Truths and Facts

  • FACT:  Tammy Sweeden lived in the upstairs of my house because she was financially disabled.  Her and I are the only persons who lived in the house.  We seldom had visitors.
  • FACT:  No sign of a break-in the day I was shot.
  • TRUTH: Tammy Sweeden borrowed a .25 caliber gun from me two years prior to the shooting.  She hid the gun in her upstairs bedroom until she shot me.
  • FACT:  Tammy Sweeden knew about my assets.
  • TRUTH:  Tammy Sweeden had been searching for my assets since she arrived in Idaho.  Many of my tubs in storage were moved and tops removed.  Plus other things in my house had been opened and gone through.
  • FACT:  I created a map of where to find my assets.  Placed it in my bedroom in a drawer.  Police also found it and read it.
  • FACT: I was shot with a 25 caliber gun. It was the same gun I loaned Tammy Sweeden.  The last time I saw that gun was in the summer of 2010.
  • FACT: Forensics says there were NO finger prints found on the gun.  Police admit this is attempted murder.  Suicide victims do not wipe off their own finger prints.  If a killer wishes not to get caught or convince police it was an attempted suicide, then usually murders wear gloves or wipe off finger prints.
  • FACT:  Tammy Sweeden was financially impaired.  She did not have an income or have any money of her own.  I completely supported Tammy.
  • FACT:  I do not have a history of taking drugs for pain and never take mood altering drugs of any kind.
  • TRUTH:  I seldom drink alcohol.  Maybe a beer or a glass of wine on occasion.
  • FACT:  Tammy Sweeden drank 2 or 3 beers per day. Tammy Sweeden is addicted to her pain medication.
  • FACT:  Tammy Sweeden is bi-polar.  She has a mental disorder of depression and anxiety.
  • FACT:  Drugs or pills were spread around the house.
  • FACT;  Tammy Sweeden uses several types of prescription drugs.
  • TRUTH:  Tammy Sweeden made a daily habit of preparing tea, coffee and health drinks.  She served them to me several times per day.
  • FACT:  An over-dose of drugs were found in my system the day I was shot.
  • FACT:  I was shot and laid in my own blood for several hours.
  • TRUTH:  Tammy Sweeden found the map and stole the assets.
  • FACT:  I was in hospital, all total about 11 days, due to the shooting incident.  I also endured lung surgery.
  • FACT:  I called police from hospital to warn them that Tammy Sweeden may steal my life savings. (there was a reason I was shot by her – the reason is; I know the truth about Tammy Sweeden.)
  • FACT:  Police removed my firearms and other items from my house.  I passed all extensive back ground checks.  I have no criminal record.
  • FACT:  Police will not return my personal items or firearms.
  • FACT:  When I return from the hospital, my assets were gone.
  • FACT:  Police would not give me back even one of my weapons for my own personal defense.
  • FACT:  Tammy Sweeden disappears after knowing her for 7 years.
  • TRUTH:  I witnessed Tammy Sweeden standing in front of me as I sit on couch.  I felt a hard object against my chest.
  • TRUTH:  Tammy Sweeden left town every 3 – 4 weeks to be with her secret lover.
  • FACT:  Tammy Sweeden’s secret lover called the house daily.  Tammy lied and said HE was a SHE.  She called him/her Chrissie.  She lied.
  • FACT:  Tammy Sweeden rushed over to an acquaintance’s house to establish alibi.  She created a story that was a lie.
  • FACT:  Tammy Sweeden called me her best friend for seven years.  She leaves town within 48 hours after I was shot and left to die.
  • FACT:  Tammy Sweeden retained an expensive criminal attorney.  Where did she get the money?
  • FACT:  I was forced to move from my house, to live in a safe environment for my own protection.
  • TRUTH:  Tammy Sweeden stole all my life-savings and disappeared after knowing her and after assisting her financially for seven years.
  • FACT:  As far as I know, the Police never took finger prints from Tammy Sweeden nor was she tested for gun powder residue.  Nor was there a search of her car or other likely places to find the assets that were stolen. Does this sound like police misconduct or incompetence to you?  You decide.
  • FACT: Police did not give me an extensive interview for four months after I was shot.
  • FACT: Police never asked who shot me.  I had to tell them.

Would YOU feel safe knowing this police department were protecting you and your rights?

Did Tammy Sweeden Have Opportunity, Motive and the Weapon?  You decide.

Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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