Tammy Sweeden Embezzled THOUSANDS from Company Bank Account

Tammy Sweeden EMBEZZLED thousands of dollars from my company bank account in 2009.  (Tammay Sweeden)

  • Tammy Sweeden offered to be a part-time bookepper for my business without pay to repay me for loans and other favors I had done.
  • Once she learned the bookeeping system, pass codes and all the banking information, she began requesting the bank to create and send “her” checks every week.
  • After several months, I did an expense audit of my bank account and noticed checks being written to Tammay Sweeden totaling $12,000.  I confronted Tammy about the checks.
  • Tammy cried and begged me NOT to turn over to the authorities.
  • She said she would repay the money – somehow someway.
  •  She promised to pay back all the money she embezzled, but naturally she never did.
  • I did not speak to Tammy Sweeden for several months.

Matter of fact, I even loaned Tammy Sweeden $6,000 before she embezzled the money to pay an outstanding IRS debt and other outstanding bills.  So, all total about $18,000 went from me to Tammy Sweeden’s hands.

View my tell-all-video:  http://idahogolddigger.com/tammy-sweeden-attempted-murderer/

Question:  Do I feel foolish? Of course I do.

Why did I associate with Tammy Sweeden after she embezzled the money from my company account?

She called daily and I refused her phone calls.  However, after she called continuously, crying and appologizing … I slowly gave in, however, my trust for her decreased to the point I had no sexual desire for her.  Any intimacy we had together was gone and never returned.

Tammy had the Opportunity, the Motive and the Weapon.

Do not allow Tammy Sweeden to intimidate or bully you. Send any information you have about Tammy Sweeden and her crimes to: Idahogolddigger@gmail.com   I promise, YOU will remain confidential.

Let’s set the record straight.  I do not hate Tammy SweedenI do not wish her any physical harm.  If you have any information about Tammy Sweeden, then please contact me now..

Tammy is corrupt




Tammy Sweeden "Reineri" Attempted to Murder Me – Left Me for Dead – Stole My Life-Savings.

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