is when it directly or indirectly effects her own wants and needs.

Tammy Sweeden will collect people by being basically “shallow”.  People automatically believe they made a friend.  Usually, people like people who think like they do or have the same belief system, right?  Tammy Sweeden is a chameleon.  She blends in.

Naturally, Tammy Sweeden knows what people want to hear.  She knows people want to be validated and Tammy enjoys giving compliments. Tammy draws people to her rather quickly and this is how Tammy Sweeden creates her victims too. It’s not rock science.  People think Tammy Sweeden is just like them – when in actuality people never know the REAL Tammy Sweeden.  In other words, Tammy Sweeden is a FAKE, a Grifter or Con-artist.  If you know her…watch and listen to her …her words and actions are too gooey and sugary. It’s all an act. 

Does …. She’s Too Good to be True …ring a bell?  You bet it does!  Don’t fall for it.  One person said…”She’s the devil in disguise.” 

Tammy Sweeden was divorced from her husband when I met her.  Her husband forbids Tammy Sweeden to call him or his family members.  I did not understand the reason then, however, now it’s crystal clear.

Every since I’ve known Tammy Sweeden she seems to consistently make the wrong choices.  Most criminals do.  Everyone makes wrong choices or mistakes in life, however, Tammy’s choices seem to effect other people in an ugly negative way.

I knew Tammy Sweeden since 2005 (7 years). She was fired from her employment 30 days after I met her. She borrowed thousands of dollars from me and others. She never paid me back a penny. I wasn’t in need of the money at that time and I was patient. Tammy Sweeden jumped from house to house trying to survive. I allowed Tammy Sweeden to stay at my house a few times. I made sure she had a safe place to live.

Tammy Sweeden always viewed my house as a safe haven or sanctuary. She said she felt safe, healthier and protected. I always made sure Tammy got what she needed. I was always there for her. She even said once, “What would I do without you?”  In other words … it was herself she was worried about.

Several times she would be without medical insurance and I would meet with her to pay for her medicines and doctor visits. Tammy Sweeden has many ailments.

Tammy Sweeden and Employment: Tammy Sweeden is an intelligent woman although could not keep a job. She jumped from job to job. She LIED about her job history in order to get hired; however, her job situation never lasted very long. Tammy Sweeden spent about two years on unemployment and food stamps.

Tammy Sweeden Asked Me to Marry Her Several Times. Why? Many times, Tammy Sweeden tried to muniplate me into marrying her. She tried hard to persuade me and she asked often.  She tried everything she could to sell me on the benefits of marrying her.

Looking back (hindsight 20/20), it all makes sense why she was pressuring me to marry her.  She was planning for me to DIE and she would have total control of my corporate bank account, personal bank account and the trust account.  She would have access to not just thousands but nearly a MLLION dollars in assets.  She never wanted me – she was only after the money.

Tammy Sweeden Has a History of Theft: At the time, I never suspected Tammy Sweeden, however, it’s now obvious. Hindsight is 20/20. I was burglarized in 2007. I left Tammy Sweeden in my home all evening for the FIRSTt time. There was a barking dog on premises and the dog NEVER barked.  No evidence of a break-in. It was a very quiet retirement community. Burglaries are very rare. Tammy Sweeden set up this burglary and stole about $50K in gold coins and my deceased parent’s jewelry. Tammy’s car had been repossessed. One month later, Tammy Sweeden was able to purchase a car for $11,000 cash. (She had no job, no savings account, and no credit.) She said she borrowed the money – however, I believe it was a fabricated LIE or munipulation.

Tammy Sweeden is not to be trusted when it comes to money. I believe this should be obvious for most people.  Her ex-friends and relatives already know this to be true.  Don’t be her next victim.

Tammy Sweeden attempted to MURDER me in the summer of 2009. I decided to take an Alaskan Cruise.  I invited Tammy to go with me.  The 2nd day on the boat, she shows me a small bag of cocaine and asked me if I wanted some.  I don’t do drugs and I told her to get rid of it.  I asked how she got illegal drugs passed customs with all the drug sniffing dogs?  She pointed between her legs – she carried it up inside her Vagina.  I told her we had to get rid of it.  Her and I  went on top of the 12 floor cruise ship and I had her throw the cocaine overboard – into the ocean. She had smuggled drugs on the trip.  How much?  I don’t know.  Did she have more????  Yes, I think she did.

In my opinion, she was trying to figure out how to KILL me on the cruise ship.  I know she had illegal drugs on the boat.  I’m not sure what stopped her from killing me or attempting to kill me.  I firmly believe she had something planned for me.

After the Alaskan Trip we Flew Directly to Dallas, Texas: I was considering purchasing property outside of Dallas, Texas.  I was seeking a place to retire. We flew to Texas and met with a realtor. We were staying in a motel – separate rooms because Tammy snores too loud.  I wasn’t feeling well the next morning. Tammy Sweeden went to a local restaurant and brought back soup. It was foul tasting, but I ate it any way. I fell asleep. Three hours later – the room was spinning. I knew my body was out of control.

