The Snake

Donald Trump reads the lyrics “The Snake” at his Campaign rallies.  It reminds me of Tammy Sweeden (the snake) and How She Treats Her Victims.

The song or story is about a person who takes  care of a sick snake and nurses it back to good health.  The snake, instead of saying thank you, gives the person, who saved the snake’s life, a vicious poisonous life threatening bite.   It’s easy for me to replace woman with man in the lyrics.  The lyrics provide a good lesson.  “Take me in Tender (foolish) man . . . she gives him a vicious bite.”

Thanks to all of the new volunteers who have written.  I really appreciate your support.   You’ve been so helpful.   This song will give you a good idea of what happened (how and why) The snake, Tammy Sweeden, did what she did to me because she’s  a sick psychopathic materialist creepy monster.

Tammy Sweeden has no real character, no integrity, no honor and she’s not loyal to anyone.  Tammy Sweeden is a parasite on society.  She lives off of the efforts of other people.   Her ugly lover, Christopher Mower, is Christophermower-arrest-mug-shot-SCUMexactly the same.  They are both degenerate (con-artist) psychopaths sucking the life from others.  Beware!

He’s an alcoholic and drug addict with a felony conviction.  Tammy Sweeden is a drug addict also.  (she hides it well)

One day, Tammy called me, she was broke, no income, no job and no money for gas.  She was nearly homeless and using food stamps. I invited her to come to Idaho and live in the upstairs portion of my home until she could her life together.  I sent her gas money so she could drive to Idaho from Nevada. I also paid all her bills and made sure she ate every day.  I even paid for her dental – three weeks later she tried to murder me. Why?  The only answer is greed.

Tammy Sweeden accepted my hospitality because she fully intended to steal my life savings and murder me, then disappear as soon as possible.  She is a “Snake”.    She drugged me, shot me in the chest, robbed me, then left town while I was laying in the hospital with a bullet hole in my chest.  Tammy Sweeden is in fact, “the Devil in Disguise.

This is who TAMMY SWEEDEN is …. don’t forget.
Listen to the song and make sure Tammy Sweeden is not invited into your home or any part of your life.  Avoid her or better yet . . . let’s throw her into a CAGE where she belongs!


“Evil Can Only Prevail When Good People Do Nothing!”