Paramedics were called and I was rushed to the emergency room. I was there for 8 hours. The Doctor said if I did not arrive when I did – I would have died. He said I have an over–dose of Opioids in my system. The soup was all I had. Tammy Sweeden tried to murder me. (I foolishly blamed the restaurant that gave the soup.) I have no proof – however, it’s obvious Tammy Sweeden tried to murder me. I believe it is because I would be buying land with CASH – and she didn’t want to live in Texas. This purchase would also take a large chunk of my savings. Motive to kill me? Tammy Sweeden was the ONLY beneficiary in my WILL. I decided not to purchase property in Texas.

In the late fall of 2009, Tammy Sweeden was doing part-time bookkeeping for my company. She had access to my bank account. She embezzled about $12,000 within a short period of time. I discovered the theft after examining the quarterly expenses. I confronted Tammy Sweeden and she broke down in tears and begged me not to turn her into authorities. She said she would pay it all back as soon as possible. I decided not to have her arrested. Tammy Sweeden had so many checks she couldn’t cash all of them fast enough. She returned a few of the un-cashed checks. Total embezzlement was about $9,000. ( I never saw this money again)

Used Hospital As an Alibi: Also about this same time period, Tammy Sweeden invited two of her friends to stay at MY house, supposedly because she didn’t have enough room. Her friends were from Tennessee and one was a banker for 10 years.  I caught her banker friend trying to hack my bank account from one of my computers.  She was trying to guess the password.

This was all done while Tammy Sweeden was in the hospital with a hysterectomy.  In other words, Tammy was using the hospital as an alibi while her friend tried to steal the TRUST account.  Nearly $1 million dollars.  When confronted, I was told I didn’t know what I was talking about.  They were not successful at transferring or stealing the funds.  Her friends from Tennessee quickly took flights out of Vegas.

After all of this, I was obviously extremely disappointed with Tammy Sweeden and did not see her for several months. She called many times and did everything she could to get back to talking terms with me.  Yes, I foolishly gave in.  Due to trust issues, Tammy Sweeden and I were never intimate again. I had no desire even though she pursued me, I kept the relationship platonic. She said she would start making payments for the money she stole.  However, I never received a penny.  I was forgiving – but I couldn’t forget.

Tammy Sweeden once left a message that said; “You’re such a giving man, I’m afraid you’re going to meet some woman and she’s going to take all your money.”

Tammy Sweeden borrowed a GUN from me in summer of 2010. She said she was dating an angry alcoholic man and no longer wanted to see him. She said he became an angry emotional stocker. Tammy Sweeden said she wanted a gun for protection. I was reluctant but she was persistent. I loaned her a small .25 caliber gun. (I now believe Tammy Sweeden lied about the true reason for wanting the gun.  I firmly believe Tammy Sweeden was planning to kill me shortly after I gave her my gun.  Why? I always kept Tammy as the sole beneficiary in my WILL)  I know, I know…silly me..

I Moved to Idaho in the summer of 2011. I moved to Idaho to start a new chapter in my life. I had a dream of retiring in the hills of Idaho. I wanted to live a simple life away from the hassles of traffic and the big city. Tammy Sweeden called me while I was living in Idaho. She called crying and said she was nearly homeless and needed help.

While living in Idaho I was developing a solid Marketing Company.  This company would greatly benefit small businesses.  It would also provide an income for me and allow my investments to grow over a period of time.

Tammy Sweeden Moves To Idaho: In order to help her, I invited Tammy Sweeden to live upstairs at my home until she could get a job and support herself. She drove to Idaho with only a few clothes. (She left everything else in storage which prooves she didn’t plan to stay too long in Idaho.) She had full use of two bedrooms, a full bath, washer/dryer and office space. We agreed she would live upstairs until she could get on her feet and be independent. She said she had not lived this well in a long time. I also paid and kept all her bills up to date, paid for all groceries, her beer, cigarettes and entertainment.

Tammy Sweeden could not find a job in Idaho.  So, I provided a position for her with the company I was building.  She was unable to provide the type of service required.  I do not feel her intention was to be part of my company at all.  It was an actShe simply wanted to quickly find my investments, kill me, then disappear.

What about the gun I loaned her? When Tammy Sweeden arrived in Idaho, I asked about my small gun I had loaned her. I asked for it because it had sentimental value. It had belonged to my deceased father. Tammy Sweeen said she left the gun back in Las Vegas – 700 miles away in her storage unit.

Tammy Sweeden knew of my Investments: I was heavily invested in gold/silver. I was self-employed my entire adult life and I saved money for my retirement. Part of my inheritance was also part of my retirement. I SAVED my money in the event of a financial emergency to help myself, my close friends or my siblings if they needed it. I had been investing in gold/silver for many years. I just moved to Idaho and had not purchased a heavy safe yet – which is not uncommon. I had my valuable secured inside a heavy fire-proof lock-box in a secret location. I didn’t completely trust Tammy Sweeden due to the past, so I never told her where it was located.

Tammy Sweeden attempted to kill me TWICE.  All the evidence convinces me that Tammy Sweeden planned to MURDER me and ROB me before she came to Idaho.  It was all pre-meditated.  She perfected her plan while she lived upstairs in my house.

THE SET UP: Tammy Sweeden talked on her phone daily – for hours up in her upstairs bedroom. Nearly all of Tammy Sweeden’s friends are alcoholics, drug addicts or on welfare. It’s a fact. Tammy is also friendly with drug dealers (This is what she told me). I never really wanted to meet her so-called friends plus Tammy Sweeden purposely kept me separated from many people she knew. She even kept most people she knew separated from each other. I assume it’s because she LIES.

Tammy Sweeden and I discussed how her personality and behavior had been fairly consistent while living in Idaho. Tammy is bi-polar. She is usually very moody and she can be overly nice or very mean. Once in a while, I recognized Tammy Sweeden trying hard to keep a “nice” personality. Maybe she was consistently taking her medication. Tammy Sweeden was on a mission to kill me and to rob me. She did not want anything to rock the boat or cause any suspicion.

Tammy Sweeden talked behind my back and was planting the seeds of placing me in a “bad” light to anyone who knew me while in Idaho. (Business and personal friends.) I believe she always did this behind my back. This included an old college classmate I had reacquainted myself with in Idaho. He and I were attempting to build back a friendship. Tammy Sweeden was texting and making up lies about me. She was planting the seeds for what was to come.

tammy sweeden

THE PATSY: I was reaquainting myself with an old college classmate.  He, his wife and their family lived in the Boise area.  The entire family uses insults and sarcasm, however, I tolerated them and I would have a good time anyway.  Tammy did not.   Tammy Sweeden did not like any of John’s family.  She called “John” an arrogant asshole and she never liked his wife.  She called her a bull dyke FAT lesbian who wears men’s pants and shoes.  Tammy especially didn’t like “John’s” daughter or ex-wife.

Tammy Sweeden was secretly setting up her “Patsy” – so she could walk away clean and unsuspected.  She even created a plan to cause “John” to be her advocate.

Tammy never wanted to go to any more family functions or dinners – she would go just to appease me.  Finally, she said she wouldn’t EVER attend another family function of theirs again.  I was disappointed.  Tammy Sweeden also convinced me they were not to be trusted. She wanted me to end the relationship.  (She played both of us)  She still acted friendly to this family while making disparaging remarks about me behind my back.

She asked me to send her all email exchanges between and John and me.  Hindsight 20/20:  She wanted to know if John was saying anything that would give me any reason to believe “She” was the actual culprit.

Tammy Sweeden had the small .25 caliber gun in her upstairs bedroom the entire time she lived in my home.  She LIED.  She hid it in her bedroom. One week before Tammy Sweeden shot me, she drove to John’s house (old college classmate) to ask about the gun, how to load it, shoot it, etc. Tammy Sweeden was not a stranger to guns. (This was only an ACT.)  She asked John to examine the gun; however, John would NOT place his finger prints on the gun. He did not trust the motive. It is believed; John saved himself prison time by NOT handling the gun. Tammy Sweeden was setting John up to be the Patsy. However, “he” spoiled her plan.

“John” is NOT innocent.  John is basically a dishonest man. He has a history of infidelity and lying to a bank officer.  He uses religion as a SHIELD and he and others says he may have early Alzheimer’s disease.  John told the police several LIES or unTruths about me.  That was disappointing, however, I assume it was his revenge.

The Police were looking or watching “John” very closely. I’m completely convinced “John” was indirectly responsible for my attempted murder. Tammy sized John up fairly quickly and knew she could make him a confidant.  She used him and his wife.  Every since I’ve known Tammy she manipulates people with SYMPATHY.  Tammy would never tell someone of her distain for them, unless they are of NO use to her.  She never liked confrontations – she simply disappears.   Naturally, her dislike for “John” and his family were private conversations between her and I.

If “John” would have warned me that Tammy Sweeden came to him with the small gun, then  this incident would NEVER had happened.  However, John chose to keep it a SECRET.  Due of his lack of concern for my life, Tammy Sweeden nearly KILLED me and she was able to STEAL my retirement fund.

John’s ex-wife told me that she did not trust “John” and that he was not trustworthy. I was disappointed to hear that because I hadn’t seen John in over 30 years and I wanted to rebuild our friendship.  So, I was always leery of him since I moved to Idaho.  Well, as it turned out, his ex-wife was correct.  His business was suffering and was looking for other sources of money.

He also was the only person who helped Tammy Sweeden move “things” from my house into her car.  (while I layed in the hospital) He even shipped several packed suit cases to her destination. (Tammy also stole all my suit cases.)  Tammy Sweeden sent “John” money.  Wait a minute… wasn’t Tammy Sweeden broke?  She had no income. She OBVIOUSLY sold some of my gold/silver and was using it for survival and sending money to people like “John” to help keep their mouth shut.  Hush money????

On May 14, 2012 – The Incident – Plan B. In the late hours (Sunday Night) I was working at my computer. Tammy Sweeden had mixed an almost deadly over-dose of Xanax in my tea before going to bed. It created confusion and caused me to pass out. As I was sitting on the couch, Tammy Sweeden stood in front of me. She placed the gun barrel on my chest and pulled the trigger. She was aiming for my heart, but she missed my heart by about 1 inch or I would be dead. (the hospital toxicology report clearly suggests I had this drug in my system.) Tammy Sweeden’s plan B was to make my death appear to be a SUICIDE.

I woke up in a confused haze about 12 hours after I was shot.  I called Tammy Sweeden because she was nowhere to be found in my house.

I noticed an email from Tammy.  It said something like this:  I have to make arrangements to come pick up my things – do not make me call the police.  I answered:  What??? What are you saying?  Where are you?  My body is sooo soar.”

In other words:  Tammy Sweeden was setting the stage.  She created a paper trail to show the police that an altercation may have happened.  It was a LIE.

I called Tammy Sweeden.  She answered and she lied and said she was in a motel room. (She was actually at John’s house.) I told her I had been shot.  Suddenly the 911 operator was on the phone.  Within minutes an ambulance and the police were at my house.  The operator asked me to walk outside.  When I walked out, there were 6 to 8 police officers in swat team fashion, all guns were drawn and aiming at me.  I stood there all bloody with a bullet hole in my chest.  I was the victim!  Why was I treated like the shooter or a hardened criminal?  One cop shouted for me to lay my cell phone down. The paramedics rushed a stretcher over to me and carried me off.

My opinion is; Tammy Sweeden waited over 12 hours and was willing to wait longer to make sure I was dead before going back to my house.  I believe she planned to walk in with a witness, preferably a police officer and find me dead.  This would help confirm her story. She would then put on a crying act that I had killed myself over her.  However, I survived and I foiled her little plan because I know the TRUTH.  She had no other alternative but to get out of town and out of the GCPD jurisdiction as fast as possible.  Tammy Sweeden left town less than 48 hours after I was shot.  She quickly retained a criminal attorney with the money she stole from me.

Hospital: I was in the hospital all total 11 days. I also had to endure lung surgery. The nurses and docs kept me thinking logically. They all had a gut feeling and their common sense said Tammy Sweeden was the SHOOTER. I’m grateful for their compassion and their understanding. My trauma doctor also said I wasn’t a suicide candidate. He wanted me to find the person who attempted to kill me. I called the Police and asked to please keep Tammy Sweeden out of my home until I arrive. The POLICE refused.  I warned him that Tammy Sweeden will steal my life-savings.  He said there was nothing he could do.

Two police officers came to interview me in the hospital even though I was on heavy pain medication.  I noticed the lead detective rolling his eyes at me like he was a 13 year old teenage girl.  They asked very silly questions.  They stayed about 15 minutes. All evidence was pointing towards the guilt of Tammy. I told them not to arrest her.  I was confused, emotional and dazed.  I wanted to make sure my fuzzy memory was true before I helped the cops send a 50 year old woman to prison.

After the cops left my hospital room.  I was laying in bed confused and disappointed that Tammy had not called me or come to the hospital room.  I called her.  She answered her cell phone.  I told her that the police just left my hospital room and I just learned about the .25 caliber gun and I know YOU shot me.  I was upset and I hung up. To this day, those were my last words to her.

Proof of Gun Shot (pic):

One day, while living in Idaho, I almost had a head-on collision with a person who crossed the center line. This incident made me concerned about who would would benefit if my valuables were found?  What would happen if I had a fatal accident or anything happened that resulted in my death? So far, I was the only person who knew where it was all located.

I created a private letter. (the police even read this letter) Inside the letter was a map of where my valuables were located. I was concerned that if something happened to me, then I did not want the STATE to get my valuables or anyone of NOT my choosing. I had no immediate family, so, at the time I thought it would be best if Tammy Sweeden took possession. Obviously, I did not know Tammy Sweeden was planning to kill me and rob me of my life-savings.

I thought Tammy Sweeden and I were building back a trusting relationship – this is what Tammy Sweeden had me to believe.  However, Tammy Sweeden had other plans. Anyway, I believe Tammy Sweeden snooped and found this letter (map) in my drawer, then schemed her plan to murder me.  Tammy’s search was over –  I discovered proof that she had been searching all over my home and my storage unit for my life-savings.  She probably had been searching for many months.  It was very obvious.

Tammy Sweeden Creates Quick ALIBI: After Tammy Sweeden shoots me in the chest, she rushes over to John’s house (and wife) to establish her alibi about 2am. Her excuse to them was; she was scared and was running to get away from me. I was a crazy man threatening to kill myself. She cons them into believing this story.  They back up her story with the police. Tammy Sweeden’s plan worked.  It was like two WOLVES and a SHEEP voting on what’s for dinner.  The “sheep” (ME) was eaten very quickly.  The police did not interview anyone else but those who opposed me.  The people who were interviewed about my character were those who have a history of theft, lying, infidelity and a felony. Naturally, none of the people whom I respect and know me were ever interviewed – they have been ignored.

Gun was supposed to be 700 miles away – It was actually hidden in her bedroom: According to police, I was shot in the chest by a small 25 caliber gun. It was found on the floor. The gun was actually hidden up in Tammy Sweeden’s bedroom for six months waiting for the best time to kill me.

What did Tammy Sweeden tell others and the Police? Tammy Sweeden used the “damsel in distress” story. She said, I was a crazy man – addicted to her pain medication – running around the house – waving my glock- saying the world is ending. As far as I know, this story is still believed by the police. However, if they believe this, then they are fools also. Don’t forget, I was NOT shot with my Glock (pistol), instead I was shot with the small 25 caliber gun that was hidden in Tammy Sweeden’s bedroom. (I hadn’t seen that gun in about 2 yrs.)

Either the police are total fools OR they had another agenda. Actually, I believe the Police know without a DOUBT Tammy Sweeden is guilty – the reason for her NOT being arrested is unknown.  Just because she has not been arrested does not mean she is innocent.  Tammy Sweeden is GUILTY

In my opinion, the police did not do their job or keep their “Oath”.  They purposely did not provide a complete and professional investigation and were apathetic towards the incident.  Many people assume this police department lacks the expertise to function as a professional police department.  Plus many people say they are corrupt and felt sorry that I lived in their jurisdiction.   The Police even removed many personal items from my home and refused to give it all back.  You decide if they are professional or fair or not.   What do I know, I’m just the victim!!

Tammy Sweeden Shoots me, Robs me, then Leaves Town: While I’m laying in the hospital bed with a bullet hole in my chest, The Garden City Police Department allowed Tammy Sweeden to leave town after shooting me in the chest (attempted murder) and after robbing me of my life-savings. Over $300,000. She drove straight out of town with the blessing of the Police.  I wonder if they blew her a kiss?

Tammy Sweeden’s Brother WARNS Me! He works for a law firm. I never talked to him until after the incident.  I called him and told him what happened.  He was very sympathetic.  His information about his sister was an additional eye-opener. He had been looking for her for several years. She stole $10,000 from him and her young nephew. Tammy Sweeden also stole / borrowed thousands of dollars from friends and relatives and never paid any of them back. She moved to another state and went into hiding. She had burned many bridges.

Her brother also said. Tammy Sweeden has the wherewithal to hire a HIT man and will use one or do it herself.  He said, “Watch Your Back. If you stand between freedom and prison, then she will try to kill you.”

Tammy Sweeden Can Lie and Cry on Cue: Naturally, most people had not experienced Tammy Sweeden like I have. I‘ve seen Tammy Sweeden cry on cue – she can cry anytime she wishes. She is an actress. I’ve seen her lie and cry to police officers many times regarding traffic tickets, etc. Tammy Sweeden has said many times; the police are stupid and have IQs lower than 100.

Don’t let Tammy Sweeden’s southern charm FOOL you.  She likes to dress to impress. She enjoys showing off her sexuality and she is always very complimentary. Tammy Sweeden is a con-artist.  She uses her charm, her wit and her sexuality to get what she wants.  This is her method of operation.

Tammy Sweeden thought “Aliens” were living in her bedroom closet: Yes, sometimes Tammy Sweeden would explain her experience with aliens with fear. She had tears in her eyes. I’m not sure if this was pure fantasy or if it was somehow part of her scheme and murder plan.  It could have been a combination of all the pain medications, alcohol, and her imagination.

Tammy Sweeden and her fantasies of being RICH. Whenever Tammy Sweeden has money – she spends and spends until it’s gone. She has declared bankruptcy twice. She maxes out her credit cards. She purchases expensive clothes and owns over 300 pairs of shoes. She has an obsession about traveling. She likes to travel anywhere. It takes money for Tammy Sweeden to live how she wants. Tammy Sweeden wants, wants and wants. She has a bottomless pit that is never filled and she is never satisfied. Tammy likes to look rich to strangers and her so-called friends.

Forensics say – No Finger Prints Found on Gun: It took several weeks – Tammy Sweeden is long gone. Police call me and inform me that Forensics says there were NO FINGER PRINTS found on the gun that shot me. This means it is considered ATTEMPTED MURDER.

A suicide attempt is ruled out because suicide victims do not wipe off their finger prints after they shoot themselves.

Tammy Sweeden Set up the Scene to Look Like a Suicide: Tammy Sweeden had spread Xanax pills around the house – by my bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen area, etc. She told the police I was depressed and I was addicted to her pills and alcohol. This is all a total LIE.   I looked forward to each day and I was so thrilled to be in Idaho.  I was developing a new business and I was excited.  I lived a debt free life and I had plenty of money.  Life was good.

Tammy Sweeden Retains Criminal Attorney: Tammy Sweeden uses a portion of the money she stole from me and retains a criminal attorney to help protect her from the Police. Tammy Sweeden continues to hide behind her attorney.

Secret Lover – Christopher Mower: Tammy Sweeden talked daily to a man named Christopher Mower. I was told Christopher was a woman named “Chrissie”. Tammy lied. Tammy Sweeden would cry sometimes after talking to “Chrissie”. Christopher (Chrissie) was broke and living with his parents in Utah. It is my opinion, Mr. Mower and Tammy Sweeden planned my murder and robbery together.

Tammy Sweeden left Idaho every 3 to 4 weeks: She lied to me and said she had doctor appointments in Las Vegas due to a job related injury from years past. However, Tammy Sweeden was actually meeting her secret lover, Christopher Mower. (He is a cross-dresser – meaning he likes to dress in women’s clothes. Tammy Sweeden  briefly told me about him. She knew him  before moving to Idaho.)  Why she chose to “lie” and keep their on-going relationship a secret is not known – other than it would add more motives to my attempted murder.

“Tammy Sweeden loved my money – not me.”

Tammy Sweeden Had The Opportunity – The Motive and The Weapon: Tammy Sweeden is guilty of attempted murder and robbery. She was the only otheer person who lived in the house and she had the weapon. There was no sign of a break-in. Tammy Sweeden had the drugs (Xanax) that was placed in my tea. (I’m told.) Logic and common sense and the history of Tammy Sweeden screams to me and others she is absolutely GUILTY. I had only lived in Idaho a few months and did not know hardly anyone. Tammy Sweeden shot me and she also robbed me of my entire life-savings.

Did You Know that a Criminal Can SHOOT you in YOUR Home and Steal Whatever he/she Wants and the Garden City Police in Idaho will Actually Tell the Criminal to Have a Nice Day and Wave as they Leave Town?

The Police Removed My Firearms From My Home:  I’m the VICTIM. While I was in the hospital, the police ran-sacked my home. They removed many items including all my firearms. The police demanded to perform an extensive back ground check before they would return my firearms. It took several weeks. I passed every extensive back ground check they ran. The police still have REFUSED to return my firearms and the other items they removed from my house. It’s been over ONE year.  They have my contact info and they refuse to talk to me.

When somone removes personal property from your house without your permission and you ask for it back, but they refuse to give it back – most people will call that THEFT.  This action alone  may illustrate why Tammy Sweeden was not arrested?  Some people smell corruption, possible incompetency or simple apathy.  Who knows, but they allowed a killer and thief to walk away and a chance to hurt and kill others.

I returned home from the HOSPITAL with a bullet hole in my chest.  The first thing I noticed was my heavy fire-proof lock box with my “life-savings” inside was GONE.  Tammy Sweeden had stole it.  It did not come as a surprise.  Naturally, I was hoping my fuzzy memory and intuition was NOT true – but my common sense reason for being SHOT was TRUE! Tammy Sweeden tried to MURDER me – and she also STOLE my retirement funds.  Plus all the nurses and my trauma doc helped to confirm it by their own experience and common sense.

Even though there was an ATTEMPTED MURDER on my life, the Police would not release NOT even ONE gun of mine for my protection.  I was forced to live alone without any protection whatsoever.  This was perfectly fine with the police.  This speaks VOLUMES about this police department.  They simply did not care.

The Police never talked to me extensively until 4 months after I was shot and was robbed. I complained to all elected officials about the attitude of the Police. It was as I did not exist. Finally, they met with me, but they asked very silly questions. They asked me to do a Polygraph test. I said sure, let’s do it right now. They said, no, we need time to set it up and I would have to come back at a later time.

I called a criminal attorney for free consultation. He had a great reputation. He advised me NOT to take a polygraph test and said no matter if you’re innocent or guilty NEVER take a polygraph test. He went on…he said if the Police have been acting like ASSHOLES from the beginning, then they will most likely be worse with their questions. He said, never trust the Police – they are not your friend. They could have a secret agenda.

Later, I told the police I would not be taking their Polygraph test. This upset the apple cart and really pissed off the Police. This proves to me they DID have a secret agenda and they are not to be trusted. Naturally, everyone knows the results of a Polygraph test cannot be used in court…. So why do it? Tammy Sweedens attorney would not allow her to take a Polygraph test either.

There is a logical reason the Police did not apprehend Tammy Sweeden. Some people say they obviously “bungled” the case or they simply do not care. No worries, Karma will punish Tammy Sweeden when she least expects it. I feel this haneous act was a way for me to finally rid myself of Tammy Sweeden (a cancer) so, I can go on a better path and design a better life. Afterall, Tammy Sweeden tried to murder me twice (that I know about) and I SURVIVED.  It simiply was not my time.

I firmly believe, IF the Police were competant, had a professional attitude and cared about doing the RIGHT THING, then Tammy Sweeden would be in prison and my life-savings could have been returned.  However, there is a reason for everything.  After talking with several people in the area, they all said there have been many suspicions of corruption within this particular police department.  They all sympathized that my incident happened in this town.  If it happened any where else – maybe the outcome would have been a lot different.

I wonder if Tammy Sweeden sent the police a “Thank You” letter?

Nightmare letter from Tammy Louise Sweeden – (Tammy)

What is a Sociopath: A sociopath is a person who is unable to connect with other human beings. They were not born WITHOUT empathy or sympathy for others. They cannot relate to a person’s emotional or physical pain. Here’s an example: If you were to explain to a CHAIR about how you’re feeling, do you think the chair would understand? The chair is not capable of understanding how you or other people feel. What if you stubbed your toe – would the chair care? No. It is not capable of it. Tammy Sweeden and other people like her are not capable of feeling giving empathy to another person’s pain or suffering. Tammy Sweeden only feels her own emotional and physical pain – she does not have any empathy for you.

The last few weeks while Tammy Sweeden was liviing at my house, I started to realize maybe Tammy did not have EMPATHY.  We even discussed what a person will do for a loved one who his hurt.  I had to explain it to her.  It was weird.  I saw in her eyes – that she didn’t understand what I was talking about.  Tammy Sweeden did not have Empathy.- some people like her are not born with it.  I believe she knows she is different than most people.

Evidence of Sociopathic Behaviors: Like other people, I have been known to get teary eyes watching a particular sad movie. Tammy Sweeden does not have this capability. She cannot connect to other human beings or their feelings.  She does not have sympathy or empathy for the character on the screen or people in real life.

I mourned the death of my mother alone. Although Tammy Sweeden was around my mother every day for about six months, her death was ignored by Tammy. It simply didn’t matter to Tammy.  Tammy was actually jumping around my mother’s dead body snapping pictures. Smiling and laughing.  She could not relate to how I felt losing my mother. She had no empathy. I tried to talk about my mother after her death and it almost irritated Tammy to hear about her. I mourned my mother’s death in silence. It was difficult.

Psychologists say BEWARE for these traits.

Continuous Lying. Sociopaths have no problem lying and they do it easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. They usually will lie about things that are difficult to prove right or wrong. Tammy Sweeden told me many lies – but I never confronted her but a few times. Naturally, she told the police and others a fist full of LIES.

Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt. A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Sociopaths do not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way. This is Tammy Sweeden. Do you know anyone else like this?

Most sociopaths believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

Irresponsibility/Unreliability. Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

Psychopath/Sociopath; We hear the word and images of Bernardo, Ted Bundy, Manson and Dahmer pop into our heads. But they’re the bottom of the barrel — most of the two million psychopaths in North America may NOT be serial killers. They’re our friends, lovers and co-workers. They’re outgoing and persuasive, dazzling you with charm and flattery. Often you aren’t even aware they’ve taken you for a ride — until it’s too late. Psychopaths/Sociopaths exhibit a Jekyll and Hyde personality. “They play a part so they can get what they want,” says Dr. Sheila Willson, a Toronto psychologist who has helped victims of psychopaths. The guy or gal who showers a woman with excessive attention is much more capable of getting her/him to lend him money, and to put up with they do something aggravating. The new employee who gains her co-workers’ trust has more access to their check books. And so on. Psychopaths have no conscience and their only goal is self-gratification. Many of us have been their victims — at work, through friendships or relationships — and not one of us can say, “a psychopath could never fool me.”

To learn more about Sociopaths go to:

Why and how did I become a victim? In my opinion and others; I simply was too gracious, too giving, too forgiving, too naive and I ignored the signs of a “predatorial sociopath” that I described and provided for you on this page.

Tammy Sweeden is being WATCHED: If you’re associating with Tammy Sweeden, then you need to separate youself quickly. Certain agencies are actively involved. Tammy’s bank account and casino actities are being monitored.  Notices are sent to Gold Dealers every where warning them of Tammy Sweeden and the theft of gold/silver. You do not want to be with Tammy Sweeden when she gets arrested.

Sometimes it takes time to build a case against certain criminals. Tammy Sweeden is a criminal and the attempted murder on me and the robberty is NOT her only crime.  She could be arrested anytime.  I know Tammy Sweeden’s phone is being monitored and conversations are recorded.  Tammy Sweeden is a criminal.  If you know of her crimes you should contact me or the FBI immediately.  In the eyes of the law knowing of her crimes and NOT reporting it may be just as bad as comitting the crime yourself.   You must report Tammy Sweeden’s crimes ASAP.  Not sure about your rights?  Call your attorney.

Tammy Sweeden does not have the education, the skills, the creativity, the desire or the ambition to earn money, then save it. She prefers to STEAL the dreams and hard work of other people. This is WHO she is.

What Did I Learn: #1. Do not throw pearls before swine. In the bible, it says do not GIVE anything to a pig or swine (the lowest animal) or after they receive your gracious gifts they will hurt or kill you. Tammy Sweeden is a pig or swine – according to the bible. (I’m spiritual – but not religious.) According to the bible, a pig or swine is unable to appreciate and can or will hurt or kill you once they get what they want.

#2. Keep my eyes MORE open to the possible threats of a predator. They are everywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be ugly, fat, skinny, pretty or handsome or look like your sweet grandma. Can they cry during a sad movie?

#3. Make sure your valuables cannot be found by anyone for any reason, especially if it’s your entire lively hood. Do not trust so easily. If they borrow money – make sure they pay that back before loaning more. Do not keep giving to the wrong person in hopes they will change from a pig to a princess.

Before the shooting, Tammy Sweeden was planting little seeds of thought of OTHER people might try to kill me – Everyone but her!  She mentioned that John might try to kill me or rob me.  She mentioned others as well.  She was already planting these thoughts in my head a few days before the incident happened.  Isn’t she clever?

Here is another lesson.  I knew from the very beginning Tammy Sweeden attempted to KILL me and I also knew she ROBBED me.  My fuzzy memory of the incident and my common sense told me Tammy Sweeden is GUILTY. However, I foolishly wanted the evidence to prove my fuzzy memory was true.  I was hoping Tammy would contact me and tell me exactly what happened.( I crossed my mind that maybe she was in some sort of fantasy world and thought I was an alien she was so scare of.)

She never called. She never called me nor asked to see me in the hospital.  She disappeared.  Remember, she said I was her “Best Friend”. I did not want Tammy going to prison if it was some sort of accident or mistake.  I was confused and I was being very careful NOT to tell the police too much.   Many people believe because I didn’t tell the police from the beginning who SHOT me allowed Tammy Sweeden to go free.  The days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months….and Tammy Sweeden is sailing down her path of life with my life-savings.

Bottom Line: Tammy Sweeden now has everything she wanted from me. Tammy Sweeden stole from me for seven years. Rather it is out right theft or camouflaged as loans – it’s still theft. Now, she stole my entire life-savings. It is something she secretly had her eye on for many years. This was a premeditated crime. It was planned. It was not an impulse decision. Our 7 year relationship – all the support and my time and my friendship meant NOTHING. She took a chance of many years in prison, just to have 1, 2 or 3 years of what she would call luxury. Sad but true. She often called me her “best friend” and always said “I love you”. This is the evidence of a true criminal Sociopath.

The fact is this;  I survived all the murder attempts on my life orchestrated by Tammy Sweeden.  There must be a reason I lived.  I believe, I have yet to complete my mission here.  Tammy Sweeden has yet to meet her fate in which “Karma” will surely find her.

No matter what, do not be a fool and believe her lies or her lies concerning this incident.  Tammy Sweeden  is a LIAR.  A pathological liar will often lie about things YOU can’t prove or would be difficult to prove.  I’ve carefully laid out the common sense truths and the facts on this page for you.  You decide. 

 It’s believed that Tammy Sweeden is paying certain people (with my money) to keep what they know about her crimes a secret. However, there have been a few whistleblowers who are ex-friends and relatives of Tammy Sweeden who are happy to verify and confirm. Tammy Sweeden is a criminal and a very bad “apple”. These people are available to be interviewed by the Police whenever the Police get around to it. The Police have their information but so far have not made any effort in contacting them. Why?

Who am I: I’m just an average hard working man. I’ve made many mistakes in life and probably will make a few more.  I never expect myself or anyone else to be perfect. I’ve been a small business owner all my life. I’m no stranger to women, however, never reproduced. I’ve always been a spiritual man – not religious. I always want to do the fair and right thing in life. I seldom drink much alcohol and never take drugs. The only drugs I take are prescribed by a doctor and they are not anything addictive. I have not had a speeding ticket in nearly 30 years and I have no criminal record.

My Life: After the shooting incident, I’ve had several lung infections due to being shot in the chest and I have physically slowed down quite a bit. I still try to stay as healthy as possible.  In this world it takes money to survive. My financial peace of mind was stolen from me.  Right now, life is difficult but I’m safe from killers and thieves.  I live in an undisclosed private safe-house and my life is peaceful.  I’m still in recovery. My chest is numb and will be numb for the rest of my life. I bare SIX ugly scars that remind me daily of the incident -but I count my blessings daily. When I use the computer I go to a small coffee café that provides free Wifi. I’m going on with my life the best I can.  I’m not a quitter.

Traumatic Events May Cause This:  The traumatic events that lead to post-traumatic stress  disorder are usually so overwhelming and frightening that they would upset  anyone. Following a traumatic event, almost everyone experiences at least some  of the symptoms of PTSD. When your sense of safety and trust are shattered,  it’s normal to feel crazy, disconnected, or numb. It’s very common to have bad  dreams, feel fearful, and find it difficult to stop thinking about what  happened.

Beware of people like Tammy Sweeden. Even though I was no longer intimate with Tammy Sweeden, I still loved her and I wanted her to be happy. To this day, I do not wish her any physical harm. Tammy Sweeden must be stopped, arrested and detained. I sincerely believe she has the ability to kill for money again and again until she is caught. I do not want another person to suffer or go through what I did because of the greed and the insatiable wants of Tammy Sweeden.

Think for a moment.  I’m a man who Tammy Sweeden called her “best-friend” for seven years. I gave her a lot of love, lots of hugs, lots of support and thousands of dollars. Tammy Sweeden still tried to murder me and she robbed me of my life-savings.  She left me to die in a pool of my own blood.  Imagine … if she did this to me…what would SHE do to YOU?!!!

Tammy Sweeden wears Disguises: She has several styles of WIGS and lots of different sunglasses.  You’ll nearly always find her wearing high heals and she seldom wears tennis shoes.

Gold Dealers: Gold dealers purchase gold from the public.  They are sent notices warning them of Tammy Sweeden and her accomplices.  They know exactly what type of gold coins/silver to look for.  They know it’s illegal to purchase stolen items.

Karma will knock on Tammy Sweeden’s door one day and she will have to endure five times the pain and suffering she has caused others. Until that day comes, I always send Tammy Sweeden pure light and love.

Donations for my LEGAL FUND will be appreciated.  It will help to get my personal items returned from the Police department and will go for collecting further evidence against Tammy Sweeden.   Your donation will also help keep this website up as it helps to warn the public of Tammy Sweeden and those monsters similar to her. Please contact me with your donation.  Thanks.

If you have any information about Tammy Sweeden or her crimes then please contact me. If you would like to share the same or similar experiences with me and others, then leave reply on the blog.

Yes, I can understand why Tammy Sweeden called me her best friend for 7 years. I was a very good friend to her.  However, was Tammy Sweeden my friend? You decide.

“Evil can only prevail when “good” people do nothing.”

Beware of Tammy Sweeden


Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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